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Wednesday from the FRIGID north

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    Re: Wednesday from the FRIGID north

    I guess we're having a heat wave here. It's 20F, but with windchill 14.
    JCY warm sweats are a standard here for the winter and sometimes the Fall too :-) I went on a sewing spree last year and make 7 pairs of fleece sweats with sweatshirts.

    Today I am excited because I'm trying out the mini periwinkle template that was one of the gifts I got from my Secret Santa. It has the paper too so I guess that qualifies for my first paper piecing project??? I'm not sure if that's true paper piecing :-) I'm using it to make a border for the half shades I'm doing for the kitchen. I've been waiting a year to do this LOL I think now a scrappy mini periwinkle quilt is also on my bucket list for 2018.

    Yesterday I had like a good and bad day. Had to run to Walmart and discovered my drivers side wiper was kaput. Fortunately the mechanic I use was open and he put a new one on cheap. Thank you Santa! Also two days ago my wireless died for this computer (it will work on the old one downstairs that I hardly use but I can't watch tv from it as its Ubuntu). That meant that I couldn't watch my new Prime videos upstairs which is where I watch tv. After spending about 6 hours on line between a Frontier tech and also doing Google searches I discovered that although my wireless is gone upstairs I could use an ethernet cable to get back on line up there. I needed almost 50 feet to get it going through the windows between upstairs and downstairs. The good news....I got it...the bad news it cost me $29 here as opposed to the $15 it was listed for on line. But other really good news is that for several years now I've had trouble with the streaming for Netflix and now Amazon videos. Many calls to Frontier tech, Netflix and stopping people on the streets, none of which solved the problem. Well it appears that with using an ethernet cable instead of wireless that problem now appears to be solved. May God be praised!! A solution that finally worked! Maybe I should pass that on to the millions of techs I've spent hours on the phone with these last few years????
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      Re: Wednesday from the FRIGID north

      Good afternoon all. It is cold here too but not as cold as some of you are experiencing. I got up at 5:30 and then decided, Nope, I am tired and need to just have a day to rest so back to bed I went. Stayed there until around 9:30. I have been sleeping ok but whenever I woke up, I still felt tired and there was always someplace we had to go or a bunch of stuff I had to do. It was good to have extra rest and then get up and not have to be anywhere or do anything. Not that I didn't do anything but it was just what I wanted....which mostly involved being in my sewing room. Not sewing anything but taking pictures of and organizing the Secret Sister gifts I received from toggpine and also a few other things I got from family for my sewing room. then I spent some time catching up on reading some threads here on the forum and now here I am ready for an afternoon cup of tea and maybe a sit down with the Block magazine I got yesterday. I know that part of my tiredness is because I ran out of my thyroid meds right before I left for California (thought the pharmacy was faxing the dr. office --- they said they were) Well, they didn't and then I had to leave. Now the dr. is closed until tomorrow so I am hoping to get in to see him soon and have him renew the script.

      Dinner is all ready to just be heated up (I made sauce and meatballs over the weekend) so it will be an easy evening. I am feeling less tired after my very relaxing day.

      Be well everyone and stay warm everyone. Monique, I hope it wasn't too cold at work. Sounds like if it's that cold out and no heat in the building, you should not need to work there. Hope you are warm and cozy now.
      Ginny B


        Re: Wednesday from the FRIGID north

        Don't hate me please, but it's 60 F. here in Houston. It's not pleasant though because it's drizzly and dreary, 56 percent humidity.

        I gave my son and DIL a Kitchen Aid mixer. He took it back and traded for one with a metal bowl. He's so excited about it and said he was going to use it this weekend. I never would have guessed he would have enjoyed cooking like he does.

        I'm getting off my blood thinner starting today so I can get a spinal injection on January 2. Last time I tried to do that, I had a TIA with aphasia. Talked gibberish for about three hours. I'm taking it easy the rest of the week.

        Bubby, I had a miserable UTI about three months ago. Worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. They likened the pain to kidney stone pain. Get well quick.


          Re: Wednesday from the FRIGID north

          Happy Wednesday! It's about 40 degrees here and we are all bundled up like Nanook of the North! Even the dog got under the quilts last night... I remember CT winters, never felt the cold like this. Old age?? Hope everyone is warm and snuggled up against the cold.


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            Re: Wednesday from the FRIGID north

            Just reading these posts. It was 31 degrees here this morning when I got up at 6 am, but now is in the high 60s. I have been inside all day, while DH went out and got 5 gallons of paint to begin the process of painting our home. It won't all be done now....he is starting with his outdoor kitchen structure he has been building for several months. I finally went out to my sewing room and decided to piece the backing for the Crayon quilt top I sewed together (these blocks were from a Riley Blake Crayon swap I did on the QATW forum) and because I am having the eye ulcer issue I have been experiencing for the last 4 weeks, I had a H... of a time getting the measurements right!!! How frustrating!. I never realized that when one eye is effected, the other eye doesn't work well either! But, I got the backing pieced and I am hoping that in the next few days I can get it sandwiched and quilted before DD starts back to her classroom after Christmas break. I had hoped it would be done by Christmas, but I couldn't see much of anything with my right eye til just recently. ) I want her to take it to her classroom and she can use it to cuddle her 1st graders when they feel sick/cold/worried. I think that I will quilt it on my Tiarra and probably just do a simple and easy meander. I'm still not seeing well enough to do anything difficult. I am warming up a casserole for dinner from leftover turkey/potatoes/gravy/dressing that we had on Christmas day. I SEW enjoy seeing all of your posts. I am HOPEFUL that in 2018 I can be more present here. I do enjoy seeing all of your posts and also all of your projects. I have been trying to keep up with this Forum and QATW Forum. I have been blessed to receive a wonderful treasure from Bubby (Barb, thank you!) 2017 is almost over and 2018 is just ahead. Thank you for the info and fun I have received during 2017. THANK YOU. Wishing and hoping for better days to come for ALL of us.
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