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Tuesday and I am on the sick list

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    Tuesday and I am on the sick list

    Sick sick sick I tell ya. I have a cold but my head is just pounding this morning. Netti pot time. I don't think much will get accomplished today. I did two loads of laundry yesterday and finished up another table runner. I have one more runner in the works and then to make Jodi an apron.

    I hope I feel better by the weekend as I have Greg's wedding to go to. Alcohol kills germs right? So it's a killer cure, it will either kill me or cure me, LOL!!

    Have a great day everyone! I may just sleep today away.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

    Good morning Monique - so sorry you are feeling bad. Sending big {{{HUGS}}} and prayers for quick healing. It's no fun being sick at this busy time of year.

    Had a great day yesterday - it was my birthday and I just putzied around and did whatever I wanted. Then a group of our friends/neighbors took DH and I out for happy hour and drinks. I night have had one glass of wine too many - but heck you don't turn 72 every day -LOL!!!

    One of the things I did yesterday was make boat load of chirstmas pillow cases for myself - that was fun!!! But I really need to get on the stick and make a few table runners for gifts - the big day is fast approaching......I just can't seem to get myself in the cutting out mood.

    Have a great day everyone


      Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

      Monique - I hope you feel better, love
      Carol - Happy Birthday - I'm glad that you enjoyed your day!

      I haven't been on much the past few weeks - I'll be on more after the new year I'm sure!
      God has blessed my DD with a job - yay!! Perfect timing, since she pretty much only has finals left for school, then she is done! It's a part time position to start, but I have a feeling that once they see how capable she is, they'll find other things for her to do
      We have a few parties coming up, they should be fun. One of them involves a Yankee Swap, and yesterday at Costco, I saw a GIANT Lindt truffle - I am sooo going to bring that and watch people trying to take it home with them! It's actually a clear plastic ball inside, filled with truffles - so cute.
      Ok, I must be productive - I hope everyone has a great day!


        Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

        Good morning all. Sorry you are feeling under the weather Monique. Get some rest and I'm sure you will be fine for a fun time this weekend. I woke up with a headache and body aches so I decided to stay home today. Went back to sleep for a bit and just got up and made myself a cup of tea. I will be spending the day in cozy sweats today and maybe spend some time sewing or playing with my embroidery machine.

        Carol, belated Birthday greetings. Sounds like you had a fun time. Congrats to your dd on the job Songbird. Yay!

        Have a good Tuesday everyone. Keep warm......cold weather is sweeping over a lot of us.
        Ginny B
        Levittown, NY


          Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

          Morning, I just got home from food shopping here in town. I love it when I have the store to myself or almost to my self.

          Our little Olive goes to the hospital for her biopsies today. She has been whimpering for water since she got up. This whole thig breaks my heart. We can bring her home this evening. Results will take a few days.

          Sorry you feel so bad, Monique. I hope you can kick the bug quickly so you can have a good weekend. I heard from Blondie yesterday and she's had a terrible cold, too.

          Norma, so glad your DD got a job!!

          Carol, sorry we missed your birthday yesterday....Happy Belated wishes. It sounds like you had a good day.

          Wishing everyone a nice day.

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

            Morning all,
            Just jumping in for a quick hello, have to get a jump start all all I have to do today.
            Barb- prayers for little Olive.
            Monique- hope your feeling yourself fo r the wedding.
            Happy Belated Birthday Carol sorry I missed it.
            Congrats on the new job, hope it turns into a full time position for your daughter.
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              Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

              Monique, Hope your cold gets better ASAP so you can enjoy the weekend wedding. I think a day in bed or on the couch with some hot chocolate is called for. I had been feeling pretty sick the past few days and am happy to awake feeling a lot better but will still continue the hot chocolate remedy.

              Carol, So happy you had a Happy BDay with your DH and friends.

              Need a coffee refill, PT around noon and then plan to go to Kohl's for last few gifts, earrings for my DIL and one DGD.
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                Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

                Monique, so sorry you're feeling poorly. I too am on day 5 of having the crud, fever, chills, aches, coughing, swollen glands and this morning I get to add nausia to the list. I think it's time for you and I to both start consuming large doses of vitamins C & V - in the form of Screwdrivers (OJ & Vodka).

                Bubby, keeping Olive in my prayers. Give her an extra hug from all of us. Our furkids are so special and I know it's breaking your heart that she doesn't understand what's going on.


                  Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

                  The sun is up, but the weather is expected to change in the next 24 hrs. More snow & cold weather are predicted. I'm also headed to Kohl's today. Need a baby outfit for GGS#2, who now is 2 mos. old & such a cutie. Also need to run to W-M for prescriptions & a couple things. I'll make my errands as quickly as possible since DH is feeling not so good & quite weak. I don't like to leave him for long. He gets anxious when left alone.

                  I've been working on Christmas mail for the past few days. I've printed over 100 letters already. I've done a Christmas letter every year since 1970. It's an annual tradition, which started with my parents. I still enjoy receiving snail mail & viewing the beautiful Christmas cards. However, I wish some folks would do more than just sign their name, esp. when you hear from them only once a year. We called a long time friend Sun. afternoon. He & his 1st wife (who died of brain cancer) introduced DH & me in 1974. She said it was going to be the one & only time she'd play cupid. DH & I lived 100 mi. from each other, but they got us together, & things worked out in God's timing. Our friend sang & his wife played the organ for our wedding. We've been married 41 yrs. Not sure how much longer I'll have DH with me, but we take things one day at a time.

                  Time to get my breakfast & head out to the stores.


                    Re: Tuesday and I am on the sick list

                    Monique...feel better soon!
                    Barb...I thought about Olive this morning. It hurts so much when the furkids are sick.
                    songbird...I saw one of those Lindor balls at the store yesterday. I was tempted to buy as I love those chocolates but the price was too high for my budget. Just as well...I'd probably eat them all within a day.

                    I started decorating the living & kitchen area about an hour ago. I am already tired.
                    Decorating is just too much of a hassle. Isn't it awful to feel like that!
                    I used to spend hours getting my decor just right and now I just don't care.
                    I am getting old and grinchy.

                    Better get back to it...hope you all have a good day.