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Tuesday morning hellos!!!

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    Tuesday morning hellos!!!

    Hello dear friends. The storm hasn't arrived yet. It was supposed to hit yesterday but now the weather channel is saying today. I see just across the river they have already cancelled bus service for schools. It hasn't even started to snow.

    I got my catalogue from Connecting Threads yesterday. I have a few things in my cart right now. Just waiting to hit the pay button.

    I continued to hand quilt yesterday. My friend Lynda stopped by, she left with a pattern for pj pants. Van got fixed (YIPPEE) and hubby has gone to pay the bill. That is the best part, I dropped off and picked up the van and he pays the repair bill. I don't expect it will be too much, our resident mechanic is awesome. We were also lucky he could do it yesterday. Van was ready by lunch time.

    So for today, while I wait for this storm to happen, I shall continue to hand quilt. I almost half way done. Not sure if I will take it with me to work or not tomorrow, I only work the afternoon shift. I may just take a baby quilt as I have a baby shower coming up soon.

    Have a great day friends. All of you in the path of storms, be it snow, ice, tornadoes, or whatever, BE SAFE!!
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

    Morning all,
    Up early today, for some reason couldn't sleep. Got a call yesterday about my husband's car they finally have found out what was wrong with it. My husband is elated to have his car back home. The dealership had it for a week and they were stumped on what the problem was they had to call the company's engineers in to take a look at it and they were able to finally assess the problem and help get it fixed. Downside was when I drove him there to pick it up the weather was miserable to be out and the wind was whipping the rain around.
    Got my sewing machine unpacked from my retreat last week and set back up, maybe I'll get motivated to sew now. Still have not totally cleaned up the sewing room since Christmas, shame on me.
    Not much on my schedule today, going out to dinner with some friends tonight to catch up on how they're doing. Haven't seen them in a while so I'm looking forward to that...And Italian food, yum!
    Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by the storms, and hugs for those who are struggling and need a few extra today.
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      Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

      Hello everyone! I have a busy day ahead. My next-door neighbor unexpectedly went into the hospital yesterday, so I've been taking care of her dog. I just returned him home for a little while because I need to take dh to the bus and then take a different neighbor in to have some dental work done. Then I'll come back and pick up the little dog again. It looks like the next few days will be busy ones. Prayers and hugs for all of you!



        Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

        Good morning ~ A cloudy day here. It was 26 & frost. Chance of rain or snow later today. This a.m. I have a dental appt. for routine cleaning, then will stop by my local Vitamin Cottage (Natural Grocers) for a few items. I will continue to buy my usual items from them, but the new Whole Foods has a few items I can't get elsewhere. I'll just have to remember to have cash on hand since they don't take checks.

        I got the list yest. for the new moms/babies for the next shower coming up at church late Feb. or early Mar. So far, it's a girl (decorating with pink, dark rose, & gray), a boy (no particular theme or color). I haven't heard back from the other mom yet. I'll check my stash of finished quilts to see if I have something that will be ready without making anything new. I'm still working on my D9P, but it's mostly greens.

        I'm nursing a strained muscle in my lower back, which happened last Thurs., so I've been taking it easy. My massage therapist worked on my back Sat. I think it will take a while to heal.

        I liked the quilting story on today's M* post.


          Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

          Morning Everyone,

          I'm doing laundry and taking care of the Girls. Olive had to go back on antibiotics for the duration of her illness.

          I would appreciate prayers for one of our friends, Denny, who was found comatose in his home yesterday. He was airlifted to St Louis and they found his organs are shutting down due to loss of sodium in his body. He is also diabetic and has had prostate cancer. He is 61. The word from the hospital is that he is gravely ill. Thank you for praying.

          Don't forget to wish our Sandy a happy birthday. She has been a pillar on this forum forever.

          I'm off to do a few chores and figure out what's for dinner. Wishing everyone a safe and blessed day.

          Scottie Mom Barb