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    Warmer Night Owl @,@

    Hoot hoot! It is up to 29 degrees here and I actually walked out to the mailbox! Whooo! First time outside in a week! The great thing about going to mailbox at midnight is that you can wear your jammies!

    So how is your week going? I got the presents wrapped and the Cornish hens thawing. DH brought home TWO pies...a French silk one for now and a frozen apple one for later! Oink oink!

    Re: Warmer Night Owl @,@

    I did not go outside at all today! I did get the purse sewn for my daughter, but still have to rivet the straps. Once I do that, I will post pictures on the forum. MM was pretty impressed and I'm certain she will like it. I went hunting for more of the fabric I used as I don't have enough to make anything. I bought it originally over a year ago, so it's hard to come by now. I got about three yards from three different sellers, but I got it!

    I also made a pan of fudge tonight. I'll do two more tomorrow. That will be the extent of my cooking for Christmas. I will have to make a lemon meringue pie on Christmas Eve.....for some reason, my daughter wants one and I'm certain she does not bake pie!

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      Re: Warmer Night Owl @,@

      I'm up sewing on my nieces quilt but I can tell it's time to stop before I make a mistake.

      I still need to wrap a few more gifts and make a double batch of cookies. I'm only making one kind....chocolate with peanut butter chips. There will be plenty to eat when we get together for Christmas.......there is no fear that anyone will starve.

      Dh & I went to see the new Star Wars movie this afternoon. He really enjoyed it. I don't follow Star Wars very close but I enjoyed going with DH.

      It was barely cool here today and sun was shining!
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        Re: Warmer Night Owl @,@

        Today was cookie day. The gingerbread is still in the fridge. The candy cane sandwich cookies are done. The double batch of spritz are done. The double batch of Ethel's sugar cookies are in the fridge. I have some rolling out to do tomorrow. Miss Emily will be on board with that too!
        I will have to make a run out tomorrow. Hubby is not going to work tomorrow, so I can zip out early before Missy wakes up. Santa has a few things that haven't arrived, and that's not good. So we will see what the postmistress has for us and go from there.
        I'll also stop at the library and make a new set of enlargements of the patterns I still can't find.
        We are off to bed, so we can start the day bright and early!
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          Re: Warmer Night Owl @,@

          Warmer here today also - almost 60. Starting to organize and pack up to go home Saturday morning ... about 70% done with that. I still want to take pics of what I've done - you wouldn't believe the incredible mess I can and do make when I have so much space!

          Mouth watering reading about everyone's baking skills. Unfortunately with Steve being a diabetic those are off the menu. So you guys enjoy an extra one for me!


            Re: Warmer Night Owl @,@

            It's warmer here today, too. I'm looking forward to two weeks of home office which is almost like vacation. Working in your PJs is almost as nice as sewing in you PJs, and I plan to get a lot of the latter in, too.

            I have some grocery shopping left to do today and more cleaning the house. My sister is going to visit with the kids tomorrow and we're going to have Hamburgers for dinner. It's fun for all of us to make them, it's like building a tower for the kids. The one, who gets the most meat, pickles, tomatoes etc. between the bun halves, wins.
            When they are gone, we will open the presents (that's traditionally done on Christmas Eve in Germany), although there won't be much surprise. I think Santa might bring me a rivet press!!!

            Pat, I love your bag! Which size is it? I've been wanting to make Brooklyn since the pattern came out...


              Re: Warmer Night Owl @,@

              Here in the Carolinas we are having an absolutely wonderful heat wave. 50's and 60's in the daytime here in the mountains. 20's at night. But the sky is blue and the wind is minimal and that will keep the roads much safer for all the Christmas travelers.
              The shopping frenzie has not been good for restaurant business. In fact, it is almost down to nil as far as people eating out. I think folks are thinking their $$ are better spent at Walmart. lol.
              Hopefully we will pick up again the mean is good. I just wish I had a sewing room at the restaurant so I didn't feel like I have all this wasted time. I think maybe I am obsessed . But, it makes me feel productive.
              I made a batch of cookies Sunday but they just sit there. I'm trying not to gain weight and DH would rather have a beer. I didn't make candy either. Maybe that's why I haven't gotten in the spirit.
              We will travel to SC to see all the children and GC on Monday and it just struck me that the roads will be filled with shoppers returning all the commercial drivel they got on Sunday. That's where us quilters have it pretty much have to keep our gifts and if you don't like put it on a shelf (ha ha) But, you don't have to trek out in the traffic to find something else and usually one size fits all.
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