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Full moon - Tuesday greetings

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    Full moon - Tuesday greetings

    Good morning ladies,

    I couldn't sleep. I've been up awile and I don't know if it's the full moon effect that overtakes our house, or the hamburger with blue cheese.

    Yesterday I spent some time going through sewing room to pull out items for the fabric sale on Saturday.
    Monique - this is not one to miss. It's at Hintonburg Community Centre on Wellington Str. It is packed with over 80 vendors. I basically equipped myself with quilting sewing supplies for pennies. Any hoot, this will be my last year doing this, as I have got my rooms pretty much the way I want.

    I also did the piles of mending of grandkids clothes. I also made a new ironing board cover. My old one was done. I've been eyeing the Me & My Sister book and Double Dresden ruler on my table. When I glanced through it, I saw the ladybug picnic quilt. I pulled out perfect red with black dots from my stash and cut over 80 pieces. I will dig through what I have for other fabrics. Oh, how I wish I could go away for a week and just sew. Someday.

    Today, I am picking up Pam's quilt that she made for her daughter. I rented long arm on Thursday and will do hers and maybe a small lap waiting for quilting. I think she realizes that she is not well enough to come and watch all day. She has been having blood work and tests repeated since she got out of hospital last week.

    I picked up around the house yesterday, as the cleaning lady is coming today. What a good decision that was. I can focus on larger cleaning.

    I am looking forward to the nice weather predicted this week. It's shave-the-legs season again. Here comes the capris.

    I hope everyone has a good day.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

    Re: Full moon - Tuesday greetings

    Good morning Suzanne and all who'll follow......

    Wow, you're one busy gal! No wonder you don't sleep!

    Spring has just about sprung flowers, but the grass looks a wee bit greener and .......(almost afraid to say if???!!!) we're to hit 80' today!!!! Then it'll get colder and rain.....but 80!!!!!! And sun!!!!!

    I cleaned the interior of the truck yesterday and I just might give the ole gal a bath today......depends on if my body is up for the challenge.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful day....hugs all around!
    💫 Star lover


      Re: Full moon - Tuesday greetings

      Good morning Suzanne. I am hoping like heck, that I am able to attend that sale. My girlfriend went last year.

      I had a good visit with Bonnie yesterday. Not sure when she is coming home and she herself doesn't feel ready yet. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Friday.

      I slipped off to Renfrew and got a haircut. Stopped at Walmart for some white with black specks crochet cotton to make some dishcloths.

      Today is cloudy but promising to be 25C, 77F. I'll take it. Spring may have arrived at last.

      Have a great day everyone. SMILE, it's free.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Full moon - Tuesday greetings

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Not quite as warm yest., but it still got up to 82 & was very pleasant. I spent the morning in the kitchen making DH's chicken soup. It made 13 qts. In the afternoon I made it to the sewing room briefly. I finished a table runner (top only) from those batiks. I still need to cut the backing, sandwich, & quilt it.

        Our crabapple tree blossoms have peaked & already it's "raining" petals. I'll be glad when all the trees quit pollenating. I'm miserable with hay fever. My eyes itch like crazy. I hope I'll be able to breathe through my nose when I have dental work done on Thurs. a.m. It seems like every year my hay fever is worse. Maybe I need to see an allergist. The OTC meds just don't seem to be very effective.

        Monique, I'm putting a card in the mail today to you for Bonnie. She is in my thoughts & prayers.

        No more time now.


          Re: Full moon - Tuesday greetings

          Good Morning Ladies!

          It's another sunny day here. I rolled back over, putting my back toward the window this morning and went back to sleep. I guess I really needed that extra hour.

          DS#2 goes to work at 11, so he's still asleep. The kids had lunch here yesterday and I just looked under the table. Oh my! I wish I'd seen the mess yesterday. Fritos and crumbs galore are waiting on me now. The plan today is to get to work on his quilt today. I'm not quite ready to face the garage and the dining area floor both in one day! lol

          I made scalloped potatoes and ham for supper last night. I can't believe the two of us ate half of a 9x13 casserole. I don't make it often, but when I do it disappears quickly! I know what I'll be having for dinner today!

          A little more coffee and I'll be ready to start my day!

          Prayers for those in need for healing, strength and wisdom. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
          ― Maya Angelou


            Re: Full moon - Tuesday greetings

            went into town yesterday and met DD#1 and family. They came from Virginia for her blog post about Asheville and I met them for lunch. It was her birthday. I made her a quilt and bought her an angel food cake (her favorite) Then drove back toward home and my brakes were chattering so I made an appointment to have them looked at this morning. I have to be in town before 10 so I need to scoot.
            BTW, Joy my allergy was horrible for the past 10 years at the restaurant this time of year and I have been on meds. This year, not going into allergy. I'm wondering if its chemical induced since we don't do that here on the farm...hum
            Got home yesterday afternoon and painted somemore of the trim inside the house. Figure if I do a little a day it won't seem like a job...just for fun...ha ha.
            Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


              Re: Full moon - Tuesday greetings

              Slow start this morning, might need more than 2 cups of coffee and some chocolate to get me going today.

              For the past fee days I've been trying to organize my clothes closet while switching Winter stuff for Spring ones. Problem is the weather keeps changing to lower temps and sweatshirts are still needed. Room is a mess but the end is in sight. This is keeping me from pulling some fabrices for SGGS #8's baby quilt, little Drew is getting bigger every day and he needs his quilrt ASAP,
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              MissMay AKA May in Jersey


                Re: Full moon - Tuesday greetings

                As usual is southern MA, we're going from rainy, raw 50's to 85-87 and sunny the next couple of days. Flip flop and capris, open every window wide and get outside weather. I have a pile of mulch in my driveway to deal with...I love the smell of it when it's warmed by the sun. We have a farm stand/garden center on the corner of our street and I love to walk over there, grab a cold drink out of the cooler and just wander around dreaming about the annuals and perennials I'll plant this year. Can't plant annuals until May 31st or you run the risk of frost.
                I have a fat eighth bundle to make a quilt for DGD and I'm struggling to find a pattern for it. I will never again buy a fat eighth bundle. Since it's only 9" wide it's a very odd size and to make matters worse, I don't want to cut the pieces too small because the prints are so cute. I think I'll do Jenny's Plus Sign pattern but cut the squares at 4.5".
                Have a great day!

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