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Hoot From a Cold Night Owl

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  • Judy, USMC
    Re: Hoot From a Cold Night Owl

    COLD here too! Spent the day finishing up some UFO - nothing major ... just a seam or two on each one. I do have a baby quilt that I have to get done before I leave; it's for the Guest Services Manager. My 3 weeks are up on Sunday but Steve says get another week - and this same unit is available so no moving. We'll finally decide when he gets here.

    That's it from my nest - what about you?

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  • kimsophia
    started a topic Hoot From a Cold Night Owl

    Hoot From a Cold Night Owl

    Brrrr, hoot! Actually it was colder last night but the only part of my body that's been outside in days is my right arm tonight, shaking out a bathroom rug. And it felt icy out there!

    I did a bit of stitching but spent much more time cleaning the downstairs shower stall with a rotating brush I got on Amazon. It fits on our power drill! It did a great job on the glass, less well on the fiberglass...

    How's your nest?!