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MLK Day Night Owl

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    MLK Day Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! How's everybody doing? I think my vertigo is a little better tonight because I actually bent down to reach to the very back of the fridge to right a bottle of tartar sauce that has been laying on its side for two weeks. Bending my head down or back can cause the twirlies. I spilled a big glass of water today because I didn't look at the table and accidentally just set the glass on the edge. One website said not to even tilt your head back to finish a glass and to use a straw instead. Whew. I'm doing the exercises three times a day like the directions say. Today I asked my DH to coach me with an alternate method which actually made the vertigo worse than ever! So I went back to the old way and am sticking with it.

    So, no sewing for me. I am praying those new glasses will help when they arrive. Even reading or playing games on the computer can make me dizzy! And I'm looking straight ahead then. :P

    What's up in your nest?

    Re: MLK Day Night Owl

    On the road again ... or as I recently found out ... If I were in Australia "I've gone interstate." Had the car inspected today with no problems found.

    Today was Steve's birthday so a special breakfast at IHOP. We told the waitress about the celebration and she asked if he wanted some ice cream (guess that's their go-to celebration treat.) He politely refused ~ didn't think it would go too well on top of bacon and coffee.

    Hope everyone in the icy swath stays safe, warm and upright.