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Monday, another snow day

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    Monday, another snow day

    Yes another one again this week. It seems it only snows on Mondays around here. That means its another snow/sew day. I also need to do laundry today. And now I have a cold. Sinuses are full. UGH!! Feeling crappy today.

    Friday was a very productive day. I got all my Christmas cards written and mailed, close to 60 of them. I put the finishing touches on 3 projects as well. Saturday I finished another table runner, with another to finish today. I made a dress for Maizyn with the help of a forum friend here (I was missing a pattern piece). Yesterday we dropped in on a 90th birthday party for a member of our community and then it was off to the seniors home as they were having a Christmas party as well.

    I got to meet the veteran whom Phil visited on Remembrance Day. It still brings tears to his eyes when he talks about his visit with Phil. He touched beyond words. He shook my hand as did his wife. They are very nice people.

    So this week we will get ready for the wedding on Sunday. I hope the weather holds out. I will be saying lots of prayers.

    Christmas is fast approaching and I think I am somewhat ready. I need to get groceries to take to Phil's but that has to wait for payday.

    So on that note, have a wonderful day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Monday, another snow day

    Good morning all. Happy Monday. It was a very busy weekend. Got a lot of stuff done around the house, went to my embroidery machine lesson, got our Christmas tree and then yesterday, finished getting the outside decorated. We got a light dusting of snow after we finished and it looked so pretty. But no snow day here for us Monique. I do look forward to a day like that once in a while. It means no work to go to, no errands to run. Just staying home, hopefully spending some time sewing, making some soup or chili and just spending quiet "no rush" time with hubby. True, there is shoveling to do but usually the neighbors kids do quite a bit of it.

    Busy week ahead. Not too busy at work but lots of stuff at home to take care of like finishing the Christmas cards, getting the tree decorated, wrapping presents, and yes, some Christmas shopping. I also have some projects that need finishing for the craft fair on Saturday evening.

    On that note, let's see what I can get accomplished before work today. Be safe all of you dealing with nasty weather and roads.
    Have a good Monday everyone.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Re: Monday, another snow day

      Good morning, everyone! Yesterday I wrapped all of the presents. Today, I'm going in search of a few more. DH is home with a cold and I'm hoping I don't catch it. I want to make the Fold 'n Stitch wreath today too. Hope everyone has a good day and finds some time to sew!



        Re: Monday, another snow day

        This will be my third attempt to post this morning....things keep disappearing.

        It's foggy, drizzly and really cold. The Girls are napping and several loads of laundry are lined up to be washed.

        Over the weekend I tackled Jeff's clothes closet in our spare room. No wonder it was bulging...I found 30 brand new pairs of work pants hanging in there taking up so much space.! I packed 25 pairs into a tote, along with several other items, and took them to one of our storage units. After that, I was able to sort and make some sense of things. I thought he would fight me on this, but he's actually happy.

        Olive goes to the hospital tomorrow so we want to spend extra time with her today. Dottie's foot is a little better but she still can't walk. Jeff thinks she is enjoying being carried around!

        I hope everyone is safe and warm...have a good day everyone.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Monday, another snow day

          No snow here yet this year but have no fear we are prepared - finally got someone to do our snow removal when we get a big storm. We had several guys and one couple answer our ad but only one guy showed up to give an estimate. Did get gifts wrapped for mailing, most of our cards done also and a few decorations spread around so maybe I'll get ready to do a little baking. Want to get a box of biscotti off to a friend who lives out of state,

          Barb, give The Girls a hug from all of us.


            Re: Monday, another snow day

            Morning all, late getting here this morning. Had our Monday breakfast group then on to the errands, banking, and shoe shopping. Wanted to get a pair of black flats since I injured my knee and my balance is off heels are definetly out of the equation.
            Tomorrow night us our big Pilot Club holiday dinner it's always a great affair but a very busy event beforehand. It will be nice to get back to my slower pace when it's over and getting my things done that were set aside.
            I still have a little bit of my sister's gift to finish, 3 quilt labels to do, and a post office run to get gifts in the mail.

            Off to get a few more things organized. Hugs to all that may be under the weather and can use a few extra today.
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