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Good Wednesday morning dear Friends

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    Good Wednesday morning dear Friends

    I would like to start with thinking of Barb and Jeff this morning as they travel with Olive to their appointment. I hope they get the answers they are hoping for.

    Yesterday was a lazy day, I pretty well just did laundry most of the day. At least that's out of the way. I may or may not have to take Doug to the city today. The weather doesn't look favorable to do it tomorrow. I am going to take the Husqvarna Cam machine in to a repair shop that my friend Lynda recommended. I really hope he can fix her up. Just heard from Doug, not going anywhere today. (POOP)

    So that is what my day is shaping up to be. I haven't got my mojo for sewing, I think I just did too much before the holidays. I do have things to do just can't seem to get started.

    Anywho, have a great day friends.
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    Re: Good Wednesday morning dear Friends

    Morning all. I would like to add my thoughts and wishes for Barb and Jeff today also. Hoping they get the answers they want.

    Day off today. Laundry is done. I made meat sauce for Lasagna later in the week. Working on the NCW for the office girl where hubby works.

    Not much else going on. The roar has slowed down immensely at work. The boss he is new to the company and our store. ( 2 years with company and our store since Thanksgiving) His first store to manage. He is doing ok and getting a grip on things most of the time. Sometimes he micro manages those of us that know what to do and have been doing it for many years. Yesterday he told us that it would be slowing down and we would not have as many associates on. Really? after 30 years in retail and 10 at this store I think I know that Jan is our slowest month. We did get a chuckle out of that.

    The weather is gloomy looking today and we have snow coming tomorrow.

    Hugs to all have a great day!
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      Re: Good Wednesday morning dear Friends

      Good thoughts for Barb and Olive today, hope the news is good. My sisters will be over this afternoon for lunch so I betterget the house straightened up. They are bringing the soup and we'll provide the chicken salad and rolls. I have plenty of Christmas goodies for dessert and I'm sure they will be bringing some with them. Yucky outside but no snow in sight so that's good for their visit.


        Re: Good Wednesday morning dear Friends

        Praying for Olive and Barb today! Hope they get good news!!

        Hope everyone has a fantastic day!! Anyone have big plans for New Years? We usually stay home to avoid being hit by any drunk drivers. That happened once about 15 yrs ago, thankfully no one was hurt at all. We just had our car side swiped but my DH maintained control of the car and no one was hurt. Of course the drunk driver did not stop, just kept driving on so to not get in trouble...or maybe he did not even know he hit us since he was clearly drunk and weaving on the road.

        I am home this week recovering from flu and pneumonia yet. Spent 2 days in the hospital last week (Wed/Thurs) and got to go home on Thursday so I was glad to be home for Christmas. Not too much decorations or goodies got made, but friends and family stepped in and we had a really nice Christmas despite it all.
        Sadly, I had both my flu shot and a pneumonia shot this fall. Guess neither of them did the trick for me!
        Doesn't help that I have been on suppressant medications for RA. I am sure that is why I got so sick.
        You know you are sick when you walk into an emergency room and the only thing they ask you is your name, date of birth and about how much do you weigh ? before they walked me right to the triage room ahead of everyone else and I saw the nurse and doctor. My husband said they did not even ask us for my ID or insurance card or paperwork until about 3-4 hrs later.
        anyway, I am doing much better now and getting around pretty good. finally getting a bit of an appetite back. at least this year I will definitely not gain weight over the holidays.

        sunny outside today and very nice out. might have to go sit out on the back porch for a bit. I do have one quilt that I might try to bind today. Not really enough energy for any other types of projects just yet!
        Happy Quilting!


          Re: Good Wednesday morning dear Friends

          Lots of cleaning today. Selling fridge & stove, so major clean. I hate cleaning oven racks! Did washing, went for my walk & then thought I could get back to my sewing for first time in 10 days. Called LQS to check on progress of quilt that she is LAQ. She was supposed to try & have it done by Christmas as it was present for GS. Now she says she is way behind, but will get it done this winter! Frustrating.
          Pulled out an unfinished lap quilt, got backing seamed & pulled out my batting stash but not enough for quilt. More frustration. Left sewing room & took down Christmas decorations & tree.
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            Re: Good Wednesday morning dear Friends

            Bernice, I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel better. It sounds like you have had a rough week. Hope you continue to feel better.
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              Re: Good Wednesday morning dear Friends

              Anything yet from Barb about Olive ? I can't get them off my mind--I lost my Olive (cat rather than dog) two years ago, and the loss is still so close.
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