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It's Thursday

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    It's Thursday

    Good morning everyone. Where is everyone?

    Still sick with the cold. I did get to see a doctor yesterday but they don't give out antibiotics very easily these days. Sinuses hurt like heck. So a nasal rinse and a nasal spray. Maybe alcohol will kill this bug I have.

    Today I will pack, we leave tomorrow for Montreal. The wedding is on Sunday so I won't be back until Monday sometime.

    I feel well enough to go sew something today, so I am hoping to get into the sewing room.

    The polar vortex has hit and it's cold as heck out there this morning. Was in checking on Doug, we aren't going anywhere today.

    I wish you all a grand day today.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Thursday

    Travel in this weather is not the best, Monique. Safe journeys.... It's very cold here in NE Ohio, too. We have a winter storm from that polar vortex and it's socking us in. I live on the side of town that gets little snow - last week's storm gave us under 2 inches but the east side got 2 feet. Yes, feet. Today the snow is calf deep and my poor little Tucker was up to his patootie. At first he was delighted and jumped around like a maniac. Then reality set in and he realized there was nothing to sniff at and the snowbanks from the plows were over his head.2016-12-15 08.40.18.jpg

    Just to make life more interesting, my furnace quit. No one asked if I wanted a more interesting life today, but that's what i was given. So to make the best of it, since the street crews are overwhelmed right now and the wind chill is -12 deg F I am going to bake bread and make my fave blueberry cream muffins. Then on to soup. Anything to generate heat. I have a ceramic space heater, so I can place it beside my sewing area and work on my units for my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. That furnace guy better get here today. Guess I could offer a muffin bribe....


      Re: It's Thursday

      Midge your doggie looks adorable in the snow! Monique, be careful on your drive...maybe allow some extra time. The roads here are brutal! Took me an extra 15 min to get to work today. Thankfully no shoveling required.

      Not much new here...trying to get through the xmas season which always brings me down but of course even worse these days. I am done most of my shopping with only a few things left to do. The university closes down from the 24th to the 2nd so I will have a nice enjoyable break with NO work being generated while I am away! That will be pleasant! Going to extended family for dinner on xmas day so looking forward to that...will miss the leftovers tho so may do a chicken dinner in between.

      I know I've been awoll for a, work and just the blues I I'm off to catch up on everyone and make sure you all are well. Sending lots of love and hugs to everyone! Stay warm! xoxo


        Re: It's Thursday

        I have been flitting in and out, too, Wendy. Just a busy time of the year for everyone. We do 3 Christmases and the first one is this Saturday. I finished shopping for that yesterday. Nothing wrapped, but at least its in house. Heading to the grocery store today so I can at least feed everyone. Then topping the evening off with another of DS's BB games. Still no tree or decorations - if I can squeeze something in, I will. If not, we'll do without. We'll just enjoy being together.

        Monique, safe travels for the wedding.
        Midge, Tucker is adorable. I hope you stay warm with all that cooking!
        Have a great day, everyone!


          Re: It's Thursday

          Hi Everyone,

          I'm sick today along with Olive. Little O ate a little bit this morning. Jeff stayed home from work today to take care of us. I had a Doctor On Demand appointment early this morning and already have my meds. Olive goes to see her doctor tomorrow.

          Take care everyone...I'm going off the grid for several hours.

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: It's Thursday

            Monique. so sorry you are under the weather. Nothing worse than a cold....but mine always end up in my lungs and I get terribly ill. Prayers that you get well before the wedding. I finally got my secret santa items finished and in the mail (yes my ss was aware that mine would be late due to illness) Got those all wrapped and in the mail yesterday, and should arrive Monday. I hope she is happy with them.
            After that DH and I went Christmas shopping......I would rather have surgery than go shopping with that man. Got most of it done though, between that, and the shopping I have done on line. A few more little things, and I will be done. DD is supposed to come today and wrap her stuff (she has no where to hide it...and I just refused to wrap it all this year) DH has done almost all of the wrapping thus far. It may not be how I would do it, but it is done. My plan is to sew up some last minute easy gifties for the DIL's.
            Tree is up (real tree), and has lights...the plan was to let the grands decorate it, but DD is on vacation this week, so no grands. Might just wait til she goes back to work. Not doing as much decorating as in the past....just not up to it. I feel much better, but still not 100% back.
            Well off to read the forum, and then get busy.
            Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



              Re: It's Thursday

              I'm late to the discussion today. It's after 4 p.m. I spent the whole morning in the kitchen making DH's chicken soup from scratch. I made an extra large batch today; it made 12 qts. which have gone into the freezer. After lunch, I worked more on Christmas mail & got 25 cards/letters ready before our mailman came by. I hope that's the last of them.

              Wow, we had a heat wave today! After a frosty start of 18 deg., it warmed up to 64 this afternoon. I call it the "warm before the storm", which is a frequent pattern here. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow eve. & bitter cold temps. over the week-end -- probably below 0. We freq. pray for the furnace & our appliances to keep working & the power to stay on. That Polar Vortex is brutal. It's headed our way.

              I hope those who are under the weather with colds, etc. feel better soon. Also Barb's doggie, Olive. Wishing everyone the best.


                Re: It's Thursday

                I had a terrible day! I was off of work so thought I could get some cookies baked. Hoped to get going on baking by 10 am. Well that didn't happen. I had a few bills to pay but first had to wade through the EOB forms from the insurance company. Oops one missing, so needed to call them. Well you know "my call is very important" to them I guess that's why I was on hold so long waiting to talk to a real person. So while I was waiting I got a stack of Christmas cards signed and addressed. So I have the stack of cards there, I finally get connected to a real person, and I have my bills and EOBs nicely fanned out in front of me so I can find the ones I have questions on. So I reach over to get one and I spill an entire cup of coffee! It gets on everything! My checkbook, all the medical bills, the EOBs and my Christmas cards!!! Oh and of course I had a cloth tablecloth on the table so that got soaked too. It is amazing how fast spilled coffee can travel sideways and get on everything. Well it took half the afternoon to dry all the paperwork out, they all have brown coffee stains, the cards weren't stamped yet, I am debating with myself to mail them or throw them out. By the time I got back from the bank and cleaned the mess up it was 3:30, almost time to make dinner. But I forged ahead, made dinner and cookies, then I had the most ginormous mess in my kitchen which I also cleaned up. My dh would have helped but he has been sick the last couple days so I made him lay down. So I totally get it why some people start drinking at 3 in the afternoon!!!

                And it is freezing cold here, around zero with 8-11 inches of snow expected between Friday and Saturday. Well at least my Christmas shopping is done, so if I want to stay home I can!!!