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New Year Night Owl

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    New Year Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! I hope you all will have a good year!

    I have finished up all the Village quilt tree blocks. You can see all but one up in my album. I still have a lot more left to do. I really want to applique the houses, not piece them. We shall see if I have enough background fabric to do that...

    Our older cat died over the weekend but first she bit my thumb so I had to get a tetanus shot and put on antibiotics. All animal bites have to be reported by the doctor to the public health department. It's a good thing we always got her vaccinated for rabies, even though she never went outside. That saves me a lot of stress.

    The bite is really painful and I can't bend my right thumb or use it to hold jars to take the lids off without a lot of pain. I went to three drug stores to find a pharmacy open on Jan. 1.

    Today was dark and foggy here. I was glad to stay inside! How are things in your tree?

    Re: New Year Night Owl

    Ouch. And very sorry to hear about your cat. Mine is constantly nipping me and once in a while breaks a little skin. Just need to keep real clean. And I too get her medical care even though she is indoor. Hope you feel better soon.
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      Re: New Year Night Owl

      Kim, sorry about your cat, and the bite. She may have just been cranky/tired at the end. It happens.

      It's still Snot-Fest at our house. School starts tomorrow. I have errands to run before our Girls Who Beach weekend. Emily is supposed to have a speech appointment. There is a PTA meting. And our after school sewing program starts on Thursday. Easy week!

      On another, more quilty note. If you are ever wandering through Amazon, wanting to spend that gift card, and come across 'CADY DIY Make' wonder clips and wonder if they are as good as the Clover ones, the answer is yes. Just make sure the photo matches the image of the Clover ones, or the dimensions are 1"x.5".
      I have bought three different brands. Clover, Embroidex, and now the CADY. Clover (Black Friday special @Hancock a few years ago) $17 for 50 =$.34 each. Embroidex $13 for 100 = $.13 each. CADY $8 for 100 = $.08 each.
      The ones from Clover came in a hard case and we're not sporting any "tails" from the manufacturing process. Both of the other brands had a few little bits left hanging from where the had been mass molded and popped apart on some of the clips. My craft knife smoothed it out nicely enough in a few seconds.
      The Embroidex brand were a bit stiffer to open and I did have one that was defective. They came in an assortment of colors in a crinkly plastic bag with a Ziploc style closure.
      The E ones were as easy as the Clover to open and came in a freezer-weight resealable plastic parts bag. They seemed to only come all one color per bag. I found yellow and purple when I ordered.

      I wasn't sure I would like the clips, but after using them on several projects, they are certainly easier than pins on some things. Now to make one of those cute fold-down fabric boxes to hold all of the ones in the plastic bags!

      I had better get back to my sister's slippers now that I have run the raccoon off of the front porch again.
      Happy Hooting in your neck of the woods!
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        Re: New Year Night Owl

        Cat bites are just the worst. Take good care of it.

        Today was sewing the block that I'm doing for the Farm Girl Vintage group here. It didn't go so well but I will press on.

        Tomorrow will be some shopping. Hubby has to get a new vacuum cleaner for work. He is in charge of a very large building that is all carpeted, which they just replaced. Since the place he is going to shop is a vacuum and sewing store it is my home territory. I'll do a little fabric/notions shopping, but I am saving my money for their Super Bowl Sale in a month. We live an hour away so it is always an adventure.

        Later this week (Friday) is my monthly all-day-sewing event. I host a sewing day one day a month and we spend the day socializing and sewing, and who knows what else. We do pot-luck for lunch and there are usually about a dozen people. It is a fun day.


        Psalm 126:3 The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.


          Re: New Year Night Owl

          Sorry to hear about your cat - and hope you can be pain free soon, Kim!

          Went shopping today at Michaels, Hobby Lobby. Wound up getting some small containers @ WalMart to store my charms. I have 6 packs of 5 different lines and a whole grouping of solids. I use to have them stored in bulky shoe boxes. The new boxes hold the same amount but are smaller so they fit on my shelving better.

          By the time we finished this evening visibility was down to 1/8th of a mile. A maritime fog rolled on-shore and people didn't adjust their driving methods. Will be interesting to see how many accidents occur. Off to check out your album, Kim ...