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Friday Hellos

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    Friday Hellos

    Well, where are our starters this morning. I've looked everywhere and nope, you haven't posted yet.
    Yesterday I went into town with DH to get more...more....more I for his forge. He is making a knife. It will be more expensive than a quilt!!!! But you can fit a lot of those little suckers in a drawer versus, where will we put another quilt. He built the forge (you can see them on FOrged in Fire on the History channel) out of an old railroad tie. BUt first he had to build a grinder to cut the railroad tie. Then, he had to weld a metal tube to put the fire in and insulate it. Then he had to have fire bricks and concrete blocks. Then he had to forge out some tongs to hold the steel in the fire. Then he found an old blade from some rusty farm equipment and he hammered and heated and cut and formed a blade. Then a piece of brass from goodwill for the hilt and he made some pins for the handle and he has created a great knife. Oh the wonders of modern technology. If it weren't for you tube, he wouldn't have known all the steps to create. I'm so glad he has hobbies...too many to name.
    When we got home I fmq ed a top for the Shriner project. I will bind it today. Got a top in the mail from Mischeifkat1 and will sandwich it today.
    The weather is up to 40. I was so cold in the night I got up and took a hot bath to warm up. Thinking maybe I'll make liver and onions tonight for supper. Maybe even make some cupcakes or maybe pudding. Can't decide. At least the sun is shining.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.

    Re: Friday Hellos

    Good morning Terry. I also started the Friday thread.

    Well you can have your liver and onions, thank you.

    Have a great day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Friday Hellos

      Good morning. Weather is beautiful today, expecting strong storms tomorrow evening. Sewed a little yesterday on the last pillow sham for DS. Since the weather was nice and DD was off, we drove to Brenham to get some photos of DGD in the bluebonnets. It was well worth it. I had recently repaired my baby dress with lots of lace insertion and she was able to wear it. It fit her perfectly. Now it will go in storage for the next generation. Time to get moving now. Have a great day.


        Re: Friday Hellos

        Mornin...kinda cool about the knives. My DH loves em.

        And.....along with Monique.......enjoy your liver and onions.......not for me!
        Enjoy your day!
        💫 Star lover


          Re: Friday Hellos

          It is good that husbands have hobbies. Mine has a few - model rains, sailing and now quilting. All expensive hobbies. My husband loves watching the show Forged in Fire. If you are making, I am dropping by for liver and onions. One of my favorite foods.

          It was a rough night as I didnt sleep well. Yesterday I went to bring my mom ginger ale and ginger cookies. She has not been feeling well since last weekend. She was seen by doctor Wednesday and they started her on new meds yesterday. Personally, I think it is her heart, my mom just thinks it's indigestion. Then last night I had a call from a quilting friend. We are 4 going on a road trip with our guild on Saturday. Karen told me that Pam is in hospital again. Pam was a nurse and infected with Hep C a decade or more ago. She has undergone treatments over the decades. Last year she contracted a virus that immobilized her. She was in ICU for over a month, and hospital for 2 months. When she came home she had to continue on injectable antibiotics for over 10 months. She had just recently stopped the oral antibiotics, but this virus is not leaving her. I will call and may go visit her, but I am terrified of picking up bugs in hospitals. I will call Karen this morning for an update, and maybe visit.

          I do hope that they can find the correct cocktail of drugs to help Pam. I got to know her through sailing and her husband is also a race officer that got DH & I involved on volunteer race committee. Prayers for her.

          I also got an email from a LQS in Kanata. The owners are retiring and closing the store at the end of June. Although an hour away, we did go there for fabrics when we were in the area. This was also the store that recently hosted the event with Tula Pink.

          Tomorrow, up early for a road trip with guild members. I hope to be good, and not overspend. Have a good day.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: Friday Hellos

            Good Morning, Terry & All ~ I didn't have time at 6 a.m. to do the usual post, but peeked in for 5 min. Had to fix DH's breakfast & make his salads for the next 2 days, & washed the dishes. (He hates to have dishes left in the sink.) I have just a few min. before taking my bath & getting ready for the day. Today is our senior fellowship at church. The speaker will be talking about bees. They always provide a good lunch. I'm picking up my friend from the assisted living center so she can attend.

            I did no sewing yest. Starting about 1 p.m. I set out the hose & watered various spots until 5:20. It's still too cool some nights to fire up the sprinkler system. But hopefully soon. I'll monitor the extended forecast. Before watering, I gathered up almost 3 waste baskets full of twigs that blew down in that wind earlier this week. I still didn't get them all. It's PC today with a chance of rain later & even possibly mixed with snow tonight. Right now the sun is shining. The mts. are expected to get 8-18" of snow. There still are a few ski resorts open. Plus we need the snow pack for our summer water supply.

            Terry, it sounds like your DH is very inventive. A person can learn so much from YouTube. My DS#1 has used YT for directions on car repair & maintenance procedures. He tackles jobs DH never would have considered (even when he was feeling up to it years ago). Of course, back then we didn't own a computer.

            I called this a.m. to make an appt. with the dr. about this ache/pain I've been having in my left side/ribs. It's aggravating & never totally goes away. I take Acetaminophen on a reg. basis & use topical products like Aspercreme, Arnica, Bigeloil (which actually is a liniment for horses!), & Sombra. But I think it's time to find the cause.

            So far so good with the laptop. Keeping my fingers crossed. I do need to shop for a new one, since this one's life probably is limited with it being 8 y.o. At least now I'm not pressured to buy something right away; I have time to shop. I think the prices have risen markedly from 8 yrs. ago. I know I will have to pay considerably more for a 17" screen, which is what I want.

            It's been fun to see the fabrics from my stash showing up in the Linus quilts. I'm glad to see them being put to good use. I know there is no way I'll ever use up my stash, so I might as well share with others who will get the job done. It seems like my sewing time is so limited, or I just haven't felt up to doing it & hit the recliner with a good book. I've been reading through my Stephanie Grace Whitson books a 2nd time. It's been long enough since I last read them that I don't recall details. I've been working my way through my library, trying not to buy more used books, which I really have no shelf space for now.

            Someone yest. mentioned about bunnies in her back yard. We don't have any new kits (babies) yet, but we see 2-3 adult rabbits in our back yard just about every day. They're funny to watch when it's mating season -- the way they face off with each other, chase each other around, jump up high in the air, etc. Last mo. one of the rabbits took dried grass under the shed for nest building, but so far no babies.

            I hope everyone has a good day & week end.


              Re: Friday Hellos

              Good Morning All,

              I've been busy this morning out in the garage. I'm almost done with one side. All the camping gear that was in three plastic tubs have a home on one shelf. Tents are on the bottom (not sure why they're here and not at the storage building. Anyway, I've told Mike that I see no reason for me to have a tool chest as big as me. I don't know half of what's in there. I don't know of any reason that I need a welder or the helmets that go with it. There are things out there that I will never use and I doubt that the kids would use, so someone needs to decide what to keep and what to put on Craig's List. I know what I would do... just donate the whole mess to the Salvation Army, but I don't think that will fly with the kids.

              I finally figured out how to take the bottom off of the telescope. Mike doesn't want to get rid of that (lots of good memories). I've taken down the last of PaPa's race tracks that he had set up. The train was the first to be packed, then the race cars, finally the drag strip. It's been a long process, but I want to be able to move around the garage without getting hurt! I've still got bikes for all three grandkids, my old trike, and the little plastic car the family left when they moved out for the kids to play with that take up a whole lot of room. I'm thinking about putting up a storage building in the back for the lawn mower, blower, shovels and stuff like that (if the HOA approves, lol, like I'd ask!)

              I managed to get borders ready on two on the baby quilts yesterday. One left to go. Hopefully this afternoon when Mike goes to work I'll get back to that. I'd like to get them quilted this weekend.

              The stretcher bars came for my poppy panel yesterday! You would have thought they would have put both sets of bars in one box, but NOoooooooooo, two huge boxes with loads of brown paper to stabilize the 4 pieces of wood. The two short ones in one box, the two long ones in another. I just rolled my eyes when I looked at the waste! At least we have a recycling system pick up here.

              Well, best get back at it. I hope everyone has a great day!

              Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou