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An Early Saturday Morning!

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    An Early Saturday Morning!

    Good Morning ~ I woke up 40 min. before the alarm went off & couldn't get back to sleep, so I'm here earlier than usual. It's 37 deg. It was bright moonlight last night, although the full moon is not here yet. The "Time of Elegance" event at church last night was very nice. Beautiful decorations. I think the desserts & fruit plates were catered this year. The total who bought tickets was 115. Not sure if everyone came, but most of the seats were full. We sang some Christmas carols. There was a lovely flute duet who played beautifully. The speaker was good. Each table had conversation suggestions related to Christmas; we shared memories & had a good discussion.

    Yest. I did hand sewing on my 4 mini quilts. The corners needed to be tacked down. Now to make some labels & sew them on.

    Every year since 1970 I've been sending out a Christmas letter. It's time to review the year & put together my annual saga. I usually mail >100 cards/letters, plus those I put in the church mailboxes. Writing the letter & sending cards is part of my Christmas traditions. We usually get 80-100 cards each year. I always look forward to hearing from those folks you hear from only once a year.

    Well, time to get on with my day.

    Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

    Good morning Joy and all to follow. I ended up going grocery shopping yesterday so no quilting was had at all. Hubby was to do a special urine test for three days. He followed his doctor's orders and took his samples back to the lab yesterday at the hospital. It seems that the doctor didn't give him the correct sample bottles and his instructions were wrong as well. SO, now poor Les has to start all over again. He was so angry when he got home.

    Today I am supposed to attend a craft fair with my friend Lynda. And then meet up with my brother and his wife for lunch.

    Tomorrow might be tree decorating day. Or it might be a Christmas card writing day. I have many to do but not quite as many as you Joy. I usually send out around 60 or so.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

      Good morning everyone.

      DH is working OT, so I'm sure to get into my sewing room today. I made up a sample block yesterday......and nope, not the way I want to go, so today I'm off in a different direction. Was thinking so much on it last night, I didn't sleep good......does that ever happen to you? All that thinking paid off, but I went back to bed after DH headed to work. I feel rested and ready to tackle the world!

      I did my cards already and they're off in the mail. I got in the habit of doing them early when I first stared working years ago. My MIL said I could never work and do anything else. I had to prove her wrong.....and I did, in many ways. Although I never heard a good word from her .....ever. It I knew, so it mattered to me. I used to do a couple hundred, when we active in another church. But now, we're in a new church and family keeps getting smaller and smaller. Now I do about 60, like you Monique.

      It's cold, but the sun is shining, so that brightens my day.
      Hope everyone has a fantastic day! Hugs to all!
      💫 Star lover


        Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

        I'm afraid I became negligent about the Christmas cards when we opened the restaurant. I just quit and it felt so guilty. I'm planning on cards this year . We'll see.
        Yesterday I sandwiched potholders with insulbright. I'm planning on giving them as little gifts in all my cards. I don't know if I'm being too ambitious or not. We'll see about that too.
        Tomorrow I will leave for youngest DD and we will trade in our sewing machines. Should be a fun day on Monday.
        Its raining here and the temp is suppose to plummet by late next week. Not looking forward to that. I've truly enjoyed this long fall.
        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


          Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

          I'm expecting to spend a peaceful day today with no commitments looming. Let's hope that is how it works.


            Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

            Today, DH and I are landing to put the xmas lights when it warms up. It's supposed to go up to 3. Brrr. I finished decorating and putting up garland, tree and indoor decor this week. DH was asked to come back to work this week for a contract work to lend his expertise until xmas. It has been hard, as he has to get up at 6:30. First day took him 1 1/2 hrs to get to work. The next days, he still got up early, but didn't leave until 9am, and it only took 25 mins. Luckily he can work the hours he wants, and they take him when he gets there.
            So today we will tackle the outdoor lights. We have 2 blue spruce, at least 40', one gets red lights. The other white lights. Then the rest to be done, front, side and backyard to do. I love the backyard decor, as we keep those on until end of winter. Doesn't make it as gloomy on dull days, and pretty with snow. Also there will be parade of lights, so main drag will be closed.
            We have also done a newsletter with our cards, except last year, nothing went out. DH had an episode and we spent end of Nov til new year with hospital visits, tests and health issues. I know many of our friends and distant thought we dropped them.

            Happy Saturday.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

              Good Morning All,

              Joy, I quit listening to an alarm clock when I retired. I slept in this morning. DS#2 got off work at midnight, so momma here was listening for the garage door to open and close before I went to sleep. I slept until 8 this morning. DH was still snoring when DS#1 called at 8:30.

              Monique, I hope you have a great time!

              We were able to take J to see Jan Brett yesterday . DH went to the bookstore and purchased her latest book and one that I didn't have. J was not happy to have to wait in line, and there were so many people in line I was afraid to get out of line. We ended up with seats on the back row. DH's chair gave way when he was trying to hold J up so he could see better. It just got worse from there. So we left early before we could even get our books signed. (sniff, sniff) oh well. One day...

              I think there were more elementary school teachers there than kids! I've always loved the detail of her work. She said it could take her an hour to draw one inch. I don't doubt it! I don't have the patience to do that, but she's doing what she's always wanted to do. She's a very talented woman!

              DH and I worked on the kids' Christmas presents last night. We tried that spray paint marbling where you dip the ornaments into the water with the spray paint on top. They absolutely loved telling Papa what colors to spray, dipping the cheap plastic ornaments into the paint and seeing what happened when they pulled them up. Each time you spray and dip, your supposed to 'clean off' the top of the water. So we dipped the large Popsicle sticks carefully so they can give 'bookmarks' with their names and date on them to their other grandparents and great grands that will be here for Christmas. Last night I used ribbon and bows to hang 3 of their ornaments in a frame we painted gold. They look really cute. This morning we need to get hangers to put on the back.

              Well, nothing is going to get done sitting here. Have a wonderfully creative day!

              Prayers for those in need.
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

                Good morning everyone. Bright and sunny here this morning. It was a super busy week both at work and home this week and I was really beat by the end of the day yesterday. So we just had some leftovers for dinner and then I got in my PJ's and caught up on some shows I had recorded. I slept in to 8:30 this morning and have been sipping tea and catching up on emails and the forum .

                Dh finished the Christmas cards up last night so they will go in the mail today. We did around 60 of them too. I will do a bit more decorating around the house, make the meals and grocery list, get some gas in the car and then I hope to work on a cute reindeer I got from M*. It's an embroidery project.

                I hope everyone has a great day.
                Ginny B



                  Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

                  Katrina--I, too, love Jan Brett. When she came here, it was on a night when I taught an evening class, so I wasn't able to go. It was ironic since the class I was teaching was about Children's Literature!
                  Courtesy is not optional.



                    Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

                    How did Saturday happen already? Must be running low on B12, truly addlepated this morning. Must be time for more mind numbing binding.

                    Trying to decide if I want to get my dog spayed... she is a year+ old and will soon come back into heat, that is something we did not enjoy. Breeding her would be fun and provide a bit more fabric coin but there are so many dogs and puppies that already need homes that I have to wonder.

                    Time to put the computer away and tackle a bit more binding.

                    Have a great day Y'all!! Hugs

                    As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.


                      Re: An Early Saturday Morning!

                      Katrina ~ Being a caregiver, I have no choice but to get up when I do. I don't know what sleeping in is anymore. When I was working swing shift, I was a late to bed, late to get up person. But that all changed when DH starting having health problems. It is what it is, so I deal with it. The Lord gives me strength to carry on.