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Last Monday Before Christmas...

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    Last Monday Before Christmas...

    Good Morning Everyone....It's doubtful if I will get outdoors today due to the layer of ice on everything. Living on an unmaintained road can be a nuisance at times. Dot and Olive are loving the snow and ice.

    Yes, just 5 more days until Christmas. I'm actually all ready. I have to meet with two sets of friends to give them their gifts yet and then I can rest and wait for Santa. Speaking of Santa, I expect a special box in the mail today from a friend.

    Jeff is working a double shift today so it will be a long day for me. I think I will set some sewing goals for 2017.

    Wishing everyone an enjoyable day.....

    Scottie Mom Barb

    Re: Last Monday Before Christmas...

    Good morning Barb and all who follow.
    No ice here but really chilly. I'm pretty ready for Santa, just need to pick up a couple of gift cards. We got a turkey breast yesterday. DH is going to dry brine it and we'll have it for ourselves for sandwiches - yum. He dry brined one for the first time at thanksgiving. You rub the brine over the entire breast and put in in the fridge, uncovered for 3 days. It looked horrible and I would have bet the house that it would be a dried out piece of shoe leather. But...I swear it was the most moist delicious turkey I have ever eaten. Looking forward to having it again.
    We'll be going to DS#1's house on Christmas morning and DS#2's in the afternoon. Because of their committments to their in-laws we couldn't get them all together this year. Oh well, there's always next year
    I made several 10 minute table runners last week and have a couple more cut out to get done this week.
    Have a great day everyone.


      Re: Last Monday Before Christmas...

      Good morning all,

      I'm ready except for one gift. I had a king size quilt quilted by MSQC and the label for shipping back to me was generated by them on the 12th and it is still there waiting to go out. I've called 3 times last week and twice I was suppose to get a call back and so far nothing. It is a quilt I started over a year ago for my daughter who lives in Texas and will be here tomorrow to spend Christmas with me. I doubt i will be getting it now in time for Christmas for her. Heck I might not get it all. It appears they don't know what they did with it.

      Sorry to hear about all your cold weather. It is nice an warm, high 70's here in Florida.
      Have a blessed day


        Re: Last Monday Before Christmas...

        Barb, setting GOALS for 2017? That is ambitious, I am not a goal setter, wish I was it would keep me more focused but my ADHD usually gets the better of me.
        DH and I are venturing out in this bitter cold to finish a bit of shopping today, so far we have nothing (not even ideas) for his parents. And, I heard from DS last night he is coming to take me shopping on Wed. so I can finish DH. After that the fun part comes, wrapping and giving. Hope to get some sewing done today, may try a bit of night owl sewing.

        Stay warm every one, this bitter cold seems to be all over.

        Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


          Re: Last Monday Before Christmas...

          How fast it came didn't it! I'm setting goals too. I bought myself a present this AeroGarden. I live on two acres and there are too many trees to get enough sun to grow any herbs. So my goal is mostly around cooking. I'm going to fit in some sewing too

          I just need to wrap one HUGE present for my grandson and am thinking of a way to not waste paper. lol
          🌺 Lorie


            Re: Last Monday Before Christmas...

            Morning all. Christmas visits here today so will be a lot of catch-up and gift exchange but no sewing.
   is Little Olive? Have been thinking about her.
            Our little guy always loved the snow too. He was a mutt and gave us many laughs. This will be our first Christmas Day without him.
            Still sometimes...I will catch myself listening for him on the stairs.


              Re: Last Monday Before Christmas...

              Morning all,
              Going to get in the sewing room today a start the major clean upfrom the Christmas sewing. Want to have a a clean start for the new year.

              Embroidery machine needs to go in for a service/ check up it is not stitching properly. was fine in the morning when I went to sew, in the afternoon it wasn't stitching properly. The only thing I can think of is I purchased an alphabet font and when I started stitching with it it all went downhill. I gave the machine a thorough cleaning, changed the needle, thread, etc. to no avail. So it's officially packed up for when I can get it in for servicing. Already I'm missing using it. Just glad the gifts were finished before it broke.
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                Re: Last Monday Before Christmas...

                Monday Morning Greetings! A welcome sunny day. We may see above freezing temps. today -- for a change! It was only 2 deg. this a.m. I'm sure the wind chill was below 0. Most of the city streets are compact snow & ice. It's been too cold for several days for any thawing. I've been out already for a lab draw. Needed to have my Hgb. A1C checked. I see the dr. Wed. for a follow-up.

                After finishing up the Christmas mail last week, it's been nice to resume sewing at last. I'm sewing the sashing strips & corner stones on to the Broken Orange Peel blocks. It's coming along.

                At noon, I'll be having a La Stones massage. Ever have one? It's a massage with special smooth rocks of varying sizes that are heated. The therapist uses almond oil to lube up your skin, then uses the heated rocks to do the massage instead of her hands. It's such a relaxing massage! I'm looking forward to it. It's 90 min. rather than just 60 min.

                I hope everyone has a good day.