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Well Thursday has arrived

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    Well Thursday has arrived

    Good morning everyone. A tragedy struck a little town yesterday. A well known man around these parts is dead and his death is being treated as suspicious. I have no details of what happened but a tragedy nonetheless. Parents should not have to bury their children, no matter what age.

    I am still out of sorts as far as sewing is concerned, so yesterday I put my mother-in-law's quilt on the frame and started hand quilting. I want to get this one done yesterday, LOL!!

    I may or may not be going out today. Doug needs to get his driver's license and medical card updated SOON!! We will see what kind of weather we have today. Friday I have a much needed hair appointment. And then it is the weekend.

    On that note, you all have a fantastic day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Well Thursday has arrived

    Morning Monique. It's lovely here this morning with sun and very little wind.
    I hope you can get some productive quilting done today.
    I am hoping to get my quilt top finished. I have been working at it but can't seem to stay at it for any length of time. I am bored but want it done.
    Hope everyone has a good day.


      Re: Well Thursday has arrived


      Monique, sweetie, it sounds like you're plenty busy! I hope you meet your goals today.

      As for me, The laundry has been going since 3:30 this morning, with much more to do. Taking Halona to school, she is still battling a cold that seems to have been hanging on for a couple of weeks.
      I had 2 interviews yesterday; one went really well and the other I am not sure of. I have another interview later today after 5 PM. I have reservations driving in the dark in unfamiliar territory.

      I should get some more unpacking/organizing done in the sewing room today (hopefully). I have been watching John Wayne this morning (Big Jake) between tasks! I can never get enough of the Duke!

      Prayers to all that acknowledge today; there is much need for support for each other!

      "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


        Re: Well Thursday has arrived

        Sounds like everyone has a busy day today. It is foggy this morning but should clear and we should (hope) to see some sunshine today. I have made 2 standard size "my pillows" and one body size so far. Now my son has asked for a standard sized one. I have a package coming today tracking says with some flannel for hubby's PJ bottoms and a new robe for myself. That will keep me busy this weekend. Plus I finally sandwiched the garden path runner. Work today and a stop at Joann's after for 2 more bags of shredded foam for the last "my pillow". Have a good day all.
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          Re: Well Thursday has arrived

          Morning Everyone,

          Monique, I hope you get a lot done today. Sherri, I prayed for your interviews yesterday....good luck.

          I got my hair cut yesterday at last....much nicer. Then last evening we went to Cuba and rented both of the vacancies. One new tenant will move in Saturday. We have a full house for now. One of our tenants asked me to come into her apartment and she showed me a stack of butterfly quilt blocks made from Jenny's recent tutorial. So far she has made two log cabin quilts (queen), an exploding block quilt and two JRR quilts and 3 table runners. She is doing a really nice job on her piecing and she quilts everything herself on her lDSM. Another quilter is born! She has learned pretty much everything from watching Jenny and I help her when I'm in Cuba if she gets stuck.

          Wishing everyone a blessed day.
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          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Well Thursday has arrived

            Monique...good luck with your MIL's quilt.

            Good luck with your interview Sherri....oh and the unpacking too . DH gets in a "Duke" mood every now and then and it's John Wayne movies morning noon and night for weeks on end - LOL.

            April - DH likes me to make his PJ bottoms too. Do you have a favorite pattern?

            Glad you finally have a full house Barb. And on top of it all you have spawned a new quilter - lucky her to have such an awesome tutor as you. Wish I was a renter in your Cuba condo.

            I'm working on a couple of things right now, which is unusual for me. I'm generally a one project at a time gal. I'm in the middle of making 9 patch blocks for a baby quilt for my niece - and I'm kinda of on hold waiting on a couple more "elephant" fabrics to come in. AND, I had ordered a Kaffe Fasse fat quarter bundle and it came yesterday - so of course I started in on the Winter Solstice Project. I made the first block...and cut out the second, which I hope to put together today. I'm just having so much fun!!

            Have a great day everyone.


              Re: Well Thursday has arrived

              Good morning everyone. It's a cold and drizzly morning here.

              So I was back at it yesterday. I finally got to cutting the repeats and then cutting the strips for my M-I-L's one block wonder quilt. Today I will cut the triangles and get going.

              I also have been working hard at learning my Brother Scan N Cut. DH made me a cutting table out of two Ikea units and I am FINALLY cutting at the right height and not killing my back. These units hold plastic boxes which are all full of my fabric stash. Well, those boxes need labels...hello Scan N Cut.

              I have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow, I have my Intro to Scan N Cut class and Saturday I have the third of four classes called Secrets of a Patchwork Pro. Have learned lots of new stuff already. The end result will be the Farmer's Wife quilt. Two blocks down, 109 to go. Plan to do this one slowly.

              Have a great day peeps.


                Re: Well Thursday has arrived

                I'm dragging into Thursday.
                Much to do, and I'd rather make a bowl of popcorn and veg with the TV.
                Ahhh. The joys of having to be a grown up....
                Off to get stuff done.
                Have a great day everybody!
                Be who you are and say what you feel
                because those who mind don't matter,
                and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                  Re: Well Thursday has arrived

                  I have a purse half sewn but I'm taking today to clean up my Kindle. How do I get so many books and they all need to be put in collections or deleted. It's taken me all morning but I think I finally have a handle on it.
                  Maybe I'll sew while I wait for the plumber to get here. We have a "For heaven's sake, don't flush the toilet!" problem.


                    Re: Well Thursday has arrived

                    Hello to all! I am multi-tasking today: Installed the new cable box and programmed, cooked a chicken in my Instant Pot and now making some more stock from the bones, cut down all my boxes from Christmas and M* deliveries for the trash, sent my DD to get ink for the printer and collecting some fabrics for my mini cash wallets.

                    Getting tired now and almost out of M&M's....


                      Re: Well Thursday has arrived

                      I had a busy morning, so I'm just getting here at 2:45 p.m. Changed the sheets on the bed, did laundry, vac'd in the bsmt., cleaned one of the bathrooms, cooked up prunes for DH, which he eats every day. It was a frosty 22 deg. to start the day. Now it's sunny & 56 deg. I just saw 6 robins in the back yard. A hint of spring? Maybe the robins already are moving north. There's still snow in the shady areas or where it was stacked up from shoveling.

                      I've had my friend Kathy in my thoughts & prayers today as she was scheduled to have her open heart surgery for aortic valve replacement.

                      I just wrote out a list of the times for various inauguration events for tomorrow. I plan to watch as much of it as I can. I do hope we see some positive changes in Washington with this change in leadership. I was pleased to see the Trumps & Pences are starting the day with church at 8:30. Another service tomorrow at the cathedral. We need to pray for the future of our Country.

                      If I get at it, I'll have some time to get in some sewing this afternoon.


                        Re: Well Thursday has arrived

                        Another dreary foggy day. Long range forecast doesn't show a hint of sun for at least a week. Couldn't settle down to any quilting today, finished one yesterday & I always need a day or so to decide what's next. DH drove me to LQS & I picked up quilt that I had dropped off Oct 22, to have quilted for GS Christmas present. She still hadn't started it so I will send off tomorrow to another LAQer. We then drove to another town to visit another shop that has recently opened. Very impressed with her inventory & purchased fabric to go with 2 layer cakes that I have. Maybe tomorrow I will start on one of those projects
                        Mary Lynn Ontario Canada