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    Finally Saturday

    Yup it finally got here. Good morning and Happy Saturday everyone. It has been a busy week. Mostly good things happening all week. We had new flooring put down in two rooms so we were very busy getting things all packed up from closets, china cabinet, etc. Our living room looked like a furniture store with pieces from the den moved in there and the spare bedroom looks like a storage locker with boxes and bins. Today we will begin the process of getting things back in their place. The furniture is mostly placed back where it's going. Might be a few tweaks here and there with a few pieces of furniture. Boxes and bins need going through with the question "Do we really need/want/use this?" We have too much stuff! how many dishes do we need?

    Work was super busy and will probably continue like this for a while but that's ok. Don't mind being busy. Unfortunately there was one very sad part at work. They let someone go Thursday. I really liked her but I guess there were too many mistakes being made that cost us $$$ so after a few warnings, they had to let her go. The hard thing was, my boss told me it was going to happen so that she could guage how many people would be around late in the afternoon (I usually know the comings and going of the people around us). Since the person that usually sits at the front desk was out sick, this other admin and I were taking turns covering the desk. He was supposed to be up there but I rearranged the schedule quickly so I'd be up there and he wouldn't be in the area. We wanted to minimize the number of people that she would have to pass on the way out. It was so hard knowing what was about to happen. I had such a knot in my stomach and was close to tears.

    But that same day, dh had some tests done and seems that all is well. At his doctor visit a few weeks ago, the dr. said he heard something he wanted to check out. Since dh had a valve replaced 14 years ago, he is always nervous that they are going to say they need to replace it again. But after exrays, and nuclear tests and ultrasounds, they don't seem to think there is a problem. He is so much happier now. He has been a little nervous the last few weeks as was I.

    So, today, is a nice sunny day and we will be working around the house getting the den and dining room organized again. I feel like I've got a major jump on spring cleaning now. Two rooms totally redone and once I'm finished putting things back in there, we'll work on the living room and get that cleaned and rearranged the way I want it and that one will be done. This way, I'll have more time to get out and work in garden when the time comes instead of needing to spend that time in those three rooms. I guess I'm getting a bit of spring fever.

    What are everyone else's plans for the weekend? Hope they are fun ones. Have a wonderful Saturday all.
    Ginny B

    Re: Finally Saturday

    Morning, Ginny B.....sounds like you have been busy!

    I had 5 interviews this past week and 2 rejections yesterday. I just don't understand.....I have even contacted the HR reps after "the rejection email/phone call" asking why I was not selected as a qualified truthful responses as of yet! I still think I am being discriminated due to age and no college degree that is not necessary to do the jobs I have applied for.....and the tests you have to take now...none of them make sense. And of course, all of the HR reps/managers are way younger than me. I am so ready to give up.....

    So, now to decide what to do? I am even having trouble considering a home quilting business due to the fact I can't afford to upgrade to a much needed machine in order to start the business! But I bet I could be a better self employed boss for myself than trying to accommodate to millennial ignorance.....

    "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


      Re: Finally Saturday

      Morning Everyone....Ginny, I'm glad to hear things on your job will smooth out and that your DH got a good report on his tests. Waiting for test results ranks right up there off the things I hate most.

      Sherri, you keep trying. You have so much to offer an employer. Have you thought about applying at KY3? I will keep praying until you get your job. ((HUGS))

      It rained all night and it's continuing this morning. We wanted to do a big burn today but so far it doesn't look good. Maybe tomorrow.

      Jeff has a 3-day weekend again for Presidents Day. I love having him home. I will be cooking a Thanksgiving dinner today with everything but the pumpkin pie. I don't have any ricotta for the pie and I won't make it without. This is one item I can't buy here in town....can you believe it. Where do I live?

      If anyone has been waiting for the Blushing roll to make the Tender Heart quilt, it's back in stock.

      My DD's pneumonia has relapsed and she's in bed and missing work for at least another week. The relapse is much worse than the original. Prayers for her would be appreciated.

      Have a good day everyone....

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Finally Saturday

        Don't despair Sherri, there's a great job out there for you. They just haven't found you yet. As for making quilty stuff to sell. the little quilt you posted the other day was great.
        Ginny nice to have new flooring, paint, etc, done .... gives your house a whole new feeling. Sorry about your being aware of the firing before it happened... sometimes being in the know is not so good. Glad DH had a good report.
        Prayers offered for your DD Bubby and for your beloved Olive.
        I am typing this am with minimal arm& finger pain this am. After 4 months of Dr to Dr test to test finally sent to PT, who gave me some simple exercises that are helping. Have 3 visits with him next week....he says that will fix me up. The increase in my nerve med probably has something to do with it too. Whatever it is's good.
        Hugs & prayers for all who need them. Have a great weekend. Kathy
        All quilts cat tested and approved.


          Re: Finally Saturday

          Good morning everyone, today is errand day. Grocery shopping and I need some things at the fabric store. Later today I plan on working on my quilting projects. I need to catch up on a couple of blocks with my Farm Girl Vintage group.

          Sherri, please don't give up, it only takes one job and you will get it. I know how it seems to take so long to find a job today but you will get a good job. Sending prayers and good vibes your way!!
          Barb prayers for your daughter to quickly recover.

          Prayers to all in need. Have a good weekend!
          I am a quilter and my house is in pieces.


            Re: Finally Saturday

            Good morning everyone. Good to be catching up with you all. I know I haven't been around for awhile. I did try to pop in now and then. It seems once school started up, the days were quickly passing by. Then I got busy working on those quilts for Marilyn and got those out to her. Then November came around and my daughter was in a pretty bad car accident. She had broken her left femur, reinjured her right ankle, had whiplash and got stuttering (which is just starting to get better), some memory loss, and vision problems. She is just now started back to work. My job as a para (aide) at the middle school has kept me busy after hours. The 20 training hours my supervisor wants us to complete each year has turned into her requiring 5 of those 20 under a special site that has 17 units each with up to 6 lessons and pretests and post tests and activities. I've only gotten 2 done so far and already have 3 hours in. I suppose I need to check with her and see if all 17 are required because that will take me many more hours than 5 to complete. I haven't done much quilting but am trying to work my way back into making it a priority as before. I also quit smoking back in August (after 40 years of it) and started a walking program where I walk 3 miles a day.
            So, busy, busy, busy. I do miss you all and hope to pop in more often. Feels like Spring today and probably will all week here in PA. I am itching to get outside and get the leaves off the flower beds, as I did notice some of the spring bulbs have started to pop through. I know winter isn't over yet and don't want to hurt them so for now, the leaves stay on for a bit longer. Plus, we have a wild turkey that has decided to live up here in our little circle with 7 houses. She makes her rounds and drives the dogs crazy.
            Better go for now and I will see you all soon.

            What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


              Re: Finally Saturday

              Ginny, glad you got new flooring. It can certainly do wonders for the room. Congrats to your DH for having all his test come back good.

              Hang in there Sherry....something will come up.

              Sorry to hear about your DD Barb. It seems like the relapse is always worse than the original illness. Prayers for her and Dottie. I am so glad that you have Jeff home for 3 days with you.

              Not to much going on here today. The youngest GD woke me up at noon ( yeah I know) after PaPa brought them home from bowling. The reason for sleeping so late, is I barely slept at all last night. The shingles pain was unreasonably bad last night. It has gotten much worse since the rash has gone. The meds aren't doing much good. I may call the doctors office Monday. I do know that the med they are giving me the nerve pain can still be increased significantly.
              Still working on things for the craft show. I hurt whether I am sewing or not, so I figured I might as well at least helps keep my mind busy. Today I am doing some more plastic bag holders, and then working on some STL Cardinal bags. I expect my Cardinals stuff to do pretty good, since it is right as ball season is getting ready to start.
              Time to get busy, before I fall asleep in my chair.
              Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                Re: Finally Saturday

                new flooring sounds wonderful!. Barb sorry about your daughter, this seasons cold/flu/pneumonia is horrible. I had the flu took 4 weeks to get rid of it all including the last bit of cough now I have this nasal congestion and gloop in the throat only at night so I can't sleep for more then 2 hours without getting up. Marilyn hope your shingles get better soon. Today 53 degrees and sunny finally. Clothes out on the line blowing in the breeze. Had to get out of the sweats as I was getting too hot. Turkey Souffle for dinner tonight. It is a bit labor intensive but have my son as helper and taste is is so worth it.
                sigpic:icon_hug: Iris Girl = April = fabric, Fabric FABRIC!!
                Time spent with cats is never wasted.
                Sigmund Freud


                  Re: Finally Saturday

                  No time this a.m. to chat. Another funeral today. A viewing on Thurs., a funeral yest., & this funeral today. It's been a busy week. Two friends, both had cancer, wonderful Christians, are Home with the Lord & have new bodies! There was a reception after the service today for lunch. In spite of the occasion, it was nice to visit with friends. There's no time on Sundays. Our church has 3 services, so unless there's an all-church event, one seldom gets to interact with many others in the church.

                  Yest. it got up to 74 deg. It was 76 the day before. I did more watering of the lawn. It's been so dry here. The news said people need to be sure and water their trees. I have a lot of perennials that need watering, too.

                  I've been working on a Rail Fence. The RF blocks are separated by solid blocks, so it's not the reg. RF pattern. I'm still using up orphan FQs. Got all the blocks sewn together into rows yest. eve. Just need to sew the rows together & the top will be finished. I want to try the Sweet Treats tutorial from yest. I drew out the block pattern so I have a guide. I have some primary colored FQs that will work. I got them on sale at Tuesday Morning a couple yrs. ago. Maybe I can get a sample block sewn together this afternoon.

                  I hope everyone has a good week end.