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    Good morning friends. We are in another deep freeze but this one won't last very long. I have to work today and will take the little baby quilt I am hand quilting. That will keep me busy today. I am not at the cold post office so you know.

    Well lo and behold I found the quilt top I was looking for. It was a Jacob's ladder block swap from a long time ago. It needs borders. I found another UFO, it is a scrappy quilt using the 6" scrap crazy templates. It needed more borders to make it wider, so I got that finished. I have my projects packed for retreat next week. I will get pictures later.

    I am not sure what the weekend holds. Right now I just don't want to go outside because it is too cold.

    So that's it my friends. Have a wonderful day. I hope all of you, who were in the storm's path, are okay.

    Have an awesome day and an even more awesome weekend.

    P/S I will need someone to take over the daily threads next week in my absence. I will be checking in when I can.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

    Good Morning Monique and Everyone,

    We are getting ready to take Jeff for his doctor appointment in Houston. It will likely be a long morning. It's also bitter cold again this morning, but we will be making our trip in the truck.

    We are unsure whether we will be going to the apartments this weekend. No one wants to move in this weather, so our vacancies can sit and wait as far as I'm concerned. I'm praying that the water pipes don't burst in any of our apartments.

    The new tutorial is really different....I may make a few changes and give it a try.

    I will check in later....time for me to get ready to go.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

      Good morning everyone. Happy Friday! And boy it's a cold one here. Brrrrr. The snow finally stopped late yesterday afternoon and I don't know how much the official totals were but I do know that we got a lot more than the initial 3-6" forecast. LOL

      I have to share an amazing thing that happened to us yesterday. We had a family that lived on our block with 4 boys. As the boys got old enough (and we got older), their dad along with the boys would help shovel/snow blow our driveway and sidewalk and also a couple other of our neighbors driveways whenever we had a snowstorm. Well they moved this past summer. Yesterday as we were shoveling, we saw a car come down the street and park in our neighbors driveway. I didn't really pay attention to who it was but then we heard someone yell "Charlie, Ginny, go inside! We'll do it." Well lo and behold, it was Keith and one of his twin sons, Scott. The next thing we know, Scott is digging out our driveway and Keith is across the street shoveling out our neighbor Joe's. Of course, we didn't let them do it all by themselves. We stayed out there and helped but it sure did cut our shoveling time down considerably. And that young man does a great job of it too. It touched my heart that they would still think of coming to help us.

      I did get some time in my sewing room yesterday and I now only have the binding to sew down on the wallhanging that I'm working on for a friend's granddaughter. But I was so tired and sore I didn't even have the energy to sew it down. LOL I am moving a bit slowly this morning. My muscles are pretty stiff.

      Keep warm everyone. Have a wonderful Friday.
      Ginny B


        Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

        Oh, no one needs quilt counseling ...... ! Right!

        Below 0 here and a high of 7.....burrrrr, too cold for me, but have no choice. Hoping to sew more today. Just hate all the layers of cloths to stay warm.

        Monique, so happy you found your quilt......and another to boot! If that's all the UFOs you got, you're doin good. I guess I need to figure out how many I have.......I think I have enough fingers to count.....

        I hope you have a fantastic time at your retreat....and stay warm!

        Hope everyone survived the big one and are safe and warm. Hugs to all.....have a great day.....well as good as ya can!
        💫 Star lover


          Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

          Monique have fun zt the retreat. It is 4 degrees here this morning but wind chill making it feel 12 below. Put a new zipper in hubbys work coat yesterday. That was all. Too cold to be in the sewing room, it is the end room so 3 sides are outside walls. Got a new battery for my car Tues, so thats taken care of. Contacted the company mt birthstone ring came from and they can put a new one in, clean and polish it for a great price. Shipping that off today. Luckily they are in Brooklyn so turn around time should be quick. That juzt leaves laptop replacement and will be a couple months.
          Hope everyone has a good day and stay warm.
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          Time spent with cats is never wasted.
          Sigmund Freud


            Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

            I have warmer weather here now , it is 14' out and we don't have the snow the rest of you are having, I am glad for me but sorry for all of you. I don't like winter, and I can't imagine what Monique weather is like, I am so glad she didn't have to use her broom handle today! I didn't get to sew yesterday, I am planning on sewing this afternoon.
            I sure enjoy all of your threads every day.
            Have a good day! And stay warm !!


              Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

              I really love that quilt counseling cartoon Monique. That one might have to go on my fridge. What is it that drives us to confess these mistakes? You have to laugh when you think about it. Well it was 7 deg F this morning here along Lake Erie, with the wind chill of -21. Like every other morning recently I am so glad my son sold me on trying Smartwool garments. I am socks to hat in Smartwool, with long underwear inbetween today, and boy was it necessary. Toasty warm except for my face, and I was glad even the dog was ready to turn around and head back home after about a 3 block walk. When he doesn't want to go home he stops and gazes off into the distance as if to tell me that he is a pioneer, darn it, and untapped territory is thataway! None of that this frigid morning! And tomorrow and Saturday will be worse and worser I hear! Great day to make a pot of minestrone, and glad I have everything I need for that. I'll also bake some peasant bread, so that will help the house stay warm as well as smell great! I have stitching to do, so I guess i should get to it.


                Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

                Good Morning All

                Monique, I think we're all guilty of pointing out our imperfections. I've quit looking for them. The quilt on the bed right now, is one that gave me a lot of trouble. I've looked the back, DH's looked the back, and DS#2 has looked the back and there are still strings that need trimming.

                Anyway, I was in bed sleeping and felt my toe catching on strings. My cold filled brain was going strings on the quilt, but I was between the sheets. The bottom sheet had pulled apart. How does that happen? Those sheets weren't that old. So after the 11 o'clock news we were changing sheets! I think I'm going to keep the top sheet and use it for practice FMQ squares.

                The only thing I did is my sewing room yesterday was to look at the little snowflake that I started. It's sandwiched, I just didn't feel like touching it. Maybe later, or tomorrow.

                Everyone in the path of that massive storm, stay warm and safe. It's bad enough to have a hurricane, but a hurricane/ snow event, that's totally the pits!

                Prayers for those in need.
                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

                  The bitterly cold wind is coming from the west this morning. I drove hubby in to work so I can go to work. It is close to -40C with the wind this morning and that makes us even, -40F for you folks in the US. Bundle up and stay warm.
                  Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                    Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

                    Good morning, here in SE TX, we are warming up today, which is good. I don't like the cold. Barb, I hope Jeff is on the mend soon. I am trying to finish the binding on a quilt for me today, then I can start on 3 different baby quilts I need to get done. Have several errands to run today. I noticed that my mortgage company sent my tax document online, wish they would just mail it. Oh well, I'll print it off so I can have everything in one place. It'seems time to get out of bed, so stay warm and have a great day.


                      Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

                      What wonderful neighbors Ginny has to still come by to help clear the snow. When DH and I couldn't handle snow removable any longer we had a difficult time getting hiring help and then we saw Randy's ad on a local internet forum. He cleared our double driveway, cars. walkways, curbs and threw salt down last night, he said we received 10". Don't know the temp as our outdoor thermometer is covered with snow but I don't care as I'm not going anywhere if I can help it. Like Midge I'm going to make some soup.

                      Seriously I would go out in a flash to visit my sister Pat in Brooklyn, she had emergency heart surgery yesterday. Sister Carol was there as well as Pat's family and all went well. Pat went to ER early Tuesday morning because she couldn't breath, they found water in her lungs and admitted her for testing. Tests showed she had a dangerous level of blockage and yesterday they operated on her. Surgeon said he's very happy with the results and Pat is doing fine. Although she'll be 66 in March it's difficult for me to comprehend my "baby" sister having heart surgery. Hope they clear the streets in Brooklyn so we can get to see Pat as soon as possible. Both she and sister Carol were such a help and comfort to me when I was ill beginning of last year.

                      Keep warm everyone and Monique have a great time at the retreat.
                      MissMay AKA May in Jersey


                        Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

                        Well we've broken the record here for the most consecutive number of hours below freezing. Right now it's 22 degrees & the heat pump is headed for a heart attack. I had to go outside twice this morning so I put my coat, scarf & gloves in the dryer & that really helps. We did get a tiny bit of snow Wednesday night & it's still hanging around because of the cold. Lots of my neighbors are having problems with their HVAC systems & frozen pipes.

                        We have a cat that we discovered in our chicken pen two years ago. She was so small we had to bottle feed her & never did figure out where she came from. About six months ago the foxes started picking off our chickens. We decided not to get anymore since will be moving in the next year. The cat (Annie) was lonely without her tribe so she began to come into the house to check out what was going but we are both allergic to her so we didn't let her stay inside. During the past winters when it was cold DH had a bed, food & litter box for her in the crawl space where the heater is so she'd be warm. When it got really cold outside this year DH started sneaking her in the house. Now he has bought her a cat tower & toys. She is a very sweet & calm cat but I really don't want an animal in the house. Her favorite thing to do is climb into my lap & put her head under my chin which makes me sneeze my head off. Not sure how this will play out but I have a feeling I'm not going to win this game.

                        Hibernating like an old bear sounds like a good idea with this weather! Hope everyone stays warm.



                          Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

                          Ginny, that is the sweetest thing that the old neighbor boys came to help. Moniqye, so glad you found the quilts and that you aren't working at the cold post office. Miss May, I will pray for your sisters and CarolynNC, I think the news is having a ball telling us all about how we are breaking records. They are sounding like a broken record. DD in Winston Salem texted a picture to her dad this morning with her in his old Navy PeaCoat. She said she had to bring out the heavy artillery.
                          I have 1/3 of the double wedding ring A,B,C,&D's done. Humm....8 hours a day cutting and piecing x 6 days so far. Looks like Another 3 or 4 days for piecing. But I am dreaming of doing a traditional feather quilt pattern....I don't know if I'm up to that skill level , but I think I'll have to go for it.
                          I made a double wedding ring about 4 years ago for DS and hand quilted it simply. I sure didn't remember it taking this many hours, but it probably did. I told him last night if he would bring it back, I would try doing some more quilting on it. He said maybe I could do it as a Christmas present next year.
                          Yep, its still cold here...headed for 30 today. Heat wave!!
                          Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                            Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

                            Morning all,
                            This morning my husband is out snowblowing the driveway and walkway, I make him come in every 15 minutes or so to get another pair of warm gloves I've heated up for him. We got about 10-12", they say next week should be back to normal temps for this time of year, I sure hope so. In the meantime I'll be hibernating in the house. Be safe everyone and stay warm.
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                              Re: ATTENTION PLEASE: It's Friday

                              Good Morning ~ I'm just now getting here. Had a busy morning. The Anasazi beans are on to cook. I do the quick method. Boil them for ~7 min., let them sit for 1 hr., then cook them 2 hrs. Two 1 lb. pkgs. of beans makes 7 freezer containers (1.5 pt.). The only thing I add is salt & some chopped celery. DH can't tolerate spices, onion, etc.

                              Yest. morning I mixed up my turkey patties. I make enough for 3 wks. In the afternoon I spent 2 hrs. in the cold waiting room at the shop while my car got new rear shocks installed, fixed a rear tire that had a slow leak, & did a wheel alignment. Good thing I had them check the alignment; the front tires were "toed". So that is all taken care of. I drive a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquise. The guy at the shop said the guys were admiring what good condition the car is in -- both the interior & the under carriage.

                              Today I want to watch the funeral service for fallen sheriff's deputy Zach Parrish who was killed in the line of duty a few days ago. He & other officers were ambushed by a mentally ill veteran. Zach (29 y.o. & father of 2 young girls) was killed & other officers were injured, one critically, even though they were wearing their vests. Zach was a man of integrity & faith; his wife Gracie goes to Bible Study Fellowship. It will be a huge event. A motorcade currently is in progress. The service is at 11 a.m.

                              I got no sewing done yest. I hope to do more FMQ today on the Kaffe Fassett quilt.

                              Monique, have a great time on your retreat. Hope the weather moderates soon. I feel for you guys on the east coast who are dealing with the snow & extreme cold. My DIL in MD went in to work today; DS is working from home again. He planned to start work at 6 a.m. so he'd finish early. Ginny, what a blessing your former neighbors came back to help out with the snow removal. We have a volunteer from our church who is our "snow angel". It's a ministry our church has for those who are widows or elderly.

                              Everyone stay warm!