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And so this is Friday!!

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    And so this is Friday!!

    Good morning from frigid Quebec! IT'S COLD! It's close to -30C, so that's -22F. COLD baby.

    So what did I do yesterday? Nothing, not even sewing. Today we leave for Montreal. I have brought some crochet cotton with me so I can make some dishcloths. They have a pool at the hotel so I did pack my swim suit but not sure if this whale is going to go in or not. I bought a new suit, since I am boobless, and I brought shorts to wear over top, we shall see, or not.

    The only thing close to sewing was teaching my little friend Elaina how to make a quilted Christmas ornament last night. She was asked to come after school as her parents were going to be a little late. We didn't get it finished but she went home with the remaining fabric and pins to finish at home and I sent her mom the video on how to continue. If Maizyn lived closer I would be teaching her all this stuff.

    I think I am all packed and ready to go. Hubby has to pack yet. And I am bringing my Grace frame, that I purchased many years ago, because it is sold!! Sold it cheap, got what I paid for it back then. I am glad it is going to a good home. It was just too big for my little house. It was my new daughter-in-law's mom who saw it here and thought she had a friend who would be interested.

    I am feeling better but still stuffed up from the cold.

    Got to get a move on. Have a great weekend friends. I am back home on Monday and I will tell you all about the wedding.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: And so this is Friday!!

    -22F??? Man and I thought 7F was bad. Someone gave me a long raccoon coat when I was living up in Canada. And, yes, it got good use during many of the winters. I brought it back with me to WV and have only worn it once (and it was tooooo hot). I refuse to get rid of it. I will never be cold again!
    Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


      Re: And so this is Friday!!

      Be safe in your travels Monique.

      I ended up having an adventure yesterday. I went out to the HandiQuilter dealer to rent time on her machine to finish the one Christmas quilt that I have completed. It was snowing on the way there and the fast lane of the 3 lane highway I take to get out there hadn't been plowed from the snow the night before. It was slow going and it went really poorly. I couldn't easily stitch in the ditch, nor could I work well with rulers (never used those before), so I decided that I was going to have to finish it at home. Not looking forward to putting it through my Janome, but I don't have much choice. At least I have time on my hands right now. I figure I'm gonna do a little bit every day to keep from getting overwhelmed, which is what usually happens when I'm quilting a quilt.

      While there, I test drove 2 BabyLock machines and have decided that my Janome is going to be replaced by a BabyLock, more than likely a BabyLock Aria. So, I will end up having BabyLock only in my house. I'm ok with that.

      Have a safe and happy weekend peeps. Only 8 more days to Christmas.


        Re: And so this is Friday!!

        Morning Everyone,

        It-s 10 degrees with wind this morning. The Girls and I are snuggled in and nice and warm.

        Little Olive had to be taken to the vet yesterday due to the amount of bleeding we were seeing. She got a shot and she seems to be a little better today. Dottie's foot is much better but she insists she still needs to be carried....that's so Dottie! Olive is a feather compared to Dottie.

        My DD's quilt, which should have arrived Monday, arrived late yesterday. I'm relieved about that. She hasn't opened it because it arrived just as she was leaving for work. She was able to put it in the house. I'm sure I'll get a call today.

        Monique, wishing you and Les a safe trip and a wonderful time at the wedding.

        GrammaTerry, thank you for the sweet note.

        Did anyone watch the Pentatonix Christmas Special Wednesday evening....their vocals are incredible!!!

        Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: And so this is Friday!!

          Up earlier than usual for me today. The little's spent the night, so we had to get them up, ready, and drive them to school. Been sewing like crazy to try to make up for the 3 weeks I was really ill. I do have to run out for a bit today, to purchase DH's main Christmas gift....took me a while to think of something for him that he doesn't already have and may want. Once it actually popped into my steroid induced brain, it was actually the perfect gift. After I get home from that little jaunt, I will be back at my machine, playing catch up. I guess whatever I can get done, will have to do. Blessings to all, and prayers for those in need.
          Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



            Re: And so this is Friday!!

            Good Morning!!! I am very thankful that today is Friday and this week is over. I had two dental appointments this week - on Tuesday, the dentist filled 4 fillings and on Wednesday one filling. I hate having dental work done - the needles and I don't get along. I am however thankful for a wonderful dentist and living where I can get dental work done. Then yesterday was a meeting that I had not been looking forward to - it didn't go too bad but between it and the weather, I had a migraine. So thankful for a sweet little baby boy that I could snuggle up with for us to nap together yesterday afternoon.

            The yucky, cold weather is suppose to start moving in today and be bitterly cold by Sunday. I'm glad that there no where that I have to go this weekend and I can sent dh to the store if need be.

            Monique, have a wonderful time at the wedding and safe travel journey.

            Have a wonderful Friday everyone


              Re: And so this is Friday!!

              Lyndaj ~ My dealer, who used to carry other brands of machines like Pfaff & Viking, now carries only Baby Lock. I still sew on my Viking (new 3 yrs. ago), so I haven't tried any of the Baby Locks except for my Tiara II table model LA, which I love. Now he sells the III as well as the stand-up LA. I never wanted a stand-up frame; I'm very satisfied with the table model. It takes up just 30" x 54" of space. Before I got it, I did FMQ on many quilts on my DSM.

              Safe travels Monique. I hope you feel ok for the wedding, etc. That's some mighty cold temps. up there, where are moving our way. It's supposed to be bitter cold this week-end. It's cloudy & 32 deg. here this a.m. It's supposed to snow tonight, then be below 0 tonight & tomorrow. Brr. Our LQS is having it's annual Christmas open house tomorrow. DH is asking me not to go because of the cold weather. It's an event I've been looking forward to, so I probably will brave the cold & the snow to go.

              I think I finished up the last of my Christmas mail yest. so I can finally do some sewing again. I wrapped presents yest. eve. & packed a box for my gr. dau. She lives only 90 min. away, but it's not possible to get together due to DH's health. He can't tolerate the stress of visitors, even family. I got to see that new darling great grandson (born in Oct.) only once so far! E-mailed pics help.

              I hope everyone has a good week-end. Stay warm!


                Re: And so this is Friday!!

                Happy Friday everyone

                Jeepers, it is COLD!!! The only time I feel warm is either in bed or the shower...and my hot water tank isn't big enough for me to stay there all day!

                Monique I hope you are feeling just fine for the wedding. Safe travels to Montreal (my home town)!
                JCY - the weather system that is going to arrive here tonight bringing upwards of 10 inches of snow is a Colorado Clipper, so you should be over the storm in time for your LQS Christmas party.
                Bubby - prayers for little Olive.
                Blessings to all and those who follow!

                I'm off to finish decorating the tree and hopefully get some baking done. Good day to stay in and be productive. Maybe I'll even get to sew a little if I get everything else done!

                "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


                  Re: And so this is Friday!!

                  OMG!! The holiday break can NOT come fast enough for me!!! Seriously!! I am off starting at noon on the 23rd and return on the 2nd. And I reallllly need this break. We have two people who are on sick leave and a new person hired who should never have been!
                  So I am buried alive doing everyone's job but my own! Today was particularly brutal because I had to clean up a HUGE MESS created by someone else. uhg. SOOOOO glad it's friday!! Haven't had time to read everyone's posts...but I'm sending lots of love to you all!! xoxox


                    Re: And so this is Friday!!

                    Well Friday has gone for me over in England and we are just past midnight.
                    I had planned to finish DD quilt over the last 2 evenings but not been feeling too well so have sat in the chair with my feet up, still I have started a bit of knitting for the babies at the hospital I work at, will probably finish the little blankets over the Christmas break.
                    Tomorrow i need to bake 7 dozen mince pies for various people and do a good clean before getting the tree and decs out - am very late this year with those. So as my late MIL used to say "shake a leg girl"!! Don't have time to feel poorly AND Sunday I will be leading the carol service at my church so need to be OK for that!!


                      Re: And so this is Friday!!

                      I feel for you. I have a friend who still works, although I feel she should be retired. She is at wits end with people quitting at her work and she gets VolunTold to do their work besides hers. Now she has too many bosses all pulling on her, and she is getting nothing done right. And the owner's wife comes in and tells her what to do, even though she knows not what she is doing. Oh, and need I mention she is paid barely above minimum wage for her type of work. I can only support my friend with counsel and wine, as I will help her find other work in the new year. She is a good person, who has had a difficult life, health wise, and deserves better.
                      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.