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Thursday - 3 sleeps away

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    Thursday - 3 sleeps away

    Good morning. Reading here this morning and I keep tearing up. There are just so many touching stories this morning. From the little gifts received from forum members, videos shared, and the heartfelt thanks. I am just so gosh darned glad to be here.

    Okay, now the workshop is officially closed for the Christmas season. I made my last two gifts last night, an apron and pj pants for Jodi. My stuff is pretty well packed. We are leaving sometime today for Trenton. I am not sure about sleeping with Maizyn, as she has lice AGAIN!! This is about the 4th treatment she has had. The school is not sending children home anymore if they have lice so it seems like parents aren't treating their children. UGH!!! As Jodi says, when will this end?

    Okay I have a little rant this morning. For the past couple of years, we have done a gift exchange amongst us. This year, my two nephews opted out. They both have two children each. And that is fine is they want out. The one nephew's wife has been sick (menengitis) and is slowly getting back to work so no money for extras. I understand that too. The limit was $50 for one gift. The other one said WE WILL BUY FOR OUR CHILDREN!! So the exchange got thrown into the water for this year. Fine no problem, I told my other sister-in-law do what you want, just buy for the little ones and forget us, we don't need anything. I made my gifts this year. Now Les wants to buy for the other 4 children who NEVER acknowledge my grandchildren. Makes me angry. I know this is not the spirit of Christmas but why should I bother if they don't. RANT OVER!!! You can pick your nose and pick your teeth but you can't pick your family.

    So later today we will be on the road, I will still be checking in here in the mornings.

    Have an awesome day friends. Travel safely if you have to go somewhere. Prayers going out to those in need.
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    Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

    Good morning Monique and everyone else.

    First off, everyone be safe in your travels.

    I seem to keep finding everything to do but quilt the quilt. I honestly need to get at this today. Not sure when we're going to our friends yet, so I may have more time than I think, but I just want to get it done. Also need to make pjs for DJ, but that's pretty simple.

    I wrapped DH's gifts last night, so at least that is done. I need/want to make three cookie recipes, two of which are new. Then there is cleaning the house. I HATE cleaning.

    Have a good day.


      Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

      Morning all,
      Monique, I agree! The members of this forum are very special people, with generous hearts I feel honored to have found this forum and I treasure the friendships I have made here.

      Yesterday was supposed today be the start of my cookie baking, well folks it didn't go exactly like I planned. Was making my rainbow cookies and between the phone ringing and other distractions I forgot to add the flour to my recipe, yup, left it out. Was wondering why they didn't look right. House smelled heavenly, but all the cookies were in the garbage. Let's hope today's batch is better, LOL.
      Got the stocking stuffers wrapped yesterday, now today corral the rest of the gifts in one spot.
      Happy to report the problem with my embroidery machine seems to be resolved,(keeping fingers crossed it remains that way). I'm seriously wondering if the trouble was with the font I purchased, that perhaps it was compromised. Machine was working beautifully until I put a new design on my stick. When I started to stitch it everything was off on it. Erased it from the stick and a portion I had stored in the internal memory and then the machine was stitching fine again. Anyone ever had that happen?
      Well, cat's are looking for their breakfast and I need some coffee. Wishing everyone a productive day getting their holidays preparations finished.
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        Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

        Good Thursday morning, All ~ I'm here early today, just briefly. Time to fix DH's breakfast. I got no sewing done yest. I had a dr. appt. for follow-up. My Hgb. A1C was 5.7, which is good. Then on to the store to get groc.

        DH & I don't exchange presents, just a card. Most of the gr. kids get $, since I haven't a clue what they'd like. Postage to mail pkgs. is so high, it's hardly worth it anyway. When I was married to my first husb., it was a large family. We drew names for the adults & gr. kids, so that was just 2 presents to buy. Seems like we limited it to $20. ea. Of course, we're talking >40 yrs. ago. I remember the large family dinners. It was always a special time.

        Yes, I agree, this Forum is a wonderful place to make friends, share concerns & sorrows, pray for each other, & learn all about sewing & quilting! I'm very grateful I discovered M* a few yrs. ago. I've learned soooo much from Jenny's tutorials.

        Well, time to get on with my day. Safe travels, Monique.


          Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

          Morning Everyone....Not sure what I will do today. There are so many things I could and should do but they all seem minor compared to taking care of Olive and rubbing her tummy.

          The wife of a work friend committed suicide Sunday and the funeral was yesterday. It was such a sad thing. She suffered with Bi-Polar Disorder most of her life. Her family and our small town are shocked and deeply saddened. Please remember the Sullins family in your prayers.

          Jeff has a job interview today at 10:30. He needs a job that is easier on his body but his Boss doesn't want him to move from his department and he is one of three on the interview panel. There will be 21 interviewing, 19 are coming from other parts of the state. The new job would mean Jeff would work a different shift and his days off would fall midweek. It would be a considerable change for our little family.

          Wishing you a safe and fun trip, Monique. Lice...I hope you manage not to catch them. I think it a good idea to treat yourself and Les when you get home....just in case.

          Cathy, so sorry to hear about your cookies. The last batch of brownies I made I forgot the oil. Almost needed a jackhammer to get them out of the pan.

          Wishing everyone a good day of shopping, baking and wrapping.
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          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

            Morning everyone....I guess everyone is distracted, that's what causing all the baking mishaps. I made a batch of butter tarts and left out the Butter! How can you have Butter Tarts without Butter? Oh well....more in the oven now as we speak!

            Snowy day this morning and it is very pretty...fat, fluffy, furry flakes! The temperature is just on the freezing mark so it could change to rain at any time.

            Monique - have a safe drive...Bubby - I'm keeping you and your furry friends in my prayers.

            More baking on the agenda for me and finish up the laundry and ironing. Have a wonderful day.
            "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


              Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

              Good morning, everyone! I too, am very happy to have found this forum! There are so many special and caring people here.

              I've had a rough week heading into what will be our 2nd Christmas celebration. Our 1st was last Saturday with our DS from South Carolina. We had just finished the flooring and I did manage to get the living room cleaned out, but no time for decorations. I found the small table tree that I used in the classroom when I was a teacher, so I set that up on an end table. That's our only decorations! The celebration went great and the lasagna was the best I've ever made. But on Saturday, as we were moving cars around so that DS could pack up, I had the 2 dogs in the back of my SUV and was pulling out of the garage. I couldn't see around them, but I was only going 2-3 mph. What could go wrong? I ended up backing my car into my DH's truck. I have a dented bumper, hatch, and smashed the tail light - he has a dented bumper, hood, and quarter panel! Two messed up cars for the price of one!

              The real challenge came with my youngest's last BB game before the break. His coach pretty much benched him. His only explanation was that he decided he wanted the team to go small. My DS is 6'8". I think the coach should have let us know when the season started if he wanted to play small ball. Now we are scrambling to find a new place for him to play starting in January. Unfortunately, schools are on break and finding people to answer the phones is next to impossible. This coach has really hurt DS with the way he has treated him. DS is a very good fundamental ball player and the coach really just wants to run and gun. Think Utah Jazz player stuck on the Miami Heat. Just not a good fit, but he should have been honest with us up front. Grrr.

              Since my sewing room is still full of boxes, I haven't made it anywhere near my sewing machine. I can make it through to the embroidery machine. I had ordered a blank Battenburg lace tree skirt to embroider for the tree this year. Even though we won't have a tree, I did finish the skirt. It's a Victorian 12 days of Christmas from Embroidery Library. It made me feel a little better.

              Thanks for letting me ramble. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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                Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

                Good Morning! I'm up even before Mollie this morning! She usually stirs as soon as I sit up. She must be tired from her long day of laying around yesterday!

                I baked last week, and took goodie boxes around to a few neighbors who reached out to us when we moved in. They all seemed so surprised. Don't people do this anymore? A few of them are fairly elderly (compared to us anyway) and insisted we come in to visit! It as fun and I believe we made a few friends in the process. I baked chocolate chip, gingerbread, spritz and toffee. I have one more batch to make tomorrow for my son, he needs his own, he's my grown Cookie Monster!

                Monique: for lice, I would add Tea Tree oil to the shampoo. I know this worked with my DGD. It's a repellent. And it's natural. When my kids were little and lice went thru the school we trained them to stuff their coats in their backpacks as soon as they took them off and NEVER hang with other kid's coats. I think that also made a difference. Ugh. Hate those buggers!

                Barb, thinking about you and your Olive, and hoping for the best for Jeff's interview.

                Need coffee! More coffee! Have a wonderful day, let's get it all done and enjoy the holiday! Hugs and prayers!

                Quilters make great comforters.

                Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.


                  Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

                  So many baking disasters, DH decided he wanted some muffins and mixed up a batch. He didn't forget any ingredients since they were from a mix but he forgot about them baking and they burnt - he threw them out for the birds. Birds will get a double treat this morning. Adding the cranberry loaf my friend brought over the other day was under baked.

                  Finished most of the gift wrapping last night, need to find a box or bag for one gift and I'll be done. Next on to this wee's mail, I have two batches clipped together along with notes and lists to myself that need to be dealt with, sure there are a few bills and important notices in there that need some attention.
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                    Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

                    Haven't started the actual baking yet. The gingerbread dough is chilling in the fridge. The spritz will probably be done today, although I swear Eric eats them as fast as I bake them!
                    I was going to try to make a last run of errands today, but hubby called and said he probably won't go to work tomorrow. I can leave the kiddo here and zip out for the things I need, that I forgot. Santa may be saved for another year!

                    Back to the baking then!
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                      Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

                      I've learned to pick who I spend time/money/energy on very carefully. Not just because they happen to have some relation to me. If you don't care about me and my interests that's fine. But I also have the choice not to care about you. I try to put my energy into relationships that make me feel good, not the ones where I feel obligated. Life is too short for that. Take care of yourself and the people in your life who are worthy. The others will be spending their time on themselves anyway.
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                        Re: Thursday - 3 sleeps away

                        Just some advice. My kids got lice a couple times when they were little. I know how much extra work it is for the Mom, all the washing of bedding and clothing and upholstery, etc not to mention picking the nits out and using that awful smelly shampoo. And checking their hair and yours and everybody but the dog. When my ypungest was in kindergarten she got love and I was frantic, it was her third time in a year and I was convinced the special lice shampoo did not work. I got on the phone with the health department and they told me to slather her head with petroleum jelly--really lay it on thick. Then cover the head with a shower cap and make her sleep like that, then wash it out the next day. It took about a half a bottle of shampoo to wash the grease out of her hair but it worked like a miracle and we never got lice in our house ever again. This was before Dawn was a big soap product so if I was doing this today I would probably start with that and end with regular shampoo.