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Sundays's fireside chat.

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    Re: Sundays's fireside chat.

    We have our tree, but since it is living, we leave it outside until the week before and bring it in. If it is inside too long, it will shock and die when we bring it back outdoors.
    While I was cleaning out the last of the garden stuff Eric and Emily put up the outside lights. We spent the rest of the day getting everything ready for the cold snap they are predicting. The faucet boobies are on the spigots, the hoses have been drained, and porches have been swept and the deck chairs put undercover.
    We may not get the snow, but just in case, we are ready!
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      Re: Sundays's fireside chat.

      We were going to get our decorations out of the attic today but for some reason neither of us wanted to. Tomorrow we are going to drag it down. I have way to many holiday decorations. DH has gotten better the last few years helping me decorate which means so much. I have the gifts that I need to mail but, the majority of our family will be here for Christmas and I am so behind shopping. I have two quilts completely finished one for each child. I watched a couple of Christmas movies today trying to get in the mood.
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