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Friday, 2 sleeps left

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    Friday, 2 sleeps left

    Good morning. Well we got here fine, after a bit of a snow storm, not five minutes later Sadie asks if I can take her to Belleville. I guess I am nothing but a taxi service. I told her I would take her today. Maizyn has school.

    Les and I were in bad shape last night from the 3 cats, 1 dog and 1 rat. Drugs are our friend on this trip. The turkey goes into the oven today. Last minute shopping today as well. Our big dinner is tomorrow here.

    Not much else happening today.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Friday, 2 sleeps left

    Morning....Glad you got there without incident, Monique. Have a wonderful time with your family.

    We are having some freezing rain and sleet right now. I guess that quashes my plan to go to WalMart. Jeff got to work and called to warn me about the roads. He even had trouble in our Yukon. Okay, I got the message age.

    Dot & Olive are taking their early morning nap...which will be followed by a walk in the cold, breakfast and then another nap....

    I have decided to not do any holiday baking this year.

    Have a safe and productive day everyone.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Friday, 2 sleeps left

      Morning all,
      Monique, glad to hear you made it safely!
      Today will finish up the baking, cheesecake is on today's "to do" list. I'm happy to report yesterday's rainbow cookies were a success and I remembered to add all the ingredients.
      Today will be sort the gifts out and get them in the gift bags. Tomorrow we will be going to my son and daughter-in-laws for Christmas Eve dinner.Then Christmas day everyone will be here, love having the family together but I'm sure I'll be tired come Monday morning.
      Off to get some folding chairs together, my grandson will be driving over to pick them up for tomorrow night. He loves his Grammy's cookies so I'll leave a plate out for him to find and rescue the rest to a safe place so there's some left for Christmas!
      Wishing everyone a good day, and hugs to those who need a few extra today.
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        Re: Friday, 2 sleeps left

        I made it to DS's yesterday. After not sleeping Wed, and a nap on the plane, I slept really good last night. Airports were crowded yesterday, but remained peaceful. I imagine it's crazier today. Today I'll go to a LQS here in Portland for a visit. Will cook the merliton and shrimp casserole, then when DS gets off work, we will drive to Seattle. I think I'll go for a walk to find a coffee shop.
        Spring, TX


          Re: Friday, 2 sleeps left

          Good morning everyone.

          Moinque - glad you and Les made it safely. Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your family.

          It sounds like everyone is very busy getting ready for the big day. Same for me. I'm in the throws of making a tote bag for DS's girlfriend. I'm sort of making Jenny's 3 totes from one charm pack...but.....I'm not using a charm pack, just one piece of fabric. AND - I'm adding a recessed zipper, using a tutorial from Crafty Gemini. Having all sorts of problems, but I'll get er done today for sure!!!

          On Christmas eve DH and I go to DS#1's home for an Italian Feast of Seven Fishes. Its a wonderful tradition that has been in DIL's family for many years and she now carries on the tradition. It's an awesome evening and one we look forward to every year.
          ON Christmas Day we'll have gift opening and breakfast with DS#1 and his family. Then we'll move on to DS#2 for dinner and gift opening. We're fortunate that they both live nearby and we can spend time with both of them. Some years we're fortunate to have everyone all together for the gift opening, but alas, this in not one of those years. So DH and I will drive up and down the road on Christmas day.

          Have a great day everyone,


            Re: Friday, 2 sleeps left

            It's a very sunny morning today. I was up around 60 and at the gym at 70. Had to do some reverse sewing on the quilt or I would have been there earlier.

            I dropped by the grocery store for a couple of things (molasses, brown sugar) and it was already kind of busy at 8:20. Glad I didn't have to do the main shopping today.

            DH is making breakfast now. Later we are going to this nice cooking store. I need new baking sheets, preferably ones with the silicone sheets included, as well as a new timer.

            Once home, it's back to the quilt which I refuse to get my knickers in a knot over. I'm taking it slow and using a ruler to stitch in the ditch.

            I made cookie recipe 1 yesterday and will try a new recipe today. Again, like the quilt, I'm not letting myself get all hung up.

            Everyone have a safe day.


              Re: Friday, 2 sleeps left

              Since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, my baking is very limited. I have made no Christmas goodies at all. DH doesn't like sweets & I shouldn't eat them. I occasionally will buy a pie at the bakery. I freeze it up in sm. pieces, then for a treat I'll have a sm. piece with a little bit of vanilla ice cream. I do keep SF candies on hand. Of course, they are not fat-free or low calorie, but they satisfy my craving for something sweet. I've been using Stevia in my coffee & tea for many yrs.

              I was thinking recently of all the baking & cooking I used to do when the kids were home. Fruit cake, sugar cookies, which we decorated, fudge, aplets (ever have those?), almond bark to which I added crushed peppermint, or nuts, or even fruit peel. Only a distant memory now. (Aplets & cotlets are a Pac. NW candy.)

              I LOVE my homemade dressing, which contains sausage, water chestnuts, mushrooms, etc., but I haven't made it for several yrs. I'm the only one who eats it, & I shouldn't have all that bread. It's a lot of work for just me. So, we will not have any traditional Christmas fare. DH eats his own special foods every day of the week. This morning I made a batch of chicken broth for him. With his fluid (water) restriction due to low sodium (Hyponatremia), he can have only 1 qt. of free water every 24 hrs. But he is allowed chicken broth extra. I have to make it from scratch; most prepared, store-bought broths contain spices & "natural flavor", which almost certainly means MSG. He's very allergic to MSG!

              It will be a quiet Christmas here with just the two of us.