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    It's Friday

    Good morning dear friends. It is still raining here this morning. I don't mind I would rather have the rain than the snow. I think that is coming next week.

    I need to share this with you and get it off my chest. My 13 year old granddaughter has decided that school really isn't important and hardly attends. I saw a post on Facebook yesterday and asked her if she was in school and her reply nope. You don't go to school anymore? Reply, not really. WHAT?????? That girl is headed for trouble, if you ask me. Understand that this is not Philip's daughter, she is from a previous relationship. How do you explain how important school is? I don't know how Jodi can just let her do this and I won't bring it up either. Phil can't say much except he told me that she won't be living under his roof doing nothing at all. It just makes me very sad for this girl who thinks she owns the world. What will become of her?

    On a brighter note, I finished two table runner tops last night. I also started a fabric box which didn't turn out too well. Don't like that pattern at all. It is one I got free from Craftsy. I also gifted my sister-in-law yesterday with placemats, table runner and another Christmas gift so she could enjoy them now. I know how appreciative she is of anything I make for her.

    Today we may go to the city and do some Christmas shopping, we shall see how hubby feels.

    Have a super day everyone and a super duper weekend to boot.
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    Re: It's Friday

    Morning Monique (and all others too!!)
    I'll be praying for your granddaughter - and your son and DIL for wisdom in dealing with this! It sounds like you've been busy making wonderful things
    So, I finally had a quilty finish last night - a baby quilt, but a finish nonetheless I don't know how much sewing I'll be doing before Christmas - we'll see...
    My daughter will take her road test this weekend - praying that she does well.
    Busy day/weekend ahead - so I'm going to straighten up around here so it doesn't look so cluttered! We do have our Christmas tree from a local farm; picked it up last weekend and it's so pretty - we may decorate it Sunday.
    I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


      Re: It's Friday

      Morning all! Monique that is a hard place to be. Hoping all involved can settle the situation and get her back on track and in school. Songbird good luck to your daughter and her driving test!Work today then weekend off!! Yay first one in a month. Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back and aggravated it more by lifting things at work. Very sore and tender today. Not happy with Connecting threads and will probably never order from them again. First my design wall was omitted from the order when they shipped. Now I realize I never got the package at all. Tracking says it was delivered on 11/30/16 at 11:30 am. Today still nothing . We check the mail everyday here especially when we are expecting packages. Sent them another email but thinking I will give them a call when I get back home, as I am so frustrated with their services.
      Hope everyone's day starts off better then mine. Hugs all
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        Re: It's Friday

        Good Morning. First snow of the season is here today. Changeover to rain this p.m. and that will be a mess.
        I have no quilty finishes since early 2016. Lots of tops but none quilted. Hope to start on that after Christmas. I am working on 2 scrappy quilts using 2.5" squares.

        songbird......Hope your daughter does well on her road test.
        Monique......will pray for your GD and family. My son had brains to burn but spent his college years on less-than-academic pursuits and paid the price. A waste of time and talent but he learned a hard lesson.
        IrisGirl....You posted about same time I did.
        I can't seem to order from CT. I have tried ordering at least 5 times over the past year but my order won't go through. I click submit but nothing happens. I e-mailed them each time and they said orders are not there.

        Hope you all have many little pleasures throughout your day.
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          Re: It's Friday

          Good morning. Hope everyone is well.

          Well the tardis quilt top is almost put together. I will get back to it after I type this. Was googling quilting designs for it this morning and will have to mark this one. Should be fun.

          I was back at my sports medicine doc yesterday for my 3 month follow up. He is happy with the progress I have made, but I still continue to have knee pain. He revisited my imaging reports from August and said that at that time I had bersitis in the spot where the pain continues. Our current plan is for me to start running again following visiting my physio on January 9 and getting his blessing. My doc says that if the pain continues, he would want me to get more imaging, and being the proactive doc that he is, he has already given me the imaging requisition. If there is bersitis (and I'm really hoping there won't be by then), that would mean cortisone shot(s) in my knee. I'm hoping we won't be going there.

          So, on that note, I will get back to the quilt top.

          Have a great weekend peeps.


            Re: It's Friday

            Good morning and happy Friday all. Monique, sorry to hear your granddaughter is going through this phase. It's so hard to watch loved ones make choices that we know are the wrong ones.

            Last night hubby and I packed up two bins to take tonight and set up for the Artisan Show this weekend. Don't know what this experience will be like. It's an interesting concept. There will be a good mix of different vendors (about 10 or so) in this woman's house. Wish me luck. So, I am finished sewing for that now and it's on to finishing up some Christmas gifts and also, lots of snuggly, cuddly things for my grandson. Just a little over two weeks to his due date. My dil Ana stopped working now and and is patiently awaiting his arrival. She is feeling good. My son, Steven, is getting a bit nervous but is excited too.... as am I.

            We had some very shocking news at work yesterday. The head of one of our departments suddenly died. She had had surgery back in October for some disc issues and they said she just wasn't' recovering the way she should have and hadn't returned to work yet. We are not sure what exactly happened. She was only in her 50's. Her staff is in a state of shock for sure. Please say some prayers for this woman's family (husband, 3 sons and a number of grandchildren) and her co-workers.

            Time to get a move on. Have a great day everyone.
            Ginny B
            Levittown, NY


              Re: It's Friday

              Good morning friends! The frost is really on the pumpkins this morning! In the 20s, first sub freezing night this winter!

              I have a bunch of sewing projects looking me in the face--what to start first? I have 3 baby quilt tops to quilt, a t shirt quilt to start, two Winter quilts to finish, and a bunch of pinwheels waiting to have me get them to spinning. Any one of those projects could eat up the day for sure! Ready to hit the sewing room to get SOMETHING finished or accomplished!

              Looking forward to Dec. 15, my friend and I are giving ourselves a Christmas present, a whirlwind trip to NYC. We're theatre people so our main objective is to see shows! Several wonderful ones are going to close soon, so we want to catch them before they go away! And seeing the big tree in Rockerfeller Plaza is such a great way to put you in the Christmas spirit!

              Hope you all have a wonderful day!


                Re: It's Friday

                I'm still waiting on my package from CT. It was sent by FedEx Smart Post, and tracking now says I should see it Monday the 5th. We'll see.
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                  Re: It's Friday

                  Monique, it sounds to me that your grand is putting up a tough front to cover a very sad inside. She may think she is worthless and therefore school is a waste. This is kind of what I felt at the time, she needs lots of love and positive reinforcement.
                  Claire from Pelham, Alabama