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40 Years of Dick Clark..I remember Guy Lombardo

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    40 Years of Dick Clark..I remember Guy Lombardo

    Last night while watching the Dick Clark 40 Year Countdown and Rockin' New Year's Eve show I began to really feel old! 40 Years, that means he started doing the show in 1971. I graduated high school in '72. I grew up watching New Year's Eve with Guy Lombardo. I still love the big band sound. I even watched Guy's show from 1971 to 1976 (he passed away in '77).

    I really was not impressed with Dick's show last night, I love country music and there wasn't any country performers on (except the Band Perry). I know it's called Dick Clarks ROCKIN' eve but Country can rock too.

    And is it just me or was Dick Clark overly spray tanned last night?

    Enough of that,

    I want to wish all of my quilting friends and their families a very safe, healthy and prosperous new year.
    My prayers are Emily and Heaven and any one that is in need of healing.

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    Re: 40 Years of Dick Clark..I remember Guy Lombardo

    Donna, we only caught the last part of Dick Clark - and we thought that man would never age. I guess his age has caught up with him. But, you have to admire him after his stroke he's still willing to get out there and be the host he was. I do believe they still touch him with the Grecian Gray, too!!
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      Re: 40 Years of Dick Clark..I remember Guy Lombardo

      It is disappointing to watch tv and see the stars we grew up with (graduated in '74) changing their appearance to keep up with the so-called modern world of entertainment All the teeth-whitening, hair color, spray tanning, botox, photo-shopping . . . I don't feel like we ever see who we think we see on tv or in the magazines/papers anymore . . . I find it very sad
      Let's see "REAL" people not those "FAKE" ones . . . Okay, I'm stepping off my soapbox . . .

      I love Dick Clark - I grew up watching him on American Bandstand on Saturdays as a kid He is so handsome!

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