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more info on my newest tote....

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    more info on my newest tote....

    I found out this morning that Clobird has a new club starting up in January. Each month will feature a different designer and January's is Jessica Cruzan. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and makes gorgeous items from cork! She has one pattern at this time for a mans wallet, but she also sells hardware, zippers and cork.

    Here is the link for this new club.....

    The way I understand it, you can pay each month, bimonthly, or for a full year. I think the price for doing single months is $46 and that price includes the pattern, the fabric and the hardware to make the project.

    Anyway, check the link out. January's bag is the Hapai tote, by Jessica Cruzan. Again, here is the one I made....
    pj skelewag.jpg

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    Re: more info on my newest tote....

    That is pretty cool. It that real or faux leather?

    If it is faux, how well does it wear? I usually make my tote bottoms out of denim or corduroy for longer wear.
    I'm not sure Bernette would have enough power to go through leather and denim. But you have that burly industrial machine right? So no problem for you on that.
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