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Cold and Snowy Night Owl

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    Cold and Snowy Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! We're going to have a winter wonderland here starting this weekend...four to eight inches of snow, although the deeper stuff will be north of us. And the cold and wind has been here for days already. Brrr! Good to stay home and sew!

    I finally got the block sewn that was complicated. An easier one is next. Whew.

    How are things in your nest? @,@

    Re: Cold and Snowy Night Owl

    It is cold around here but no snow. The weather has continued an up and down temperature and pressure which has lead to not pleasant migraines. Sewing project wise, I have some pillowcases to get made for Christmas gifts but can only work on them when the children are in bed as the pillowcases are for the children. This means not much has gotten done because a little one wants to be held and fed which is fine by me.

    I am going to head to bed while the little one is sleeping.

    Have a hoot of a night everyone


      Re: Cold and Snowy Night Owl

      I'm being productive - FINALLY! Got a baby quilt top done, 2 more pillowcases "burrito-ed," and one Big Star done that will be the focal point of a lap quilt. Got the Free Shipping DD and ordered backing for Steve's quilt so I'll be getting the book, too.

      Glad to hear you got through that complicated block, Kim. Charyti - have fun making the pillowcases - but please be careful and don't Burrito that little one!

      Cold temps at night but in the 40's during the day. Supposed to go up to almost 70 next week. Then back down into the 40's the following weekend. Nothing but ups and downs here - prime flu weather.

      Hope y'all stay well.


        Re: Cold and Snowy Night Owl

        I finished the tutu for tomorrow's fun run, and now it's time for some sleep.
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          Re: Cold and Snowy Night Owl

          We finally got the inside decorated ya! Thanks to DH. We still lack the outside (waiting for it to warm up some) but it goes so much faster than inside. DH ( now retired ) is also helping me with the shopping this year. I still lack our son 's present. He is my problem present this year can't think of a thing.

          Grandkids and DH went to a Christmas parade last weekend. The 4 year old was so excited jumping up and down and dancing They thru out candy, had firetrucks from all around and Santa. What more could a 4 year old want?

          Remember the scrappy quilt I made, the one my DG called a rainbow quilt. She took it to school for movie day. I guess she does like it.

          Enjoy the rest of your night and stay warm.
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