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Winter Night Owl

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    Winter Night Owl

    Brrr! With the wind chill it is too cold to hoot! It feels like 6 degrees! I jumped outside to shake a rug and realized that if the door locked behind me I would be in serious jeopardy... D:

    I hope everyone is staying warm. I hope we hear from Stationary Mom (Joan) soon and that she is recovering well from her graft surgery.

    I've tracing and cutting out applique block pieces. I had the Hairspray Live show on until the Warriors/Clippers game started.

    How are you? @,@

    Re: Winter Night Owl

    Steve came up for a visit today and we went to dinner. It WAS in the 50's during the day but the cold front is coming - highs supposed to be in the low to mid 40's - and down to 28 at night. That's cold for this area.

    Been working on cutting tumblers for a flag quilt; sewing pillowcases; finished a charity JRR; working on a disappearing 4 patch baby quilt; and in line to get an eagle panel quilt for Steve. We worked on the layout for it this afternoon. He picked out the fabric and it is "unique" to say the least. It's a batique in shades of blue, brown and .... orange! Not something I would have picked.

    Hope to hear from Joan soon, too. Y'all stay warm.


      Re: Winter Night Owl

      Finished getting some packages ready to go to the post office.. Getting my "mail outs" done early. Yippee..

      And trying to stay warm.. out hi today was 28F. With teens during the night. I layered on about 3 layers of clothes and still had to add the throw when sitting to watch tv. Furnace was working overtime, too.

      I threw the electric blanket on my nest and got it warming everything b4 I call it a night.

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        Re: Winter Night Owl

        It is cold here too!
        We have been getting winter storm warnings for the last two days. It has gone from 5-8" of snow now, to maybe a few inches. Several of the schools have preemptively closed schools for tomorrow and are planning early releases. If it is like the windstorm they predicted earlier this fall, it won't amount to anything.
        We are still dealing with frozen poultry waterers and chilly temps. Not horrible, but a bit inconvenient.

        My box from Connecting Threads arrived. I haven't completely dug out the Fons and Porter design wall, but I did peel open the packaging. I think I am glad I didn't pay more than a dollar for it. It feels even flimsier than the flannel backed vinyl picnic table cloths you can find on clearance for $2 at Joanns or Walmart. It does look to have a big grid on it, so that might be worth something. I'll know more once I can lay it out. I can't see it being worth $25 though.
        My fabrics are wonderful though. The jelly beans I bought for a backing are perfect! The fabric is thick and yet still has a smooth hand to it. I am liking the extra length of the thread spool with the color number printed on it too.

        I had better get tucked in the nest for the night. More stuff to get done tomorrow!
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