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It's Saturday!

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    It's Saturday!

    Good Morning, All ~ The weather man got it right. We got more snow last night! There was a light dusting at dusk, then it picked up the pace for the next couple hrs. By bedtime, it had quit, but there's at least 2" of fresh snow out on the picnic table. We still have snow on the ground from the previous snow, but now it's all fresh white powder. It's 22 deg. this a.m. I'm glad I got my errands run yest. while the roads were clear.

    I've been working on more than 1 project at a time. I'm making Buckeye Beauty blocks for guild, and Quarter Log Cabin blocks from batiks for a different quilt. Now that the wildlife quilt FMQ is complete, that's ready for binding. I hope to get to the sewing room later today. This a.m. I'll be making DH's 2 loaves of spelt bread. It will be a cozy day to stay inside & enjoy the winter's beauty outside.

    My friend who lives at the assisted living place seemed glad to be out & socialize yest. She said there had been some deaths the previous week & it was sort of depressing. One resident who had moved in only a week ago died. Two men were loading furniture into a pick-up when I stopped to get her.

    One of my friends from church was in a car accident last week. She got T-boned on the driver's side. Her pelvis is fractured in 3 places & she has a couple broken ribs. After being in the hosp., she's now at the nursing home getting rehab. She'll have to be there at least a month. That will be a slow recovery.

    Well, it's time to get the flour & yeast set out & get the bread under way & fix DH's breakfast.

    Re: It's Saturday!

    Good morning. Oh how awful about your friend. I hope her recovery goes well.

    I have an overnight guest. My friend Lynda lives WAY out in the boonies and her husband told her she would not make it home as they hadn't sanded/salted the road, could we put her up for the night. Absolutely!! She is still asleep.

    I had a great day at work yesterday. What a difference heat makes. Now it was too hot but a repairman was there and did something and it got a little cooler. Still no water but we make do. I got about half the binding sewn on the quilt. That is my project for the weekend I think.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: It's Saturday!

      Morning all....!
      Joy, what a horrible thing to happen to your friend! Thankfully surgery went well and now she can recover.....hope that goes well too!
      Monique, how fun, a guest! Happy for the heat yesterday.

      Still cold here.
      I've been working on the binding of a quilt that seems like it's taking forever.....but I keep falling asleep.....ah well.
      Cloudy today, but at least there's no rain....that's tomorrow! They say we'll see some sun Monday....if they're correct.

      Hope everyone has a wonderful day and rest of the and prayers for those struggling.
      💫 Star lover


        Re: It's Saturday!

        Good Morning All,

        Well, the house won again. DS#1 was convinced that he and his brother could manage putting up the storm door all by themselves. Well the door is up. DS#1 is disappointed, several problems popped up along the way. I'll have to get a new threshold (did we measure before we went back to Lowe's? You know the answer to that). I tried to tell him to get longer screws..."No, I've got to wrap my head around this".... sigh, Why didn't you just let me, as mom would say "hire it done"? So I have a storm door that has a 4" gap at the bottom, a threshold that doesn't go close to the bottom of the storm door (if it was there) and they had the nerve to tell me not to look at the bottom. I know they'll get it fixed, but it's so frustrating that they quit on it before they were finished. One things for sure, they didn't learn that from their Dad. Hopefully, they'll get it finished and the pistons put on the door before the end of the weekend.

        Mike and I took the Vibe in to have the air bag fixed. May I please ask, what's the point of making an appointment any more? We were supposed to be there at 9, got there early. "Let me go check to see if we have the part." Now wait a minute, you knew we were coming. You knew what we were coming for, so why don't you have everything ready? Then it was, we'll call you when it's done. Alrighty, you saw both of us getting out of that car, ya' think we're leaving? OH NO, we're waiting.... you should have seen his eyes bug right out of his head. So then it was the 'I'll go ask what we can do' bit. He walked about 100 feet, all the while within our eyesight. Didn't talk to anybody, turned around, came back and told us 'they said' it would be three hours. We caught the shuttle home... I still don't have the Vibe back. Talk about a pissed off kid, and one that knows how to do the labor, thanks to Nascar tech. Living with him was difficult yesterday! Thank goodness he had to go to work last night! I'm not going to make any noise in my sewing room until he wakes up all by himself!

        I'm going to work on the Mother's Day mug rug swap things today, and make a list of what I need for the April Secret Santa item I'm going to work on. So when I get to a store, I'll have something in my pocket book ready to go!

        The bird feeder has been busy today. Finches, cardinals, and one other bird (it was in the shadows so I'm not really sure of the coloring) and my funny friend the squirrel have all been around this morning. Since none of the birds would go to my pretty wooden feeder. I put it on top of the smoker cover and put just a little food in it. It's taken a couple of days, but the squirrel found it. So maybe the birds will join in. I'll have one of the boys nail in another block of wood so I can hang it closer to the smoker. I think part of the problem was the water running off the roof onto the feeder where it was.

        Best get started doing something.

        Prayers for those in need for healing, comfort, strength and understanding. Prayers for all of our many blessings.

        Be creative! Enjoy your day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Re: It's Saturday!

          Them little squirrels can find food anywhere. The birds have a good guidance system too. Fun to watch though.
          Joy, I'm so glad you are well enough to care for your ailing friends and husband. What would they do without you.
          Weather here is another glorious day. I wonder what it would be like to have weather like this everyday. DH said I'd hate it....hummm.
          DId you see the post about the needles. WHat a good find.
          I'm going out to snip some raspberry sprouts off at the ground. Maybe if I get them early they won't be such a pain this summer. Got all the mulch finished spreading yesterday. The crocus all managed to push up thru it which surprised me since they had already bloomed. What a miracle of Gods plants.
          Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


            Re: It's Saturday!

            So sorry for your friend with the broken pelvis, I understand it is the most painful break possible. You can't move without moving that area. DH cousin broke hers and it took a toll on her but she persevered and then had hip replacement which was needed before the break. Good luck to your friend.
            Watch out feeding those squirrels, they are greedy and will eat your house.
            Have a beautiful day everyone. Our weather has been glorious but is scheduled to rain and turn colder this evening.


              Re: It's Saturday!

              sending a little Sunshine to everyone, seems lots of our friends and their friends or family could use some today. Although the sun isn't too bright here in central Jersey today DH and I will have some Bright Sunshine this afternoon when DGD Catherine arrives for a visit. She's a Special Ed teacher at a northern Jersey high school and some of her students are competing in a bowling tournament nearby so she'll visit us afterwards. She really enjoys working with the older special needs students. Hugs and prayers for all.
              MissMay AKA May in Jersey


                Re: It's Saturday!

                The weather here is warm enough to slowly melt the snow and make lots of mud. I don't care if it gets tracked all over my means SPRING is on the way. I woke at 3:21 this morning and was working on a quilt by 60 with all the lamps on. I saw that M* had a 10% saving on machine quilting service so I quickly pieced the backing for a quilt for my daughter that is way too big for the likes of me and my paltry quilting skills. That's three ready or nearly ready to quilt since Jan. 1. A record for me. Next week should be busy with not a lot of cooking going on. Can you say "TV Dinner?"


                  Re: It's Saturday!

                  Good afternoon! Today continues to be ice and more ice. They had to shut down some of the highways due to ice. There were semi-trucks that went into the ditch along with state road trucks who have been trying to clear the road. I got out briefly to go find the maillady to get our mail because I did not want the maillady to try to walk on our driveway as it is nothing but a sheet of ice. The children have been out cleaning it off but it is still very slick.

                  Yesterday I sewed a tote. Today I am working on planning out fabrics for a set of totes and organizers that I am making. I am wanting to make a matching set.

                  Have a good day everyone


                    Re: It's Saturday!

                    My friend who was in the car accident & has the broken pelvis did not require surgery. It's a matter of waiting for bones to heal -- both the pelvis & ribs. She lives alone, so she'll need to be able to get around by herself before they'll let her go home. She's elderly & has other health issues, but has a positive attitude.

                    Well, I just finished up in the kitchen. I made 2 loaves of DH's spelt bread, then did another dough cycle & made that into cinnamon rolls. I had a hankerin'. Don't need them, but it's been a long time since I baked any. I cut them in half before freezing them. Any bread product really shoots up my blood sugar, so I have to eat sparingly.

                    We have a clear, sunny day. It hit 50 deg. briefly, but mostly it's been in the 40's. Very windy this afternoon; it's blowing the snow off the roofs & swirling the snow on the ground. At least it's warm enough to help with some thawing.

                    I'm headed to the sewing room now.


                      Re: It's Saturday!

                      Dang Joy, reading your post reminds me of how long I've been wanting to make cinnamon rolls. Might have to try that tomorrow since it's too late to start that tonight.