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    Sparkly Night Owl

    We have a serious case of glitter here!
    I made Cody's tutu for the fun run on Saturday. I couldn't find the tulle with the big sparkles, so I went with the glittery stuff. The green glitter is everywhere!
    Tonight Eric brought home the mail. In it was a lovely surprise! I am a lucky recipient of one of Bubby's snowflakes. They are stunning, and I am afraid it won't quite make it back into the box with the Christmas decorations at the end of the season!
    She sent it in a beautiful Christmas card that was liberally coated with fine iridescent glitter. The post office wasn't so delicate in its handling of the card and they managed to dislodge quite a bit of the glitter. To the point it was leaking out the corners.

    I imagine that my sweet husband dropped the envelopes from the PO box onto his jacket and hat when he got back in the truck. My husband has the sparkles now! I told him it is just Christmas dust and he should share the Merry wherever he goes! He just laughed and shook his head.
    He even thinks the snowflake is amazing.
    Thank you Barb for bringing a twinkle to our lives this Christmas!
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    Re: Sparkly Night Owl

    Hey Cathy, aren't Bubby's snowflakes beautiful. I have a couple on my tree too. This year she sent an embroidered ballerina. The details on in are amazing.

    Guess who took a nap under her Grinch quilt yesterday.............I did! I fell asleep with a big grin on my face.

    Are you ready for Christmas yet? Our tree is up and decorated but the house looks like something exploded in here.
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      Re: Sparkly Night Owl

      It's a great looking ornament! You are lucky to have Bubby as a friend.

      Got some more pillowcases done. Thanks to the forum members here I got a lot of good advice and recommendations. The best thing I learned is that - unless it is a VERY special directional fabric - non-directional is what I'll want to use next time!

      Steve's doctor sent him to the ER today. He had what looked like a bruise under a fingernail ... turned out to be an infection. They had to split the nail to drain it and he's on antibiotics 4 times a day. Of course I was ready to drive home but he said they already took care of it ... and his doctor will change the dressing Wednesday ... so there was nothing I could do. He wants to come up for the weekend but I'm due to check out Sunday. So I will probably be here until the 24th.

      Another cold wave coming for the north - hope everyone stays warm.


        Re: Sparkly Night Owl

        I did a bit of applique sewing tonight but my machine suddenly acted up. I think the invisible thread came out of the above-needle thread guide. By the time I got that fixed I was sick of sewing so I quit!

        I ordered this groovy cleaning brush on Amazon. I'm hoping it works as well as the rave reviews say. My shower doors have got scale that I can't get off and so does the metal track.

        We don't have all our little Christmas ornaments out but we do have the larger things out.


          Re: Sparkly Night Owl

          Oh that sweetheart Bubby, She's brightening so many Christmas trees with her beautiful snowflakes and dancers.

          Kim, Let us know how that new brush works out. I saw it on TV and it looks as if it would be great for those difficult to reach areas like showers and kitchen back splashes.