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Sunday Morning Hello

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    Sunday Morning Hello

    I didn't see a thread, so I just started this one...hope that's okay.

    We had our weekend full of basketball. DS's team won the regional championships! Now they are headed to the state championships in the next two weeks. Thankfully, since they won the region, their next game isn't until Saturday and it's at home, so I should be able to get some quilting in this week. We'll be having a dinner early then the rest of the day is free, since the guys will be camped out in front of the game.

    Hugs for those that need them.

    Re: Sunday Morning Hello

    Hi Cindy! Of course it's OK! Congratulations on your son's success in basketball! Are you going to participate in rooting for the home team at a Super Bowl party tonight?

    I spent my time in the sewing room sorting leftovers from January quilting frenzy. Found some lost items! I need to do this more often!

    Hope you have a great day and that your team wins!


      Re: Sunday Morning Hello

      Good morning. Congrats on your son's team winning the championship Cindy. Good luck through the rest of the games.

      No sewing room time yesterday but I did some knitting while watching a movie yesterday afternoon with DH. I also got some cleaning done and some errands run. It was a good day.

      Today I will spend time in my sewing room. I have a few things I want to work on. Hubby is cooking today so that's one thing I don't need to do. He took care of dinner yesterday too! He grilled some ring sausage and made peppers and onions to go along with it.(yes, it was in the 30's but as long as the grill isn't snowbound, he'll grill). We will probably watch the game tonight. Love the commercials. Will probably skip the halftime show.

      Have a good day everyone.
      Ginny B


        Re: Sunday Morning Hello

        Congrats on your sons winning.

        The game will be on this afternoon. I think my daughter and her two boys are going to a friends house to watch the game so I will be working on organizing my sewing stuff and listening to the game. Hope everyone has a great day. Stay safe, warm and dry.


          Re: Sunday Morning Hello

          Morning Everyone....We just got back from a quick trip to WalMart. We took the Girls along for the ride.

          It's going to be a pretty nice day. Later I will cook a roast and add potatoes and carrots at the end to make it an easy meal. Olive loves roast beef with gravy, so I do this pretty often for her. Dottie doesn't turn her nose up at roast either.

          We will watch the Super Bowl tonight or at least part of it. Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday so I want to make something nice for his dinner. We can't really leave the Girls alone long enough to go out of town for dinner right now, so a home-cooked meal it will have to be.

          Wishing everyone a cozy Sunday with Hugs......

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Sunday Morning Hello

            Morning all. Been a lazy morning so far. Very cold. Pulled the clothes all off the rack as the heat has run enough to dry it all up. My Cranberry loves to takes things off the rack for me and she took one of hubbys socks and put it in the water bowl! Not the first item to end up in the water bowl, we have found toys pieces of paper towels or napkins and of course fabric scraps even found a button in there one day. Making ribs for dinner today and started a crochet project a crocheted shrug.
            Grats on your son;s team on getting to the championships!
            No sports fans here so no one will be watching the game. My sons who usually watch for kicks are boycotting it do to the 1/2 time theatrics that will go on with Trump bashing. Thats about it for me today. WE have an ice turning to rain storm coming for tues/weds so maybe a day off.
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            Time spent with cats is never wasted.
            Sigmund Freud


              Re: Sunday Morning Hello

              A couple of the Superbowl commercials are cute. Sadly, I found myself lusting over Mr. Clean.


                Re: Sunday Morning Hello

                Good morning. A quick hello. It has been snowing here all day. I have made hamburger soup, hubby is down for a nap. My friend brought me a new to me (second hand) pneumatic foot pedal for the Singer. I am going to try that baby out and see how she sews. Later this afternoon we are going to watch my neighbour's hockey game. She is the goalie and 8 years old. She is so excited that we are coming.

                Have a great day everyone.

                I forgot to add my congratulations to Cindy's son's team. Way to go!!
                Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                  Re: Sunday Morning Hello

                  Congrats on your son's team winning. I remember those days and in some ways miss it, but in others, do not. Dreary day here until just a little while ago. Sun finally showed itself. Haven't been in my sewing room in almost a week. Trying to finish the hand quilting on my granddaughter's quilt. Getting closer. Seems endless. Put on a crock pot of jambalaya this morning - really good. Was done when we got home from church.

                  Not a sports fan here either so will not be watching. I do like to watch some of the commercials. I am hoping the Falcon's win.

                  Have a great evening everyone!


                    Re: Sunday Morning Hello

                    Congrats on the regional win, Cindy! All that practice paid off (even when he was with you in Hamilton.)

                    Superbowl Sunday is big in this military town. I will be listening during the game and watching during the commercials. Saw some previews and looking forward to more ... especially the Bud ones. Made crock pot bar-b-que yesterday so it can be re-heated whenever we're hungry. All in all it's been a lazy non-productive day.


                      Re: Sunday Morning Hello

                      A big well done from me!! Whilst I don't understand the rules of the game, I can appreciate how it feels when someone does well.
                      I have been unwell so haven't been in my sewing room for a fortnight, but today I managed to sew the 2.5" squares for the thermometer quilt for January and start the Dresden plate table runner which is my UFO for February.
                      My DD and GS came this afternoon, he is making a cushion at school, tie dyeing the fabric, put an applique icon on the front and stuffing it. So he wanted to make a cushion cover with his Nana - I couldn't refuse although I would have preferred to sit with my feet up! Between us he made a simple envelope cover and was so pleased with himself. When he got it home he sent me a photo of it on his bed - made up for the back pain I am now having.


                        Re: Sunday Morning Hello

                        Made the mistake of going to the closest Wal-Mart to our home to get food for the Super Bowl game. Yikes! No chicken wings to buy and prepare, check out was a nightmare. Today's experience made me not want to breech Wal-Mart's doors again!

                        "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


                          Re: Sunday Morning Hello

                          Yay, congrats to your son's win! He will be playing for the Cavs in the future.

                          I thought this was totally cute....
                          My Cranberry loves to takes things off the rack for me and she took one of hubbys socks and put it in the water bowl! Not the first item to end up in the water bowl, we have found toys pieces of paper towels or napkins and of course fabric scraps even found a button in there one day.
                          I am so thankful for this thread today. I thought about starting one myself. So I am glad that you did Cindy! It has been nice to read everyone's plans of the day. My day has not been so relaxing nor fun, but that is why I am here. I needed to blow off some steam. Reading your stories has lifted my spirits. Thank you for that!

                          My accounting homework is gurrrrrrrr. Enough said. I contacted the instructor, and I will see him tomorrow night in class. He was supposed to extend the homework date for today, and never adjusted the dates for the online homework, so I got locked out of the assignment. I have to say this guy sarcastically cracks me up. I am so tempted to take a running tally of every time he says, "Okay." Either that or past around shot glasses and make a drinking game out of it. Aside from that there is no amount of complaining that will help me though this class. I understand everything while I am there but at It's like it escapes my mind. I've decided to take the bull by the horns and to do this my way. I am determined to pass this class because I am so close to graduating that I refuse to fail.

                          On the rest of the homefront. Still waiting on the home loan to go though. Waiting on the realtor to contact me for making an appointment for a house I want to see. My kiddo is doing great. She finally broke into a 4.0 at school her first semester. Yay kiddo! She is in high school and taking college courses too. This past week she made out her schedule for her senior year. Then it hit me. My babygirl is going to be a senior! I wanted to cry. My parents said when I had her that time with her would fly so fast, and it has. I didn't ever think I would be the parent who cries. But I do. When I send her out on an airplane to see her dad I bawl like a baby. I try to make sure she doesn't see me doing that but she caught me one time. She turned around gave me a hug, and I told her to go. I think, like in my case when you have your babies young you grow with them as they grow with you. I am going to have a hard time when she goes off to college. Nonetheless I will cross that bridge when we get there.

                          Oh geeze, I hope that I didn't make anyone cry. Anyway. Super Bowl Sunday. We are not big on pro football here (O-H-I-O...GO BUCKEYES!) so no game on in this house. Work however gave us the day off. Well they gave the guys a choice of having father's day or Super Bowl Sunday off. They guessed it, the Super Bowl. Personally I think they should have given them the Monday after off. Because half of them walk around with hangovers or call off. Oh well, what are ya going to do.

                          Anyway I hope all of you has a wonderful week a head, and thank you again for the lifted spirits!