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Snowy Saturday

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    Snowy Saturday

    Thought I would get us started.

    Spent an hour shovelling this morning. DH had shoulder surgery in January and I'm letting his shovel in moderation, besides he had to go to work. Fortunately, it was the light stuff and not packing snow. Glad I got out there and did it because it started freezing rain and snow while I was out there. We're supposed to be going to see Rogue One tonight, but I'm seriously wondering if that is going to happen. Unfortunately, I have advance tickets and they're non-transferrable etc. Sigh.

    I was making a small zippered bag for DH to keep some stuff in and managed to make it without the lining! Duh. Gonna make one and hand sew it in this morning. Thing is, I didn't even realize it until I turned it right side out. That's really silly of me!

    This last week or so, I decided that I have had more than enough with my Janome and I will be replacing her. I'm just sick of fighting with the machine. So I did some more research and went out and test drove. Even though I have a serious case of Bernina envy, I have decided that I will be purchasing a Babylock Aria. This is the machine that I REALLY wanted to buy last year, but didn't because of the $. I'm gonna bite the bullet this time, just not sure when.

    Have a safe and warm Saturday peeps.

    Re: Snowy Saturday

    Morning all,
    A snowy day here, had 2-3" overnight and now it's raining. Good day to be in. Sitting here with a cup of coffee and the fireplace going, all I need now is a good book and I wouldn't get up!
    Finished stitching the snowman for my sister, just blocking some of the pieces before I put it together. Started working on the quilt labels yesterday hope to get them finished this weekend.
    Will start some cookie baking this coming week and enjoy the quiet before Christmas and the arrival of 12 dinner guests.

    Wishing everyone a good day and hope you're all staying warm.
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      Re: Snowy Saturday

      Good morning all. Yup, there's some white stuff out there but it's raining on top of it now. Got to get out there and get some shoveling done before I head up to the sewing room and finish off what I need to for the craft fair this evening. I hope there is a good turnout. I think the rain is supposed to stop by later today so maybe people will still come out. I did this fair last year too and did well. However it seems that some of the "space" rules have changed this year and since I'm sharing the table with another vendor (we go in on it together) we are thinking we will have to do some creative setting up.

      OK, got to get myself in gear and get dh out there too. His plan was just to let the snow sit and hope the rain washes it away. I am of the mind set that if it doesn't rain enough to wash it all away, then if it freezes, we will need to deal with frozen piles instead of just wet.

      Have a good day all.
      Ginny B
      Levittown, NY


        Re: Snowy Saturday

        Snowing here on the East coast too. So glad we finally found someone for snow removal as after doing it here for almost 57 years we've had it. Still remember our first snow storm here in Jersey. We had only been here a few weeks and a big snow storm was on the way. We rushed out to get some food supplies and while putting them away I somehow turned wrong and dislocated my knee. The 1st aide squad had to dig their way into our house and brought me to local doctor who came out to the ambulance to get the knee back in place.

        Next day I was out of commission indoors with a big hurtful swollen knee while DH did the rest of the snow removal. Later in the afternoon our 2 and 4 year old went out to help him while I watched from the window. They went into the garage to put the shovels away so I started to make some hot chocolate to warm them up. When they came in Bob our 4 yr. old was missing. We were in a panic as it was getting dark and the snow was piled along the streets a lot higher than Bob. DH jumped into the car and drove around and found Bob trudging along with his little sled. Seems while he was helping DH clear the snow on our driveway some older kids passed by talking out sledding down the hill so he followed them. We had only moved here a few weeks before and he certainly didn't know his way around the area let alone the street name and house number. I still get a sense of panic each time it snows until everyone is back home safely.
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          Re: Snowy Saturday

          The weather is bitter cold here and it's just going to get worse as the day progresses. We cancelled our trip to Cuba to show the apartments. Ice is a huge problem here.

          My DD opened her Gift quilt yesterday and loves it. She says she now has enough quilts. Can you tell she didn't inherit the quilt gene!

          Stay safe and warm everyone and have a wonderful day.

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Snowy Saturday

            We got 2" of snow over night. Low temp. was 3 deg. at our house--colder other places in town. The high today is supposed to be only 10 deg. & below 0 tonight. Wind chills are much colder. A snow angel from our church will be by later to shovel our snow. I'm headed out shortly to the LQS that is having its annual open house with refreshments & bargains on merchandise. I don't "need" anything, but ya never know what might be a good buy! DH wanted me to stay in due to the snow & cold temps., but 2" of snow & the cold is not enough to keep me home, when I've been looking forward to this event for a month.

            I finally got back to sewing yest. I cut the sashing & corner stones for the Broken Orange Peel quilt that has been on my fam. rm. floor for many days. I also got some of the sashing & corner stones sewn on. I do that by sewing them on each individual block, rather than making a long row like Jenny does. I think things match up better. It's just easier for me. I hope to get more sewing done later today.

            I hope everyone has a good week end.


              Re: Snowy Saturday

              We woke up to a blanket of snow...almost 7 inches. It has stopped now, but could start up again anytime if the sky is any clue. At least it is the light and fluffy kind that can be shoveled easily!

              Going to bake some cookies and finish up a couple of folded Christmas ornaments for the members of my bowling team. We always vow not to exchange gifts, but as the Team Captain, I just like to do something for each of them. There are only 4 to make and I have them all cut, so it won't take too long.

              Christmas baking is almost done, but want to make a few cookies to give away to neighbours and friends who drop in. Just confirmed that we will be celebrating "Christmakah" (Christmas and Hanukkah) with our Jewish friends at our place on Christmas Day, so I am really excited about that!

              Have a great day, enjoy the weather from the inside and keep safe if you must go out in the storm.
              "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


                Re: Snowy Saturday

                Well I was up and about this morning!! Did a good clean then got the tree and decs out - not as many this year as we will be at our DD on Christmas day. Went on to making 8 dozen mince pies for various people but all that standing played havoc with my hips and back so instead of finishing DD quilt I am sitting watching TV with some knitting!!
                Tomorrow I will be leading the carol service at my church so need to be kind to myself until then!!