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Saturday Morning Greetings

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    Saturday Morning Greetings

    Good Morning, Everyone ~

    Not sure if our Blondie will be here on the week end, but I'll get us started. Yest. was a busy one for me. Our Lady Bugs group met at Red Lobster for lunch at 110. We're too large a group now to meet in people's homes unless they live in an apt. bldg. that has a large meeting room. I always enjoy the good conversation.

    I had errands to run in the afternoon. I stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a waterpik, then it was out to Walmart for several items & to get an Rx. It's outrageous the way these drug companies gouge the public by raising the pricing so high. This is an old medication; the research & development has been done years ago, yet they charge $424.! My co-pay was $354. On our drug plans, we each have to meet a $400. deductible at the beginning of the year. I was home by 2:30. DH was starting to get anxious; I told him I'd be home before 3 p.m., but he's always unsettled when I'm gone.

    In the evening I sewed for a good hour. I'm making more of the 1/4 Log Cabin blocks. I had all the pieces for several blocks lined up on a block board, so it was easy. I keep the sets together. Today I'm thinking I should do some house work. Run the vac, clean the bathrooms, etc. It should be warm enough to air the rugs outside for a while. It's supposed to be 70. We got up to 76 yest., but it was a bit windy, so it felt cooler.

    I hope everyone has a good week end. My thoughts & prayers are with Nancy & her family.

    Re: Saturday Morning Greetings

    I envy you your weather JCY, I miss having the windows open all the time.

    Don't get me started on the deplorable drug companies. Yes, they're one of my pet peeves.

    I finally finished the last of my sewing room shades. Now the only two projects left , a panel to quilt up of a graphic I designed and sent off to Spoonflower and a small gift I designed and embroidered out for a friend. That ones just a little zipper purse. Then I'll have to get my creative juices stirred for what is next :-)
    Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


      Re: Saturday Morning Greetings

      Good Morning All,

      Yesterday was busy. Mike went in at 2 and didn't get home until almost midnight. With customers furniture orders that had to be pulled, he didn't get dinner. He was starving, but knew that if he ate he wouldn't sleep well. He was up by 7 since his hours start at 9 this morning. He should be home by 3:30. I doubt he'll choose to work over today.

      I worked on my Sticks and Stones yesterday. I had plenty of time. The center is done. I'll work on the borders today, maybe.

      The tax guy called, he has the taxes done. Since Mike was talking about working over today, I told him I'd pick them up Monday morning. So Mike will drop me off and go pick up the younger grands and then come back to pick me up. Apparently, I'm going to have to pay this year. We'll see how bad it all is on Monday.

      I'm heart broken about Nancy. It's a hard time for her. I hated the one day I was at the hospital with Howard. I can't imagine going through what they've been through.

      It seems like I'm just rambling around in my thoughts this morning. Prayers for those in need our needs are many. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Re: Saturday Morning Greetings

        Katrina, I certainly hope she can get thru this as well as you seem to have. I am praying that she will have some joy soon in her life and fill the void with family and friends.
        Joy, I have sympathy for your drug costs. DH and I take no medications so we are not really aware of these things, however, my son the pharmacist tells me of the woes of these costs.
        Worked on the Cathedral window some yesterday. I have completed one row. 24 more to go. Got a nice package from Sharon (magic quilts) yesterday with a flimsy and a bunch of cut out blocks to make a top and some yardage. I was tempted to put aside my project and get hers whipped into finish. But, I resisted.
        Today we will meet with one of the Shriners and I will take the finished quilts to him to see if they can get started on the fundraising with them. I hope this will inspire someone to take the inititative to sell tickets and/or quilts. 6 months to go.
        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


          Re: Saturday Morning Greetings

          Good afternoon ladies,
          It was one of those moments with the iPad. I had typed entry this morning, and then battery went down to 5% and died. So here goes again.

          Joy, I am so glad that I have a drug plan, although we are not heavy users. The good thing about turning 65 or being under 25, the provincial health plan covers most drugs. So if there is a it not covered, I can submit to my private plan. I cannot imagine being really ill, and living with a heal or drug plan. This is unheard of in Canada. Now there are some new, unconventional procedures not covered, but we can usually travel to Us and pay for it there.

          Friday was a happy day. I got 2 boxes of goodies. One from Connecting Threads. It was mostly solid fabrics on sale/clearance, and a nfew books. Then there was another 20% off total order. This is when I place orders to US. I also got a box from M*QC, but had to pick up at Post Office. Customs imposed charges $5.90 plus $10 processing fee. Rip off. As it was mostly books and fabrics. I don't get it. It may have been the total order was over a certain amount. Ah well, I guess that's the price I pay. Still good deals.

          This aft, I'm off to grandson's first birthday. I cooked 4lbs of bacon, and glazed them with maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg and pineapple juice. Candy!

          Have a good day. It's cold but sunny. DH already has a headache and he's not at party yet.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: Saturday Morning Greetings

            Good afternoon everyone. I am here at my sons' while eldest son, John, is in California visiting with #3 son, Steve and his wife Ana and, of course, getting to spend some fun time with little Zeke. He is having a ball. My sis and I came up on Thursday so that we could take care of his dog (my granddog, Booda). My son #2, Rob, took the day off yesterday so we got to spend the day with him. Got a couple projects done with him around the house. His hours are just a bit too erratic to be able to take care of the dog. Booda is 14 years old and needs a few smaller meals a day and needs to be taken out more often. If Rob is at work in the city, he just can't be here for Boo's needs. So sis and I said we would come up and take care of him. It's like a mini-vacation for me. Rob cooked dinner the first night and we went out to eat last night I brought my featherweight and some projects. DH came up this morning to spend the weekend. Sis and I will head home on Wednesday after John returns. I will definitely NOT want to go back to work on Thursday.

            Have a wonderful weekend everyone. My thoughts are with Nancy and her family today. Such a hard time for her and her family.
            Ginny B



              Re: Saturday Morning Greetings


              Good Afternoon, Everyone has been so busy while I have been "resting" all day. My cold got worse overnight so when my morning coffee wasn't enough to get me going resting semed the best choice.

              It does seem that the cost of all our RX have increased. DH has one that is $500, Doctor has been supplying DH with samples which have helped. Our RX plan covers a big portion of our scripts but our recent co-pays have increased.

              Snow has been melting which is good although some of our family in Brooklyn are still waiting for their streets to be cleared, Friday my sister needed a lift to work and she had to dig herself into the office. That'a city living for you.

              Make the most of the rest of the day, Miss May
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              MissMay AKA May in Jersey


                Re: Saturday Morning Greetings

                With my son's help we got one of the bedrooms painted today and just sat down with a good ole balogna sammie while I read the comings and goings for the day, dang my sammie would have tasted great with some of that bacon candy on the side! Sure I will be sore tomorrow, but as Scarlett would say, I will worry about that tomorrow for tomorrow is another day! Something like that. Off to find that fabric panel (beachy theme) so I can get paint next week to match it. It will be wall hanging in my sewing room.