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Well hoot! The Night Owl Thread

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    Well hoot! The Night Owl Thread

    Hey, I'm up after midnight here for once! How are the night owls? StationaryMom, are you there? I worked all day on a embroidered Rhodes heart with backstitching and lazy daisies as foliage. It was so complicated I finally had to mark the holes with a Frixion pen. Eek, 28 ct. linen.

    Has everybody got their power on? Where I am we aren't getting precipitation woes...I hope everyone is safe and able to stitch. Hoot your news!

    Re: Well hoot! The Night Owl Thread

    I'm up too! And I have 2 new outfits to wear ...

    Steve & I went out of town to get his optometry exam done by the VA. We usually stay overnight because the shopping there is so much nicer (fabric shops, 2 JoAnns, Fresh Market.) Well, I had put an outfit for tomorrow on a hanger and draped it over the back of a chair by the front door. He had a new shirt and another light jacket and also put it on the same chair (on top of mine.) So we pack up and when we get to the motel my hangar isn't there! Of course he made sure he grabbed is shirt. So he tells me he didn't think my clothes was supposed to come with us. So the first stop after his appointment was to the mall to get something to wear.

    Naturally I had difficulty picking out just one outfit - so I got 2! Bet he doesn't forget my clothes again!

    Hope that gave you a giggle ... any other owls up?


      Re: Well hoot! The Night Owl Thread

      We are up. This little one is such a night owl. Daddy is rocking him at the moment. Thankfully, he usually is not fussing, just being a night owl until about 2AM. My main sewing machine goes in tomorrow for its last free cleaning. We packed it in the case this morning. So this evening, I had a few minutes to clean and straighten up the table where it is kept. I am ready to get back to doing some sewing. I have several ideas for quilts and ready to get started on them.

      We still have on our electricity. I am hoping that it stays on. The weather forecast is looking like there could be some ice headed our way. Personally, I would take a foot of snow over ice any day. I am hoping this is not like the last major ice storm that we had in 2007. We were without power for 5 days that were cold which the biggest issue was we had little children - 15 months, 3 years, 6 years and I was on crutches from injuring my ankle. It was not a fun combination. But I was very thankful that it was not a city wide power outage and we had places that we were able to go so we could stay warm.

      Judy, that is a good way to get some new clothes. At least you had clothes for the appointment.

      Have a safe hooting night everyone


        Re: Well hoot! The Night Owl Thread

        I just woke up. Don't you just hate it when you wake up at an odd hour and know you will never get back to sleep, so here I sit.

        I am still packing up Christmas decorations. We are late this year getting it all done because we had company until after New Years. DH took it all down a few days ago and left it in the middle of the floor in every room. Well the taking it down was a good thing, but never going back to the attic to get containers until last night wasn't. We look like hoarders.

        I am still laughing about Judy's new outfits.
        Pelham, Alabama
        War Eagle!!!


          Re: Well hoot! The Night Owl Thread

          been up since 4:45, but just getting in here. I had a pneumonia shot yesterday and my arm is swollen 3x its size, hot and very painful. I'm wondering if this is normal for that shot or if I should call the doctor. We usually go dancing on Tuesday night, but had to cancel last night because I'm not even able to raise my arm more than a couple of inches.

          It's been cold as a witches #$#% around here, but is supposed to warm up a to 50 today and 60 wonder everyone is sick!!!

          Judy - love your way of getting new outfits......might give that one a try myself - LOL

          Hope you're all snug in your nests, sawing logs!!


            Re: Well hoot! The Night Owl Thread

            That can't be normal, at least call the doctor and tell them what is going on.
            Claire from Pelham, Alabama


              Re: Well hoot! The Night Owl Thread

              Sorry I missed owling with you all last night. We have been coming off the creeping man-death cold Hubby brought home from work over the holidays. I had an art lesson training last night and we were tuckered out when we got home.
              I have sewing to do, but I also want to kick the last of this cold-thing, so sleep it was.

              I have to agree, call the doctor, as that doesn't sound like a good reaction to be having to the vaccination.
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