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Thursday, GROUNDHOG Day

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    Thursday, GROUNDHOG Day

    happy-groundhog-day-eye-opening-design-229659.jpeg Will he or won't he? That is the question of the day.

    There are many famous groundhogs, check this out. Which one do you follow?

    Either way we are inching our way to spring and it can't come soon enough.

    What did I do yesterday you ask? Nothing basically. I did take my laptop down to the community centre library and use their internet. It is so much faster than mine. There were a lot of movies I wanted to download.

    I did bring out the Singer machine in hopes that I could use it for fancy stitching but it is not working properly. I need a new foot pedal to start with, so I asked my friend if she would stop and pick one up either this week or next. Not sure if I will wait or go ahead and do something else.

    A cousin of mine in England contacted me regarding his grandfather. I found these relatives when I was doing the family tree. Now there is a lad researching the Canadian Forestry Corps, of which the grandfather was a part of. So I had to dig yesterday to find his military papers (I had photocopied them many years ago). I found them and now I need to scan them once again.

    Lots going on, Les is curling tonight, I work Saturday morning and then attend a baby shower as soon as I get back home and then back to the curling rink in the late afternoon for Les' last curling game. This is the largest indoor bonspiel or so they believe. You can read all about here if interested.

    This morning I need to get to Shawville Pharmacy to get drugs for both Les and I.

    Have a wonderful Groundhog Day everyone.
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    Re: Thursday, GROUNDHOG Day

    Monique sounds like a busy few days for you. I was happy I got towels and sheets dry on the line yesterday. They make the linen closet smell soooo good! Finished the runner for the hutch top of my desk. Not much else happening. Still working on transferring all my recipes to my phone for easy access when shopping. Best app ever for this I found is called my cookbox. It lets you add pictures, and ingredients and directions. Exactly what I needed when shopping and thinking of what to have for the week based on what is in the store. Have a good day all!
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      Re: Thursday, GROUNDHOG Day

      Morning Everyone,

      Things here are calm for the moment. Olive is sleeping in the bed under my cutting table. Our neighbors got home from New Orleans so my kitty feeding service will be dormant until their next trip. They brought us a gorgeous King Cake (a Mardi Gras specialty) and a scented candle that smells just like the King Cake.

      Yesterday I got everything organized for our taxes later this month. That's a task I like having done.

      Wishing everyone a great day. I think we will get six more weeks of winter whether or not Sam sees his shadow.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Thursday, GROUNDHOG Day

        Morning everyone,

        We've been a bit under the weather at our house. My DS and I came down with it Sunday. DH went to the store and bought ingredients for a large pot of soup and came home and made it for us. We've been living on that most of the week. I am up and around this morning so I will need to head to the store. DS got up earlier, took some meds, and headed back to bed. His regional playoff games start this Friday so we're hoping he'll be well enough to play.

        My DD is out of town on business so we also have the DGS this week. DH has been wonderful making and packing lunches and giving bathes. I'm not sure I would have made it without him.

        Much to do to try to get things moving around here. Have a great day, everyone!


          Re: Thursday, GROUNDHOG Day

          Afternoon all,
          Well, the groundhogs by me seem to have conflicting opinions, one says spring is around the corner and the other one at our local ecology site says 6 more weeks of winter. I have a feeling we will see more cold than warm in the coming weeks.

          I saw the post of the adorable quilt Sherri (Shemur) made and boy did those fabrics speak to me. I ordered a layer cake and additional yardage of the Olives Flowers one, don't know what I'll make with it but when inspiration hits I'll be ready!

          Off to the high school in a while to help our Anchors Club members (Pilot Club's high school club) make Valentine's cards which we will be delivering to the nursing home. Should be a fun time and the kids look forward to doing it each year.

          No sewing going on here since my retreat in January, waiting for my motivation to come back, I have been keeping busy though with other projects till I find it again.

          Made a chicken pot pie for dinner tonight, so dinner will be ready to go in the oven later. One of my favorites in colder weather. Hoping everyone is having a good day.
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