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It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

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    It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

    And warmer than usual.

    Well what a weekend. I took the lads curling on Friday night. I am the designated driver. I also brought my runners in case I was needed. Well I just put them on and gotten the brooms when the 4th player showed up. Off came the shoes. I was needed for Saturdays game for sure. This bonspiel was for the Ottawa Heart Institute. I curled. I only fell once thankfully I didn't fall far, but I did fall on my knees. I had to crawl back a little ways so I could get up. Do you know how many muscles you use when you sweep? EVERY single one of them. Oh man, am I ever stiff, especially the upper body, and I think more today than I was yesterday. But I did have lots of fun and we won by 1 point.

    Yesterday was my friend's 79th birthday. I went to visit and gave her one of my award winning table runners (that I won at the fair) and I even attached the ribbon to it. Needless to say she loves it. We were chatting and I am going back on Mar 6th to do some painting for her. I love to paint and she wants one wall done in her bedroom. She asks me how much I will charge, my answer was 'lunch'. We also played cards for a while. All in all we had a great afternoon.

    I am not sure what is on the agenda for today. Doug may want to go into the city today, seeing as the weather is good and if not then it shall be a sewing day. Lynda did bring me more interfacing so I can continue on the memory quilt.

    I think I have cut up about enough fabric. I have a large box to send to Blondie as I keep 'finding' more to add to her box. That should keep her busy for quite a while.

    Have a great day everyone.
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    Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

    Hi Monique (and everyone else
    The weather here is stormy. Lots of rain and wind. Today my DH is traveling north to practice with a friend of his who has a band. The friend wants my DH to join his band. I'm encouraging him because it will be good for him to see his friend every week. Though I will miss him of course.

    I'll be sewing Frances Firefly for my Fancy Forest quilt. Hope all of you get to do something fun today!



      Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

      Good morning Monique and all to follow. Well it was a busy weekend getting everything back into place after the floors were done. Woke up pretty sore yesterday but as the day went on, I worked the stiffness out. Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend Monique.

      Should be busy day at work again then this evening I will be having dinner with some ladies that have retired from our agency along with a couple others that are still working -- like me. It will be nice to get together with them although I hear that one of the women's husbands is not doing well at all. He has Alzheimers and I guess things have been going badly lately. Another lady's husband also has it but I think he has been holding steady for a while. So very sad.

      Yesterday was a beautiful springlike day and we took a walk around the yards to see if anything was sprouting and sure enough, I see some daffodils popping up already. Today is not quite so warm but at least it's not freezing. I think I am ready for some springtime.

      Have a good day all. Be safe all of those who are dealing with some nasty weather across the country. Hugs to those that need them .
      Ginny B


        Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

        Hi all. I have a busy day with the dreaded word - housework!! Already part way through then have to make a couple of phone calls.

        Hopefully will have time to continue the clear up in my sewing room, I am 'chomping at the bit' to catch up with my February UFO & temperature quilt. Well this won't get things done so must go.

        Hope you all have a good day!!


          Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

          I'm here early today. It's still dark outside & 36 deg. This morning I'll be doing laundry, some sewing if there's time. I made a sample block yest. eve. of Jenny's latest tut., Sweet Treats. My blocks were 8.5", so it made a 16.5" unfinished block. At this rate, I'll need only 4 blocks for a baby quilt & something extra (border or more HSTs) to make it rectangular. If I make this one again, I think I'll do 6.5" blocks for 12.5" blocks. I like to make 3 across, 4 down for baby quilts.

          These recent warm days have made the crocuses pop. The daffodils are up 6". Tulips are poking up through the soil. My little short early iris are blooming. Spring is on the way.


            Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

            Morning all,

            We've been dealing with bad cases of the 'crud' at our house. All three of us have it and we can't seem to get rid of it. We've all been to the doctors and are on three different antibiotics! DS and I went to the same DR and he prescribed different antibiotics for each of us. Not quite sure why, but we're on week 4 of this stuff and it's just not getting any better. DH came home from work early Friday because of it and in almost 40 years, I think he's done that only once before. I'm heading to the store to get more chicken to make another pot of soup. I had to cancel DS's appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed today as they won't do it while he's so congested.

            Since we haven't ventured out, I've been working on a UFO from the retreat. It's a Lone Star quilt and the more I do to it, the worse it looks. I'm at the point where I think I need to unsew the entire thing and start over when I feel better.

            Sorry about all the whining - I'm off to the store for that chicken. Have a great day, everyone.


              Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

              Good morning,

              It's been a while since I've been here. My mother-in-law passed away last May and we just got her house sold, so I was busy helping hubby with that stuff. My DD had surgery in August and then had cancer surgery in January. All is good with her now. The 'crud' has been going around at our house too and we've all had it. So I have taken a long break from sewing/quilting.

              I have several quilt tops made and just waiting for me to feel like quilting them. I started a quilt for DH on Saturday but didn't have enough background fabric so I ordered that. I started a jar quilt yesterday. I told DH that I just keep seeing quilts that I want to make and buying fabric for them and then not getting them made. So I've decided that I need to get this stuff used up before it becomes "retro" fabric. I'm taking a vacation week in April and that is going to be a quilting week!

              Have a wonderful day everyone!
              Shirley aka buckeyequilter
              I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

                Morning Everyone. Jeff and I took the Girls to the groomer early this morning. Jeff is in our back woods filling up a few hole from where trees were pulled out of the ground by the roots.

                Cindy, I hope you and your family will feel better soon. It's awful when the whole household has it. A few years back, my DD, SIL and our two grands came from California to spend Christmas with us. One by one everyone in the house (except me) got the stomach flu. All I did that visit was make soup, take temperatures and do laundry. The Grands were too sick to open their gifts and took most of them home with the wrappings. That was the year I made Bree and Jesse jar quilts. They opened them so they could wrap up on the flight home. Hang in there Cindy. My prayers are with you, Hon.

                Monique, you're incredible. I can see you curling to help your team win. Jeff and I are competitive shooters. He has trophies he has won since he was 13. I'm a pretty good target shooter, but skeet shooting is my thing. I love to shoot at moving targets.

                Joy, we are seeing signs of Spring here, too. Our lilies are shooting up stalks and the tops of our trees are budding. I still think we will get another round of Old Man Winter before it's over.

                Shirley, it's good to see you again!

                Have a wonderful day Everyone.
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                Scottie Mom Barb


                  Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

                  Cindy, I hope your family feels better very soon. The crud is no fun at all.

                  I will be helping sort books this morning. The fundraiser used book sale is barely a month away now. This will be that churches 10th year having the book sale.

                  I now have all the blocks cut for my yellow/gray quilt. The whole quilt is half square triangles.........yikes!

                  Hope everyone has a good day.
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                    Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

                    It's a stormy, rainy Monday here in Houston. I'm not going into work until later. I'm hoping it clears a bit by then. I may try to get some stuff cleared up in the sewing room this morning.
                    Patrice S

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                      Re: It is a beautiful sunny MONDAY!!

                      It was a beautiful sunny day in Ottawa. This has been a great weekend with above 0 temps so snow banks are starting to melt. Yeah!

                      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.