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Oh dear it's Wednesday

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    Oh dear it's Wednesday

    I spent the better part of the day sleeping yesterday. The neti pot came out, I have been using that. It's the headache I can not tolerate. Dang sinuses. AND now the cold is moving into my chest. LOVELY!!

    I am not sure if I am taking Doug to city today or tomorrow. We will be leaving on Friday instead of Saturday for the wedding. I hope I feel better by then.

    Have a great day friends.
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    Re: Oh dear it's Wednesday

    Morning, Monique I'm sorry you are still so sick. Keep steaming yourself, stay warm, rest, and force yourself to drink lots of tea and water. My Grandma used to say a cold took 3 days coming, 3 days with you and 3 days leaving.

    We picked our Olive up last evening. She was still so groggy she couldn't stand up. Dottie goes to the groomer today but Olive is too weak. She had nothing to eat all day yesterday and just a sip or two of water before she went to bed for the night last night. She is also still bleeding from the tests. Dr Tom says she looks worse inside than a few months ago when all this started. Now we wait for the results to come back.

    I will check in later. I have to get ready to leave for Houston with Dottie. I don't like driving in the dark.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day...

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Oh dear it's Wednesday

      Good morning everyone. Hope you're feeling better soon Monique - pay attention to the good advice from Bubby.

      Bubby - Oh poor little Olive - hope she is feeling better soon.....will continue to send prayers up for her...and you too girlfriend.

      Going to the dinner theatre with a group of our condo friends to see A Christmas Carol. This will be our first Senior bus trip - wish us luck.

      I started making the present blocks yesterday - not liking them so much. I don't know if it's my cutting or what but they are coming out all wonky. Maybe once I get them all done and put together they'll look better - at least I hope so.

      Have a great day everyone


        Re: Oh dear it's Wednesday

        Morning all! Monique hope you stat feeling better soon. Will send healing thoughts out to you and to little Olive for speedy recoveries.
        I wanted to stay home and sew today. But an item I ordered did not come into walmart for pickup till I was home last night. So that means I go out this morning to get it and a few other items. I did get a new NCW cut out for myself this morning some meatballs for tonights dinner of swedish meatballs and some laundry done this morning. Still waiting on my labels from INKAPRINT. tracking from France is sketchy but it shows they came in and left Roanoake VA on the 10th and have been in Transit to destination since maybe today is the lucky day. Have a wonderful day all. Many hugs.
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          Re: Oh dear it's Wednesday

          Sending positive thoughts to Monique and little Olive.

          I'm taking the Christmas quilt to long arm today. I'm not all that excited this time as I won't be simply stipling and I'm kind of scared that it will turn out poorly.

          I decided to reorg the tables in my sewing room yesterday. I just can't stand it anymore. While it works better space wise in this configuration, it isn't any better sadly. DH and I need to get to figuring out what he is going to build me to hold this debacle. I have been considering buying a Tutto bag for my monster Babylock serger, but that will be close $300 with tax. All it's ever gonna do is hold the machine as I don't think I will be going to other classes with it. Not sure what to do on that.

          Will be happy when I'm home from quilting this quilt so that I can bind it and be done with it. Then I will be cutting the fabric for my M-I-L's one block wonder quilt. They are a lot of fun.

          Have a great day everyone.


            Re: Oh dear it's Wednesday

            Morning all..
            Monique, I hope you are better very soon... no fun to be sick.
            Barb - ohhh... just worrying about Olive with you
            Carol - I love dinner theater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            April - you are busy!
            Lynda - I can't wait to see the quilt

            So yesterday, I ordered a bag of Lindt Peppermint Cookie Milk Chocolate Truffles (yes. they are as good as that sounds - think girl scout thin mint, but better). This is a gift for my DD's boyfriend, and they are nowhere in sight in any store! Luckily, the Lindt company is just in NH, so it shouldn't take too long to get here. I won't tell you what I paid for shipping for a bag of chocolate because it's obscene. Let's just say that DD's boyfriend is a special young man and worth the effort. We had seen this new flavor in the Lindt store at the outlets right after Thanksgiving, and we figured we could pick some up for Christmas, but they are sold out now (and I was even willing to make the 45 minute drive to get them there...). Lesson learned.
            Anyway - much to do today - hugs and prayers for those who need them


              Re: Oh dear it's Wednesday

              Got to get out today but not looking forward to it as it's COLD at there. Will figure out the best and quickest way to do our errands and get back to our warm house, better make a list so I don't forget anything.

              Feel better Monique and Olive too,


                Re: Oh dear it's Wednesday

                Monique--Feel better
                Barb--Sending best wishes to Olive (and to you)
                Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.
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                  Re: Oh dear it's Wednesday

                  Saying prayers for Olive, too. It's so hard to have our fur babies ill.

                  Just trying to stay warm.. temp 13F. layered on the clothes and turned the thermostat up a couple of degrees. I don't remember suffering from the cold like I am this year. Must have been that last birthday present I didn't want but glad to have them! DD#2 thoughtfully gave me soft & warm leggings. They are better than long johns!!

                  It's so cold I had to put a sweater on Boomer before he would get out of bed

                  Yup, I think next year I am visiting DD#1 in Florida...!!

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