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Thursday, a snowy one!!

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    Thursday, a snowy one!!

    Yes more snow. UGH!! Supposed to go get lobsters today and get a few groceries at the same time. May or may not happen.

    Well, it is 3 sleeps away from being a new year. My wish for 2017 is that everyone has good health!

    I got into the sewing room yesterday but still can't find my get up and go. I may find it today (maybe). I am very intimidated by the NCW and will watch Jean's videos first. I am also gathering projects to take to retreat which is coming up in the New Year.

    Have a wonderful day friends. Prayers for Barb and Jeff as they come to terms with little Olive's health problems.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

    It's sunny and cold here. The sunshine looks like spring but the cold feels like winter. The snow flurries/showers in the forecast will remind me again that spring hasn't sprung yet. It's a work day for me. My desk is the kitchen table. Work is slow, but I have video conference via computer in 15 minutes. No sewing on work days, but will resume tomorrow.
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      Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

      Good morning. I'm getting ready to take a pile of Christmas gifts, cookies, cheeseball and cheese nip mix over to my parents house. We will have our family Christmas get together with them & my brother's family this evening. We're having seafood gumbo for supper......yummy!

      Hope everyone has a great day.
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        Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

        Good Morning all. Yes more snow UGH! Was a work day for me. But 5 or more inches predicted.I don't like to take the mountain up or down even though I have all wheel drive. Just not work the other drivers idiot maneuvers. So I called out store will be slow anyways. It is snowing hard atm and visibility is not very good. I did go as far as the PO which is about 2 miles away and before the mountain and hairpin turn. No plowing was done yet and so I went back home. Probably have 2 inches on the ground now. My son just got home and said nothing done with roads from the halfway point between here and work. So he had a slow drive home. Hubby is out and heading to CT. Hope things are better that way.
        Just need to do the rivets on the NCW for the office girl hubby works with. I have started his quilt and have 3 small borders on it so far in Cat colors of white , gold, black around the big machine panel. next will be 10 inch strips of 2 different machine and thethen the gravel border. May do the corners highlighting some of the machines.
        My thoughts are with Barb and Jeff and Olive and Dottie today. Stay safe and warm all.
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          Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

          Good morning! It is sunny and warm in the Houston area but will be getting colder tomorrow. I will be helping my daughter take her dog to the vet for an annual checkup today and then we will eat out for lunch. We will probably eat at The Rib Tickler for lunch as I have been craving BBQ. I will hit my sewing room later today and finish the binding on a holiday quilt that I just could not finish in time but will pack up for the holidays next year. Have a wonderful day to all!
          I am a quilter and my house is in pieces.


            Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

            Sunny here. It got up to 58 deg. yest.! But...they're saying bitter cold temps. & more snow the first of next week.

            I enjoyed a "me" day yest. I was able to get away for a few hrs. Drove to Lyons to the big quilt store there. It's their annual pre-inventory sale--30% off all reg. priced merchandise as well as good bargains in the sale/orphan corner. I looked through stacks of batiks FQs & bought a bunch. They ranged in price from $1.49 to $1.79. Also got some batiks yardage which was marked down. I don't usually buy patterns, but I wanted "Twinkle" by Swirly Girls. That quilt pattern done in batiks is on display in the store. Love it! It's just HSTs & squares, so it should be easy to make. I bought 1 panel of ABCs, which is designed to be a cloth book, but I'm going to fussy cut the squares for a quilt.

            Back to town. I was hungry for Mexican food, so I treated myself to a chimichanga lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. I had taken along a book to read while eating. Oh, I was stuffed when I got done! Then it was on to another quilt store where I found a few more bargains in the orphan corner. Yardage at 50% off which will work nicely for backings & some Christmas fabric. A final stop at the groc. store completed my outing/shopping. I was home by 30.

            I spent part of the rest of the afternoon pressing fabric. I'm currently working on a D9P. I can hardly wait to finish it so I can start on the ABC's baby quilt & that "Twinkle" pattern.


              Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

              Our snow might show up tomorrow so we better go shopping and lay in some supplies. Yesterday I had a wonderful visit from my sisters, surprise was that brother Jim came with them. We spent a lot of time going through the family album. A long lost cousin recently got in touch with me and we all have been piecing our family history together. Boy does this cousin have some good stories to tell.


                Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

                Good morning all! Lazy and restful day for me. Not much sewing today.
                Temp is dropping here like crazy! Was about 80 yesterday, today in the high 60's and it is supposed to be 44 tomorrow. Crazy cold for this area.
                Lacey, we live so close! I live in the Creekside/Auburn Lakes/Augusta Pines area! I received a gc to Quilters Crossing in Tomball for Christmas!
                Praying for Olive and Barb!
                Happy Quilting!


                  Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

                  Good Afternoon Everyone!! Snowing and blowing here in North Central PA. Had to go out in this stuff to take DH to a Dr. appt. At least one thing you can count on, when you get to New York State the roads are always clear. Penna. has a problem keeping the roads clean. Made it back alright. Is it Spring yet??? lol Have the day off, so plans are to get caught up on laundry and get some quilt blocks done. Have a good day!!


                    Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

                    It's been a very cold day here - a stiff frost which started yesterday and was even colder today.
                    Today a friend popped in for coffee and a chat. Then spent time in my sewing room, managed to finish my GS quilt from before Christmas.


                      Re: Thursday, a snowy one!!

                      It was warm and sunny in Houston today. Supposed to get *cold* tonight. That means 40's lol
                      Patrice S