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Monday a new day and the start of a new week

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    Monday a new day and the start of a new week

    Good morning dear friends. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day. I received a call from both boys which always makes my day. I didn't think Les and I were going to do anything but alas we went to the Racetrack for supper. I played the slots a little and won back what I had spent, so it wasn't a total bust. Only won one race $3 (not a big spender). It was a lovely day after all.

    On Saturday I 'built' a new clothesline so I have been doing laundry so I can hang it outside. I need another line so I will pick that up today. I also want to stop in at Michael's too today. I am taking Bonnie's son back home today.

    Bonnie is doing quite well. She has her staples removed today. Thursday she gets her pick line put in, chemo starts the 23rd. I don't think she will need me to stay with her.

    Today would have been my mother's birthday. It is my little quilter friend's birthday today, a big 10.

    Have a wonderful day my friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

    Good morning Monique and ladies who follow.
    It was a beautiful sunny Mother's Day. We had brunch with my mom at the restaurant in her building. It is so convenient and the food is very good, prices even better. My girlfriend Pat was impressed, and she wants to come back to visit my mom. She really misses her mom, and they were close. My daughter called me after they got back from out of town with the GKs singing happy birthday in the background. I will pop in to drop off the mended clothes and flower basket. My son came Saturday after a 12 hour shift with flowers, but he will come back for lunch today. I will have him BBQ burgers. We love them but DH doesn't like to BBQ.

    I escaped to my sewing room and got more parts cut and pieced for the Christmas Quatrefoil quilt. It was going to be a lap quilt, but I think I will make it to fit our bed during the holidays. I have enough fabric. Last week was so full of activities, I was exhausted. I have to carve out time to sew. This is like yoga and meditation for me.

    The birds are singing, the cats are quiet, DH is still sleeping. He had me scan some documents and create PDFs to send to his work. Felt like I was working again. It will be good when all is done and gone. Washing machine will start in an hour, and now the street cleaners are doing their stuff. Going to have another cup of coffee and will press GO.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

      Good Morning Monique,

      It was a busy weekend, with a quilt done and ready to go in the mail today, church and lunch with DS#1 and oldest grandson yesterday, then talking to Jerrod yesterday afternoon. I'm so happy he's feeling better, he catches stuff so easily! Yesterday, I didn't do a whole lot and I could tell it when it was time to go to bed. I just wasn't tired. Sometime after 2 I finally went to sleep and woke up at 6 like usual.

      I'm not sure what's going to happen today, other than a trip to the post office. DS#1 is off, I have no idea what time he'll take the kids to Nana and Nandy's or if it's going to be just the oldest for home school. DS#2 wants to find some pants/shorts for work. There's no air in the back of the Toys R Us store, so it's miserable back there when it's over 90 outside.

      Sunday is going to be the kick off to the Women's summer Bible Study. They're having a Crock and Role (crock pot and casserole) dinner. Normally, I can figure out what I'm going to take to something, but this one is just got me flummoxed. I guess I've turned the seasonal corner and not really wanting casseroles and crock pot fare... I'm ready for something lighter. I'll figure it out sometime this week. I guess it's a good time to get out a cookbook or two. I used to make a tuna salad casserole when the kids were little, maybe I'll dig that out.

      Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings, prayers for those in need for healing, strength and wisdom.

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
      ― Maya Angelou


        Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

        Good Morning, All ~ Whew! What a gully washer we had last evening! Big thunder storm with heavy rain & brief pea sized hail. Noisy! It lasted off & on from 6:30 to almost 10 p.m. The street gutters were running full. At one point, almost the whole street was awash. At this rate, I won't have to run the sprinkler system for a week. We're moving into that weather pattern where afternoon/eve. thunder storms are expected.

        DS#2 called yest. eve. for Mother's Day; we talked >an hr. He lives alone in WA. It was good to have a long chat. He's become a good cook over the years. I think he eats fairly healthy. Both boys took Home Ec. in high school & also learned to cook from m

        Yest. afternoon I added the binding to my batiks coffee table runner & small topper, which was a sample block. When I get time I'll post pics in a separate thread & do an album.

        Today will be the usual laundry. I plan to resume the custom FMQ on the WIP.


          Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

          Good Morning Monique....Glad to hear you had a good Mother's Day and that Bonnie is doing well.

          Jeff is home from work sick. He has such serious allergies that he is on perpetual FMLA. He thinks his current issue has turned into bronchitis. We are going to the doctor later this morning. The oak pollen is worse than ever before. We can sweep it up in dustpans all day long.

          The rest of my week is going to be quite busy. Dottie goes to the groomer tomorrow and I get my hair cut tomorrow also.

          We had a lively weekend with the Little Girls. Dottie got ugly with Sugar yesterday but I think Dot thought Sugar was attacking me. Little progress with Dottie accepting the Little Girls, who are growing like weeds. They gobble their food down like little piggies. I will try to get pictures later today.

          Four more sleeps and our DD will be here. Can't wait to see her. I hate living so far apart. The things I miss most are the normal things that mothers and daughters do together rather than special occasions. I would so love to just hang out with her. Even if we lived in the same area that probably wouldn't happen. She is the busiest person I know. Somehow we manage to talk or test every day.

          Have a great day, Friends.
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            Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

            Good morning everyone,

            Spring has finally arrived in NW Minnesota. Yesterday was a beautiful day in the 70's. We went to church with our oldest son's family because the grandkids were singing with the Sunday School. My DIL (professional photographer) put together an IMovie of photos with each SS kid with their mom. The congregation sure enjoyed it. Afterward, son and DIL took her parents, sister, the GK, and us out to a buffet in Grand Forks. Everyone went their separate ways after the meal since we all had various stops to make. DIL took some great pictures of us moms and their kids before we all left.

            On Friday and Saturday our son, his family, and we traveled to the lake cabin to open it for the summer. After the water got turned on, a leak was found under the cabin, so DH and son spent all Sat. morning working on it. After some brainstorming and several trips to the lumber/hardware store, they devised a plan, and we finally had water. There's nothing like using a pail of lake water to flush the toilet when you don't have water!!! When we first arrived at the cabin we also found the storm door latch had somehow become stuck, and we couldn't get in! DH had to remove the door so we could unlock the front door. A few nervous moments there! On one of the hardware store trips, they got a new handle, and now the storm door works well. Our cabin was built almost 90 years ago, and we figure the plumbing is probably 50 years old. It was originally part of a small family resort. It's very rustic, which I absolutely love.
            Since we own a business where both DH and son work, they usually only come on weekends, but I try to spend as much time as possible there.

            I'm not sure what the day will bring. I have some laundry to finish, a quilt that needs a label sewn on, and a bit more decluttering to do in preparation for the arrival of the Janome aqsd 18. I've been fighting with a kidney stone, so we'll see how much motivation I can up with for the day.

            Happy thoughts and blessings for everyone.


              Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

              We had a summer day yesterday, hazy, hot, and humid. The cat loves these days, and stays on the screened porch most of the day. I talked to DD, and they are doing well. DS#1 and DDIL came over and brought dinner for us all. We had a wonderful meal and visit.

              It was not all great though. My best friend and camping buddy for many years died yesterday. I had intended to go visit her earlier in the month, but life got in the way. She was 90, and had many health problems. She lived in Florida, so it was a 2 day trip. I loved her like a sister, and I will miss her so much.

              I'm setting aside today to get the squares ready for my baby quilt for GGC#7. I had a little surgery on my left hand last week, and it is healing nicely. I think I'll be able to use it without a problem.

              Have a great Monday, if you can! Love and hugs to all who need or want them.


                Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

                Alll the children called yesterday for the mothers day wishes. Great day
                I called my Mom. She sounded great.
                Then we went to town and got more supplies to work on the new room. Had lunch and headed home with 12 sheets of sheetrock and 12 sheets of subfloor. That's all the truck can carry. Headed up the steep driveway and they all slid out. Thankfully, none were damaged. But....we had to move them to the side of the driveway and take the truck up the hill and then turn it around and go back down and load them all back up. Then, DH backed the truck up the drive...1/4 mile...then we unloaded them and then we started laying the subfloor...the third layer because we have to built the floor up to match the other floors. DH used the chalk line to mark where to nail and I nailed it all down. Today I think he has to go back to town to get longer sheetrock screws for the ceiling. It currently has those celutex tiles and that makes it thicker than he thought.
                I will work on putting poly on the kitchen floor after I get it sanded and more time. I need to get moving before it gets any warmer.
                Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                  Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

                  We had a good weekend. Had our Mother's Day outing on Saturday. We met our son & his GF & my parents at our favorite burger place to eat lunch together. Mom & I went garage sale shopping that morning. Between the two of us we spent 25 cents....not many bargains that day.

                  Saturday night I finished laying out 476 2x4 inch rectangles for my current project. When I woke up yesterday my arms were a little sore from moving & rearranging all those pieces. Had a lazy sew day yesterday.

                  Now I need to get back to sewing.

                  Hope everyone has a good day.
                  "I'm putting together a list of 100 reasons why I am NOT relentless!" - Sue Heck, The Middle

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                    Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

                    Good morning. Yesterday started out with our youngest son calling me and wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. He actually sang to me. Fred and I and our little Snickers (Cavalier doggie) went for a long drive yesterday. Up to Munds Park (AZ) to look at some camping areas for future escapes. Had breakfast at McDs at Cordes Lake on the way. Found some wonderful campsites, but a pretty rough road to take our 5th wheel on. On the way home we stopped at Kaibab Lake in Williams and had a makeshift lunch of cheese and crackers and something to drink. Sat outside of the car and just enjoyed the smell of pines and the sunshine. It was windy, but just a nice day. After we got home and settled a bit, our daughter and her hubby came by for a visit and gave me a gift card to Joann's! After they left Fred and I went out to a local restaurant for fish and chips. Came home and watched a Columbo of my favorite shows. Our son who lives in CA topped my day off by calling and we had such a nice conversation! What a beautiful Mother's Day I had!

                    Terry, you are an amazing multi talented woman!!! You make beautiful quilts and you are a jack of all trades in your home: swing hammers, sand and refinish floors and cabinets, put up dry wall, you are incredible!
                    A day patched with quilting Seldom unravels Sharon


                      Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

                      Good morning everyone. Sounds like everyone had a great Mother's Day. Whoo hoo! Mine was good, but quiet. DS texted in the morning to wish me a HMD. DD and I will celebrate with DGD on Wednesday since she had to work yesterday. Waiting for her to drop off the baby now before she goes to work. Finished sewing an outfit for DGD yesterday, just need to measure elastic today. Also found several outfits from DD (wish I had somehow put size tags in them 30 years ago) to try on the baby today. I just can't tell what size they are. Well I hope the baby doesn't tire out from trying on outfits. Many are hand smocked that mom made back in the day. Well, it's time to get moving and prepare for the day.

                      Prayers, hugs and best wishes for everyone.


                        Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

                        Good morning. Had a low key Mother's Day with DH. My dear adopted daughter called & we had a long, wonderful conversation.

                        It was really hot yesterday & I ended up feeling sick after trying to do to much outside. The pollen is so bad it's getting to me & it usually doesn't. I took the dog out & when we came in he started sneezing. I didn't think he was going to be able to stop & it scared me a bit.

                        DH called me soon after he got to work. There's another man with the same first & last name as DH. He also works for the same company but at a different store here in town. The other Rick had a heart attack & passed away last night. I told DH to call his mom real quick since the name was up on the funeral home website & it didn't include the other Rick's middle name which is different. (She is the kind of person who would believe that I wouldn't let her know that her son passed.)

                        It was sad to hear he'd passed because he was retiring real soon. I had just talked to him yesterday afternoon & he was the last person to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.

                        Today we meet with our dog trainer at a fancy pet store. We are going to work on getting Ryker to stay calm & settled in a high "fun" setting. I took him to the farm store last week & he was excellent for about four minutes. He got near the baskets of doggy bones & then totally lost it. I want to work with him so I can take him with me when I go places but I have to remember he's just a puppy & it takes time. He has been testing me a lot lately & I see now why you have kids when you are young! I am exhausted by the end of the day.

                        Hope everyone has a great day.



                          Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

                          Hello Everyone!
                          DH is on a business trip so I didn't sleep last night. I finally fell asleep about 5am and "something" woke me up at 7am. I wandered out to the living room to see what the something was, and it was a disaster! The puppy had taken a large box full of packing materials off the table and scattered it about. Life is never dull with her around! She brings us just the right amount of joy and chaos. And she is so BIG at four months. Still not potty trained but we're working on it.

                          I'm glad we all had such good mothers days. My DD came to see me with beautiful yellow roses. It is always so good to see her.
                          Have a great day!



                            Re: Monday a new day and the start of a new week

                            Hello all! All here are just a bundle of nerves. Daughter has been looking at houses to buy and found a nice one that she likes. She'll bid on it tomorrow and fingers are crossed. It's time to get out of the nest. But then late last night she got a message from a former co-worker....she may be offered another job, which would be the end of the house. And her life would be lived on the road again, with us tending to her animals. We have contractors coming Wednesday to look at our bathroom. Looking to tear it down to studs and do it right this time. It's all original from the 1950's. I just wish I could still do it........
                            Then I had to bring our oldest cat to the vet as an emergency this morning...his bladder is blocked. The long range outlook is not good, so we are already getting heartsick. He is 15 pounds of tabby love.
                            On the other hand, it's sunny and warm and my hubby bought us a set of chaps so we wouldn't ruin our jeans when we mow and weed wack. There are so many dandelions that it looks like a deliberate yellow field. Baby chipmunks are darting all over the driveway and scaring the birds. I'm getting near the end of UFO #4. A couple more bigger sized quilts, a couple of small lap sized quilts, and then I can begin a new project!!!!