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last Monday of January 2017

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    last Monday of January 2017

    Yes it is, almost the last of January 2017. I can't believe how fast the month has gone. One month closer to spring it is now.

    Well supper is in the crockpot, Unstuffed cabbage rolls. I got this recipe off the internet. I sure hope it tastes good. No reason why it shouldn't. Hubby and I both work until 6 tonight, and I wouldn't feel much like cooking at that hour. I will let you know how it turns out.

    So yes another work day for me. After I got home Friday I doubted myself as to whether I had locked the outside door. I remembered locking the inside one. Got hold of my boss, who lives 2 minutes away, and yes I had locked it. I was so sure that I hadn't.

    I am just about done quilting. I think I will take it off the frame and take it with me today. I really want to finish it. I may not get it completely finished today but will be darn close to it.

    I read this morning about the shooting at the mosque. Our PM says it was an act of terrorism. So sad to see what the world has become.

    "Why can't everyone just get along" is what Les and I always say to each other.

    Yesterday we caught a hockey game that my neighbour's daughter was playing. A good game and they won their first tournament. Jaycie is 9 years old and their are two other girls on the team. One is them is the 'star' player and she happens to be the captain. So cool. We had a great afternoon.

    So that's it for me friends. Have yourselves a wonderful day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: last Monday of January 2017

    Morning Everyone....I wish I could say I'm energized and ready to greet the new week but I feel like going back to bed. I've been thinking about designating one day each week as my day off...stay in my pajamas, no cooking, no chores, sort of lay in bed and read and watch tutorials all day. I should be able to pull that off....Jeff wouldn't mind fixing his own dinner (and mine) once a week.

    Monique, I read about the shootings. It seems no location is immune to the insanity permeating the world right now.

    Today is my last day to feed the cats. Our neighbors will be home tomorrow.

    Monique, I can't wait to see your sure and show us.

    Wishing everyone a great day....with Hugs....

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: last Monday of January 2017

      Morning everyone
      This has been a quiet weekend.. George has a cold and as a result, we bailed on a couple of invitations. That meant trying to prep meals in various locations is the house because of the kitchen reno. Not fun, but the food turned out ok. I did an Adobe chicken in the crock pot and I think it took me longer to search through the basement for the box that held the soy sauce than it did to actually make the recipe! The end is near in the kitchen. I hope that by the end of this week, all the cabinets will be in place, the painting all done and the appliances will be out of the family room! Tonight we will eat out since I have to pick up some things for a birthday party tomorrow..which also means we will eat out tomorrow! Yippee!
      The sewing room has been my refuge during the reno and it is the only room I wouldn't allow any of the kitchen mess to infiltrate. So, I have been busy. Tried a couple of new patterns for Fabric Baskets (that's the theme for Feb's Secret Santa). One of them turned out really well, the other, not so much..not the fault of the pattern, I just didn't read it properly.
      Now, I have to round up the cats so they stay out of harm's way during the construction. Hopefully the contractor will show up on time this morning! He was really late on Friday and therefore not much was accomplished.
      Bubby - I hear you about 1 day a week for just you....I think that would be a wonderful idea!
      Monique - good luck finishing your quilt. Can't wait to see it!
      Have a great day everyone....hugs
      "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


        Re: last Monday of January 2017

        Morning all,
        Up early but No breakfast yet, have a 9:30 appointment for blood work. Why is it the mornings you can't eat are the ones you're hungry!?
        Barb, that sounds like a good plan to me!
        Will check back later and read more posts. Wishing everyone a good day!
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          Re: last Monday of January 2017

          Morning all. Feeling pretty good and back to normal today except for the cough. Barb I like your plan. Chilly 24 degrees here but not weather. Have a great day all.
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          Time spent with cats is never wasted.
          Sigmund Freud


            Re: last Monday of January 2017

            I'm off and running all ready this am. Got the wash started, my catechism supplies straightened out for this afternoon etc etc etc. I sometimes think I do more now than when I was working. Did mange to pull the folding door to the wash closet off the hings,trying to put it back in place. So the folding door is leaning against the wall, till DH gets home to fix it. Have a busy week ahead but hoping to sew something. Everyone have a good day, Hugs& prayers to all that need them Kathy
            All quilts cat tested and approved.


              Re: last Monday of January 2017

              Good morning from 26 degree AZ. Cold, but supposed to warm up and be bright sunshine. So many things I want to get outside and do. Have potted plants (dead) that need to come out of the pots. Not sure that will get done today, I have Farm Girl Vintage blocks that need to be made, fabrics to organize and a cutting mat that I want to re-hydrate. I am so saddened by the mosque shooting. We are, indeed, living in troubled times, and they seem to be getting more so. I wish us all a happy and safe day.
              A day patched with quilting Seldom unravels Sharon


                Re: last Monday of January 2017

                Good Morning ~

                Laundry is in the dryer. Yest. afternoon I did FMQ on the D9P till my hand started feeling tingly. It was time to quit on that, so I cut fabric & sewed together 3 (12") blocks for a simple 4-Patch baby quilt. I'm using 1930's reprod. fabrics I had in my stash. Mostly pinks for a girl. I'm seriously trying to shop my stash this year. When I totaled up how much I spent on fabric last year, I decided I need to use restraint this year. Of course, I had a big expenditure after Christmas when the LQS had their fabric 30, 40, & 50% off for their pre-inventory sale. I stocked up on quite a lot of fabric then. I was tempted by today's DD; I love batiks, but I'll pass.

                We're having some nice warm weather. It got up to 68 yest. & is supposed to be warm again today. Winter is not over by a long shot. Our snowiest months are March & April.

                Time to get my breakfast.