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Sunday Morning Hellos

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    Sunday Morning Hellos

    Good Morning, All ~ Much milder this a.m. It's actually above freezing! We hit 58 deg. yest. & it's supposed to be warmer the next couple days. Chance of snow next Thurs.

    I feel like I didn't get a whole lot accomplished yest. But I did run the vacuum. My short time at FMQ was frustrating. Stitching didn't look right so I had to rip it out in a small area. I'll try again this afternoon.

    This a.m. will be church. We have Communion the first Sun. of every month. I hope everyone has a good day & the temps. begin to moderate out of the deep freeze.

    Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

    Good morning, yes our temperature this morning is 12 above zero, finally!!! Yesterday I helped my DD modify boot covers for ice skates for the ice show in March. Took us ten hours in two sittings to complete the task. Whew, now back to my projects. Off to make breakfast.
    JCY I hope you have a better day with FMQ. Have a great day.


      Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

      Good Morning All,

      I'm still nursing this cold. I'm hoping for a break soon. We'll be back to the regular schedule on Monday. DS#1 goes back to school second semester will be done in the middle of May. DIL still doesn't know when she'll be moving out to the satellite ER. She doesn't know when she'll be doing her short stint in the children's ER either, and that has to happen first.

      I've been putting hexies together this weekend. My shoe box that holds the hexies is getting full and the box that held all of the hexies I cut is starting to show the bottom. Hopefully, I'll see the bottom soon and can start putting the pieces together again. I have a row clipped to the quilt that is ready to sew on so I'll know where I left off.

      My years worth of Blocks came yesterday. Yippee. I think I've found the pattern for Jim and Morgan's quilt. I still wish they'd offer more sizes in the quilts. That will give me hours of enjoyment this winter.

      Prayers for those in need.
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

        Morning Everyone....I've had two totally miserable nights in a row coughing and trying to breathe. Fortunately I have inhalers. I will go to the dr tomorrow if this continues another night. I feel pretty poopy.

        Kat, what a joy it must be to get all your BLOCKS at one time. I would sit and read and dream for days on end...enjoy!

        Joy, glad you got a little break from the weather. We have snow and ice coming later today.

        I heard from Blondie Saturday and they are trying to cope with frozen water lines. I was relieved to hear from her.

        I'm off to make a cup of tea and maybe go back to bed for a while.

        Wishing everyone a blessed day....

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

          Good morning all, we have been told to expect an ice storm overnight into tomorrow's commute. Hopefully, it will stay north of the city - otherwise, it will shut Atlanta down. We'll be doing our obligatory run to the store to get milk...We're supposed to be in the 60's sometime this week. It can't get here soon enough.

          I have been working on several bag projects (and have 2 more in the wings), then I hope to get back to finishing a couple of quilt tops that are laying around and need to be quilted. I'm waiting for warmer weather to make an appointment at a LQS to get certified on their longarm. I'm excited to try that.

          Hope everyone has a great day!


            Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

            Sunday morning, I looked outside and its so bright and sunny. Yeah. Then the thermomether, will happen one of these days. Fire went out in the woodstove so I cleaned out all the ashes and am starting over.
            Worked on Double wedding ring a while yesterday. Ironed the disc pieces and started putting them together. I still haven't come up with the best method to do that but will work again today. They aren't laying as flat as I would like. I guess I'm hoping the FMQ will solve that but I really should figure out why they aren't laying flat. Maybe its the seam in the curves...
            Some old customers drove up to the house to visit yesterday. THey called 30 min before the came so I was able to tidy up. I had planned to make pizza but by the time they left I didn't have time for a dough rise so I made breakfast for dinner. So that leaves pizza to make for tonight. At least I don't have to think real hard.
            Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


              Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

              Morning all another cold one -7 this morning has climbed to 16. At least the sun is shining. My ring will be at its destination tomorrow and hopefully back to me soon. I miss it my finger fee.s naked and still has the indent where the ring sits. Barb hope you feel better soon. Glad yoy heard from Blondie so sorry her pipes are frozen. Miss her here a lot. Clothes are washed and on the rack. Ham with au gratin taters for dinner with apple pie for dessert. Its been an expensive year so far between my laptop dieing, gas dddlivery for heating, broken ring, hubbys commercial license and new battery for my car. Need a break already and its only 1 week into the new year. Have a great day all and stay warm.
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                Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

                Morning all,
                Another cold say here but the sun is shining so it doesn't seem so bad. I have no plans to leave the house till it warms up some. Have a meeting Tuesday night but will see how cold it is if I'll go or not.

                Worked on one of my "block of the month" blocks yesterday it's coming along nicely. Hope to have it completed and quilted before next Christmas. I go up to clean my sewing room and I'm easily distracted by the fun things I want to do so little cleaning got done up there yesterday.

                Yesterday made a pan of chicken parmesan so no cooking today. DH went to the bakery this morning and picked up a fresh loaf of Italian bread so we'll have hero's tonight with the leftovers, seems it always tastes better the second day or maybe it tastes better cause I don't have to cook again!

                For all those where the weather us frigid, be safe and try to stay warm. Hopefully temps will be better next week.
                If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                  Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

                  Good morning. Yup, another cold one this morning but the sun feels nice and warm coming through the window. Not so much outside.

                  Glad you heard from Blondie Barb but sorry to hear about her frozen pipes. Monique needs to tell her about her broomstick \hair dryer trick.

                  Yesterday was spent doing a bit of shoveling . The plow came through late Friday for another pass through and pushed a pile of snow where it had been clear. Put a pot of chili on yesterday morning and made some cornbread . Sauce is already made for today's pasta so I can spend some time in the sewing room today after I get the downstairs bedroom ready for Tim's arrival (ds#4) on Tuesday. I did some more organizing in the sewing room yesterday and also worked on a wallhanging.

                  Yum, breakfast for dinner Terry. I love doing that. I might have to work that into our meals sometime in the next few weeks.

                  Have a great day everyone.
                  Ginny B



                    Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

                    It's almost noon. Hubby started watching "Godless" on Netflix. Uh oh. I may get sucked into that series.

                    The house has been de-Christmased. I am still trying to decide if I like the furniture this way. We had some changes when we added the new DVD cabinets and the corner unit for housing the stereo and video equipment. I think this arrangement will work.

                    I have a bit more vacuuming and dusting to do today. I have tried to eliminate some of the stuff that sits on top of our furniture. It is much easier to swipe a dusting cloth over a flat, clear surface than to have to move and clean a bunch of dodads.
                    I still have more painting to do (kitchen &2 bathrooms), and pictures to hang.
                    We are finally starting to feel better around here. This upper respiratory crud has been around about 3 weeks and it's still not completely gone, but we can at least muster enough energy to get some things done. I think I'll go start a pot of soup and put some bread together in the machine (let it do the hard work of mixing) for supper and lunches this week. It might not be everyone in the house's favorite meal, but it is time efficient. I can sneak in some time in the sewing room while its simmering and th bread is rising!

                    I hope all of you in the path of those wicked winter storms are managing OK. It sounds down right nasty! Stay warm and safe.
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                      Re: Sunday Morning Hellos

                      We are in the mid 30's today and grey and drizzly. It could be snow so I'm not complaining. I've spent the day reading and on the computer. While DH is watching football tonight I will try some woodgrain quilting for a dark brown block background. It is a night scene with a big orange moon with Mufasa and Simba on Pride Rock.I think it will work, especially since the thread is also dark brown.