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A Little Bit of Night Owling!

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    A Little Bit of Night Owling!

    We had the day off from school in honor of Veteran's Day. I did some work for school while cleaning parts of the house. I put stuff away and that would lead to cleaning out someplace else. I finally have the dining table clear and the glass is cleaned. The cutting table is cleared back to useful. The living room has been dusted and I will vacuum tomorrow after Hubby brings in wood.
    I also got some things cut out, some fabrics washed, and will be stitching some more after I finish my scoop of ice cream.

    Tomorrow we will spend some time outside with the new Livestock Guardian Puppy. He isn't trustworthy alone with the livestock yet as he is only 12 weeks old. The older female is finally deciding he might be fun to play with ... sometimes.

    We are also supposed to butcher three turkeys and about 5 roosters. Hubby is thinking about getting a cold, so that may go out the window. I'm fine with that, as the rain is supposed to roll in by afternoon.

    What's up in your neck of the woods?
    Happy Hooting! Cathy
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    Re: A Little Bit of Night Owling!

    In my neck of the woods, about 15 miles from you maybe as the bird flies, I have been freezing all day! May have something to do with the only four hours of sleep I got last night! I had to set an alarm to get up for a doctor appointment with MM and I tossed and turned all night. Was in bed before midnight, laid there till at least 0200 and was awake by 0600! I did take about a one hour nap, but that was it.

    I wanted to finish a purse order, but didn't. I did take MM out for dinner to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday, so I did earn some wife points!

    I am now headed to bed myself!

    No rainbows!


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      Re: A Little Bit of Night Owling!

      Driving was crazy in this town today. Jacksonville, NC is the town outside the main gate to Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. Except for duty personnel everyone was off work and the kids were out of school because Veteran's Day falls on a weekend. Looked like everyone decided to go shopping. Parking lots at the malls and restaurants were packed.

      No big plans to do anything. Got back from Chicago earlier this week and Steve had Dr appointments every day since. Looking forward to finishing the trip laundry and going through some quilting goodies I collected since the Birthday Bash.

      Hope everyone can stay warm with this cold snap. And the talk of turkey is getting me hungry ... I could have it every day. It's a great excuse to eat cranberry sauce.


        Re: A Little Bit of Night Owling!

        Today was DH's birthday...he wanted lobster for dinner, so we had that, baked potatoes and green bean casserole. He got brownies for his "cake". Making lobster tails at home is so much cheaper than going to Red Lobster for it...and no chance of kids melting down in our dining room.

        I'm finishing cross stitching my last perforated paper wise man, but I ran out of one color so it won't get done tonight.

        Had a physical and got my flu shot yesterday. Yippee.

        DishTV has the Christmas music stations up so I've been listening to that and stitching...I'm taking a crazy quilt class so I need to get my first block started as soon as I finish this paper project.

        Happy hooting!


          Re: A Little Bit of Night Owling!

          Good morning, night owls!

          I am still here Nothing exciting is happening in my neck of the woods. It's gotten cold and and rainy and I don't like it. Since my contract at the university wasn't extended, I do a lot of freelance teaching this winter. It's more than I actually like but I am away from home for a night every week and it takes a lot of preparing which limits my sewing time.

          Our younger son moved back in with us temporarily because he finished his masters degree and started working in the Netherlands at a university and hasn't found an appartment so far. He now lives in his old room - now my sewing room, which makes sewing a little more difficult, too. He was able to rent a room from the end of November till January and I hope he'll find a place to live during that time. As much as I enjoy having him home again it really isn't comfortable for him. He has a 3 hours commute from here to there.

          I did sew a few smaller test bags since I came back home from the retreat and traveling and almost finished a baby bubble quilt. It needs some borders and then I can quilt it and send it off to my friend. I have a whole bunch of ties to make some memory pillow cases for sofa cushions from another friend. Her dad passed away almost a year ago and her mom wants every child to have one of these and I promised to make them. I have a hard time deciding on a pattern, though. There are three special ties she wants to have featured in each of those cases.


            Re: A Little Bit of Night Owling!

            Hey night owls.

            Cathy, I want to see a picture of the new pup! I also have a do you eat just one scoop of ice cream?
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