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It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

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    It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year


    Good morning my friends. We were out of the deep freeze for a couple of days but headed back to it tonight/tomorrow. This time it is supposed to be only until Saturday. PHEW!!!

    I ended up going to town yesterday. Meds and few groceries. My SIL had told me she had found quilts and to come get them. Well, there are 3, the rest of the stuff are sheets. Another bag to take to the church. There were more flannel blankets that I can use for backing. I also got more hankies and she found three aprons that belonged to Les' grandmother. They are in terrible shape BUT I can take them apart to get the 'pattern'.

    I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce in the afternoon because I needed to use the meat that had thawed out. I went to sit down and watch the news, the satellite dish wasn't working. Went over to Doug's and his was fine. Looked up and the dish was covered with snow. Well I can't reach up there and my broom wasn't long enough. I found a hockey stick and taped the broom handle to it. Perfect reach, cleared off the snow and voila, working dish again.

    I returned to the sewing room looking for a quilt top I have and do you think I can find it? NOPE!! But I did manage to get the room organized once again. Found more precuts that I had forgotten I have. Ok that's it, no more buying fabric for a while. I mean it! I know you all believe me. So today I shall organize what I am going to take to retreat next week. I have several things already in the suitcase. And I may find that darn top. I know it's around somewhere.

    I have to work tomorrow and I have a baby quilt already in the hoop to take with me.

    Stay warm and safe all those in the storm's path that is headed your way. I don't think it is going to come this way, thankfully.

    Have a great day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

    Oh Monique, your toons give me a laugh every mornjng! Thank you.

    You're the most industrious person I know. I'd have never thought of putting a broom and hockey stick together......and the visual!
    Happy you've got your dish back! Now onto that quilt top.....I have faith in you, you'll find it!

    We're headed further into the deep freeze! Weather guy said no s* yesterday, was he right? NO, we got some, enough to shovel! What a gig! But they've been right about the temps......rats! We e a,ready reached the high for today, 9'. Going below freezing and going to pretty much stay there until Sunday......I'm soooo excited, we'll bet to 20'! Can't remember when it's been there.......feels like a long time.

    Made a big pot of chili for dinner last night and even froze some. Love it, when that happens. Sewed some, between shoveling. Slow going, as I'm always so cold. Hard to sew with 4 layers of stuff on. The furnace runs prettty much non stop.

    So thankful for a home and a working furnace.....and power! My heart goes out to those in the path of "the big one." I hope the weather gurus are wrong!

    Hope y'all have a warm, safe, power filled day! Hugs to all.
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      Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

      That toon is so funny. You are the queen of improvise first the hair dryer extension and now a broom and hockey stick.


        Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

        Good Morning ~ Not quite so cold this a.m. It's 27 deg., which sure beats 0 or 10. It made it up to 50 yest. This a.m. I need to mix up my turkey patties. I have an appt. at 1 p.m. to take my car in to replace the rear shocks & have them look at the L. rear tire, which has a slow leak. I wanted to get the shocks done while the weather is milder.

        Monique, I improvised with a broom yest., too. I was at the groc. store. The Kleenex (on sale) were on the top shelf & all those to the front of the shelf had been bought. All the remaining boxes were out of reach. (I'm short) So I went to the next aisle & grabbed a broom & knocked down some of those boxes to pull them to the front of the shelf where I could reach them. Got what I needed, then put the broom back.

        I had only 30 min. yest. for FMQ on the Kaffe Fassett quilt. Last night was the season opener of The Amazing Race. Their first stop was Iceland. It was interesting seeing pics of that country.

        Those of you on the east coast, let us know how you're doing with that monster storm that's predicted. I hope it won't be as bad as they say. Stay warm & stay safe.


          Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

          Good Morning All.

          DH is heading out, DS#1 has two throwing up and needs some supplies. I'm not going. My head is so clogged up! I'm not going anywhere but my chair, or maybe back to bed.

          DS#2 is off today, we probably won't see him for hours. He was still winding down after 1am.

          It was nasty yesterday. Snow in FL, but none here. The news in IN was saying that Jacksonville had snow, half the city was without power (more fake news) MIL was worried, and called DH listened as she held the phone up for him to listen. It hovered in the mid 30s most of the day. When it finally moved off, I don't know who was more thankful. It's been several days since we've seen the sun! Skies are blue and not a cloud in the sky today. I hope it will warm up, I'd like to get my nandinas back out into the sun.

          Well, off to do nothing, and hopefully break this silly cold up.

          Prayers for those in need. Be creative!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

            Good morning Monique and ladies. We had a warm up day yesterday, actually slush on the roads. I went to my DD to sit with Cedric 10 mths, while she played outside with Max (4). He needs to burn off energy as school doesn't start til next Monday. She brought Cassandra (2) to daycare. I think DD is getting cabin fever, so I offered to go sit the baby Saturday night. The other two are going for sleepover. They will go to dinner and movie. I can imagine 3 kids at that age. I had two with three years apart, and it was a challenge.
            I came home and did some FMQ on Cassandra's Eskimo quilt. I am getting much better at swirl and FMQ generally. I think if size is smaller, this one is 70x75 I can handle on sit down.
            I have a massage this morning, I always book one for after the holidays. However, it's starting to get cold and we had some snow and don't want to go out, but eh, I am Canadian, I should breeze through this. Right?
            Have a good day, stay warm and safe.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

              Good morning. Woo hoo, snow day! Well, not officially..... our day, children's and respite programs are closed but administrative offices are open. Ha. We are now under a blizzard warning. I am not driving in that even if it is only one town over. My boss can't tell me to stay home but the way she words things she was telling me to stay home. LOL Sewing room, here I come.

              Monique, you are so inventive with that broomstick! And Joy, you too. I am short also and occasionally have issues reaching stuff at the grocery store.... when I go that is. Hubby does most of that.

              Time to go upstairs and see what I can do in the sewing room. Stay warm and be safe all of those in the path of this storm. They keep upping the possible snow totals for us. Give it up guys. Just say it's going to snow until late this afternoon and we'll see how much we wind up with.
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              Ginny B



                Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

                Morning all,
                Yup, getting the winter storm, more snow. As Ginny said they keep upping the accumulation. Wind is blowing out there and sure to make visability on the roads for those that must travel to work today a problem. I will be sitting by the fireplace today a bit with my book.
                May get up to the sewing room, clean up is going slower that I wanted but bit by bit it will get done. Snow on the skylights are making it darker than usual so looks gloomy up there.
                Glad I did the food shopping yesterday as cupboards were looking pretty bare, hadn't been since before Christmas. Glad I remembered to put the cloth bags in the car last week, as of January 1st you must now pay a nickel for every plastic bag here.
                Hope everyone in the path of the snow stays safe and keeps warm in these frigid temps. I don't see me leaving the house till it warms up some, the joy of being retired!
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                  Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

                  Ugh, we had ice on the windshields this morning. I do not miss that Jersey weather! I do not want to get out of bed in the morning, actually I would prefer to stay in bed until the weather is back to over 70 degrees lol. Bless you all in the cold, please take good care of yourselves.
                  Life is short - Live everyday to the fullest


                    Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

                    Good Morning Everyone,

                    It's -4 here right now, though it's supposed to warm up over the weekend and give us snow. I'm not so sure that's an improvement.

                    I'm loving my Panasonic cordless iron. It got a workout yesterday while I was searwing hourglass blocks together. It will take me at least a week putting them together. All the seams are bias. Sewing the rows of blocks together is a real challenge to match them.

                    Jeff called off work again today and tomorrow. He visits the doctor tomorrow morning. I love having him home but it's hard getting things done while he's following me around. He asked me to make an apple pie today, so that's on my agenda now.

                    Everyone in the path of the Arctic Blast, be safe and sensible. I hope you all are keeping warm. Please let us know how you are doing. Hugs.....

                    Scottie Mom Barb


                      Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

                      The wind is howling, the porch temp says 10, so its pretty darn cold. There is a dusting of something that looks like a mixture of snow or ice, the ponds and the pool are frozen solid. Days and days and days of cold predicted. Nothing new about that but I hear its worse east of us. I mean 3-6 inches at North and South Carolina beaches...whoa
                      Anyway, worked on the double wedding ring yesterday. Got the A pieces attached to all the B pieces. Today I will work on the C and D pieces. I think they have to be done at the same time. I'm glad I began a project or I would be really having cabin fever.
                      The "toon" is just too close to home with me having a 32 year old McCaw in the house. She is feeling pretty cooped up. Sometimes she comes up with the darnedest things. She can't say S's or J's. Lately when DH and I are having a conversation, (we don't verbalize much....nothing new happening around here to talk about) anyway, she says something hard and angry but we can't understand what she is saying. We figured it out ...she is saying UTUP!
                      I'm tired of figuring out what we will have for dinner. I'm still using food from the Restaurant freezers and try to rotate the kind of food we have. Its hard trying to make homemade food from some of that stuff. Seems like food would be food but the serving sizes are all wrong.
                      Finally washed my hair this morning after 10 days. Its so cold trying to get it dry in this cold weather but it had to be done, so I'm off to sit by the wood stove and try to get it dry
                      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                        Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

                        -12 this morning and had to go grocery shopping and then had to use some coupons for Shopko. Always get my laundry detergent and fabric softener when I get their coupons. So we braved the weather and got everything. Now I am taking a break. Working on a mug rug for and exchange on another site. First time to do something like this. But now is the time, now that I have retired. Keep warm!!


                          Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

                          Broom handles have many uses.
                          Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                            Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

                            Yes, it's a blizzard here. We went out to eat last night and stopped at the store. The shelves were wiped out! Others listed on Facebook about the other local grocery stores with the same conditions. You'd think we were going to get snowed in for weeks. They're predicting 12-24 inches. Glad we have heat and can stay home.


                              Re: It's the 1st Thursday of the New Year

                              I woke up this morning to the phone was 8:15.....I'm usually awake before then. It was DH calling to let me know the plumber/furnace guy was on his way! Good grief! We've had a plugged kitchen sink for a few days, plus, the furnace has been shutting down at random times; not a good thing when we've been in the -0's for the last week. Furnace is 40+ years old; a new one is on the list for this summer, but we need to limp through the rest of this winter. The new one will be natural gas, and it requires digging in the backyard to connect to the main line. Not happening now!

                              Anyway, sink is now running free, and the furnace is working....for now.

                              Stay warm everyone.