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It's Monday again

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    It's Monday again

    Good morning. Monday and it's snowing AGAIN. So that means another snow/sew day! AND hubby has to work so I get the whole day to myself.

    I have four projects that are sitting on my ironing table waiting to be sewn. So I am on a mission today.

    I was at a craft fair on Saturday and was able to find phentex slippers that my sister-in-law wants. I tried to knit but only got a row and a half made and gave up. Thankfully I was able to find some. I also bought a wrap for my boss for Christmas and my friend just happened to mention a festive lamp she saw at a local store so I bought that yesterday for her. Doug went half with me. I also got to the dress shop on Saturday as they were having a customer appreciation day and I scored a top and pants instead of a dress for the wedding. I will have more use with these than a dress. NOTHING fit me right except one dress, which I already own - 2 sizes smaller no less, which I wore for Phil's wedding. Anywho, I have my outfit.

    So things are coming along. My workshop has been busy. I made my niece (who is a hair dress) a fabric basket made with fabric that has scissors on it. I could not figure out how to attach the handles, pattern wasn't clear so I made it without attaching them. Now I found two scissor buttons that I will attach the handles with instead. I will take pictures. I wrote to Northcott and told them about the pattern not being well written.

    I have a busy week ahead, with Lionettes tomorrow night, our senior supper we put on on Wednesday night, and I work/quilt on Friday.

    So have an awesome day friends.
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    Re: It's Monday again

    Good morning Monique and all to follow. I had the Artisan Show this weekend and it went very well. I even sold out of all the microwave cozies on the first day and stayed up late on Saturday night sewing up 1 dozen more and came home with only one left. They were by far my most popular item. I have some orders to fill too but they are for fairly small quick-to-make items so I am not going to be overwhelmed -- just busy. I have one more craft fair before Christmas.

    Now I need to get Christmas going -- decorating needs to be done, Christmas cards need to be written out and shopping needs to happen. DH and I will try to get some of that done tonight and head to the mall for a bit after dinner. Wish us luck.

    Have a good Monday everyone.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Re: It's Monday again

      Good Morning.
      Flurries here this morning. Reports of slippery roads.

      Yesterday I worked many hours sewing my Drunkard's Path blocks. I was mouth-breathing due to a cold/stuffy nose and towards the evening, I could feel lint irritating my throat . It got me to thinking that perhaps quilters inhale lots of lint over time. Oh can't be any worse than other air pollution.

      Today I have lots of chores. I do enjoy Christmas but hate getting ready for it.Except for doing the quilty gifts!

      Have a great day.


        Re: It's Monday again

        Morning! Snow here also. My son had to call out of work as he could not get up the mountain with out sliding. That was around 4am. Hubby just left and the snow has stopped so looking like I will be heading to work in an hour. Working on a couple of projects one for a special friend, one for a co-worker. awaiting my labels hoping the do not take too long to come from Ikaprint.
        Have a great day all!
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          Re: It's Monday again

          Good Morning everyone. I have a busy day ahead of me. I deliver commodity food to shut-ins for a few hours this morning and then I deliver a few Meals On Wheels in the city of Licking. Luckily our snow won't arrive until Wednesday, so the roads will be dry.

          I got a call from Sherri (Shermur) last evening and we chatted for a while. When she moves to Springfield we should be able to get together once in a while for lunch and shopping. I don't envy her having to move so close to Christmas.

          This afternoon I plan to work on the binding on our Christmas quilt with hopes of having it completely done by Wednesday so I can finish up our neighbors' lighted tree wall hanging. Thursday the fabric will arrive for DDs runner to match her gift quilt and then I will be DONE until 2017! Once I get all my cards and packages in the mail I will be able to exhale.

          Wishing everyone a blessed day...Hugs

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: It's Monday again

            Good morning! I've already been quilting this morning and I'm headed back to the studio to do more shortly. This quilt is going to get finished this week for sure! I'll be glad to get it done and off to the fellow who asked for it...I don't plan to ever do another quilt by request unless it's for family.

            I have an hour long webinar to "attend" mid-morning for work, then I'm off to my guild's sit-n-sew this afternoon. All purchased Christmas gifts have been bought and those that needed shipping have arrived at their destinations. The outside of the house is decorated but I'm still debating on putting up a tree. Christmas is not a good holiday for me and it's hard to get in the spirit.
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              Re: It's Monday again

              Good morning everyone. Well, we finally have snow. Looks like about an inch or so out there.

              It was a fairly busy weekend. I finished my Christmas shopping on Friday. Yeah. On Saturday, I drove DH to Lee Valley and his favourite wood store. I decided to Google if there were any sewing shops in the area because David can spend hours at the wood store. Found this quaint little shop and brought home almost 4 meters of Christmas fabrics (4 different fabbys). Lovely lady owns the shop.

              I started Saturday by returning some products that I purchased on Friday included an eye cream that actually burned. I have sensitive skin and this product was marketed to folks like me. I have never had a product burn my face before.

              Yesterday I managed to almost finish the tardis quilt top. I will put the bottom portion on this morning. Need to call the shop where I can rent time on their long arm and take it there in the near future, hopefully by end of week.

              Have a great day folks.


                Re: It's Monday again

                Good Morning Everyone!
                The snow arrived without warning this morning-- at least I didn't expect it today, and there is at least 5 inches on the ground -- but it was such a busy weekend that I didn't hear a forecast. Saturday I participated in a very, very small craft sale. There were only 11 vendors and sales were slow. I had spent the better part of 2 weeks making Diva Wallets and Greta clutches and I didn't sell any of them. The Microwave cozies, which I had anticipated would sell out did not. I did price things to sell, but I guess people are more interested in buying baked goods than hand-made gifts. The lady sitting next to me had dozens of almond shortbread and she sold out before noon. Oh well, I did sell some of the things I had made so I have a little spare cash to buy more supplies.
                Sunday was DH's Christmas concert and it was a grand success. The church, which seats over 200 people, was filled to capacity (standing room only) and the music was wonderful!
                Today I must get the house decorated with all the snowmen and santas so it starts to look at festive inside as it does outside. Then, the baking will start tomorrow. Such a busy time of the year, but I love all the preparation and excitment, especially with the 3 grandkids and their parents coming this year!
                Time to turn off the computer and get some work done! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
                "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


                  Re: It's Monday again

                  Wow, So many have snow already and also so many have their decorating and gift buying done too, I better get a move on. Purchased new washer on Saturday, could have had it delivered yesterday but opted for today as we had plans for Sunday. Didn't expect such a speedy delivery so we had dropped several loads of clothes at the laundromat. Had them dried and folded which was so nice, I could get used to that quite easily.

                  We had a nice day yesterday, my brother and sisters and some of our children and grand children had our annual cemetery visit to the grave of our parents and youngest brother. We all had a long and pleasant lunch afterwards. Didn't get my annual fruit bread baked in time for my brother and sisters this year but did have a fruit flavored candy cane in a mini Christmas stocking for the 9 young great nieces and nephews. Had a few extra candy canes and gave them to the 2 adult nephews who surprised us by attending this year attending this year, we haven't seen them in quite a few years. One is the son of our brother Richie, he attended with his girlfriend, and the other the son of our sister Louise who attended with his little DD, both of these siblings passed away about 10 years ago.

                  Time for another cup of coffee and then I'll be ready to start my day.COFFEE ROOSTER.jpg
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                    Re: It's Monday again

                    I've had a funny sort of day. My DD gave me a book by Debbie Macomber so I sat for the morning reading - unusual for me when I have so much to do. Consequently spent the afternoon washing and ironing.
                    Did manage to get into my sewing room but instead of making a start on sandwiching a throw for my DD I spent the time making quilted Christmas tree ornaments for DGS - they match the bunting and cushion I made for his bedroom!! Top marks for Nana!!
                    I have started piecing the back of the throw and may get it ready for quilting later this evening but will be going to Bible study soon which finishes at 9.30 so will be burning the midnight oil I think.


                      Re: It's Monday again

                      I'm still recovering from this darn flu bug.. sore throat is gone, but the sinuses keep draining.. cough--cough.

                      Still have to get some gifties boxed up for mailing.. And those Cards have to get done & in the mail. Maybe this afternoon when DD#2 can help.. She is out earning the Bacon!! Gotta keep this Momma in the style she's accustomed to having. LOL.

                      Tomorrow I'll have help getting out the decorations .. no outside this year. Unless someone else does them. I am not able to keep up with it all, so the outside stuff was crossed off the list. We'll see how much inside gets done. Gotta see how I feel.. where's that Christmas Music..?? That always helps me get in the mood for Christmas decorating.

                      I'm also cheating this year on the cookie baking... Getting the frozen dough and baking them up. They get ate faster than I can slice and bake.

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