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WOW December 1st has arrived

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    WOW December 1st has arrived

    WOW indeed. 24 sleeps until Christmas Day!!!

    So I didn't really get any sewing done yesterday. I didn't really get much of anything done at all. It was a dark, damp day and my mojo went somewhere else.

    Today it is pouring rain. This will get rid of what snow is left on the ground. I have my CT scan this morning. I will also take my SIL part of her Christmas gifts so she can enjoy them now until Christmas, placemats and a table runner. I have something else for her later.

    To all of you in the Tacoma area, my thoughts and prayers are with you through this most difficult time. Pat, thinking of you. Such a terrible tragedy.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: WOW December 1st has arrived

    Good morning everyone. Looks like the rain has stopped here. We had some pretty heavy stuff come through here over the last couple of days.

    I've been making good progress on my "to do" list for the artisan show this weekend. I was up until midnight last night cleaning up and organizing what I need to finish up tonight. I am such a messy sewer.

    Tacoma is in my thoughts and prayers this morning. So sad.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Re: WOW December 1st has arrived

      Morning Everyone. Yesterday turned out to be a great day. First thing I got a package from my DD with a pair of hiking boots and some great skin care products. Later Reggie called me to come pick up my two quilts and a table runner. Everything turned out great. Those are the last things Reggie quilted for me. Once she retires we will have more time to spend together hopefully.

      I woke up with a bad cold/sinus infection. I don't have time for this.

      Monique, sometimes we need days like yours yesterday to keep us balanced. Good luck with your scan today.

      Wishing everyone a good day.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: WOW December 1st has arrived

        Morning all! The rain has stopped and it should be a sunny day in the 50's with a breeze! That means the cat quilt went in the wash and is on the line to dry! Yesterday was a good day I finished my new purse Annette from Swoon. Pics of both posted in a different thread. Today is work. So happy the black Friday rush is over and we can settle to busy mode. My CT order has shipped minus the design wall and the email just stated your order has shipped sorry it was not in your order. Well I know it was. It's ok because this wonderful forum has wonderful members and one is sending an extra she had to me! Thanks Bernadette!
        Have a wonderful day all!
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        Sigmund Freud


          Re: WOW December 1st has arrived

          I didn't get much sewing done yesterday either. We had bad storms coming through our area. A Tornado touched down at the intersection where we turn to go down to my husbands office. I'm working today. Will be sewing tomorrow and Saturday. I'm still trying to get all of my sewing stuff moved out to the garage where I can sew and not have it consume the whole back half of my living room like it does now.

          Every body stay warm and dry.


            Re: WOW December 1st has arrived

            Good morning, All ~ Cloudy here; our low was 22. Yest. was our coldest morning yet, a very chilly 16 deg. & heavy white frost on everything. The high was only 45, but at least the sun was shining.

            I have laundry going. I've already done some practicing with my ruler on one of the sandwiches I made yest. for this purpose. I used a Sharpie & drew various sized "blocks". My main ruler orders haven't arrived, but I bought a Quilter's Rule ruler from my LQS yest. to try out. So far I've done mostly crosshatching & a few clamshells. It's a bit tricky getting used to visualizing that 1/4" away from the ruler, holding the ruler in place & moving the quilt sandwich all at the same time. It's getting easier as I practice.

            I see people are posting pics of their Christmas trees already. We don't have ours up, but it's a quick process, since it's a small table tree which stays decorated. We just cover it with the large plastic bag to store it. All we have to do is uncover it & plug in the lights. I don't do any other decorating. It's just the 2 of us - -no family or visitors coming. My big project every Christmas is formulating a family letter to send out with our cards. I need to go through last year's cards & update addresses, etc. A Christmas family letter has been a tradition in our family for many years. A few yrs. ago, I made copies of all the letters & put them in a 3-ring binder for each of the kids so they would have a 40 yr. family history. The first couple letters were printed using a mimeograph. Remember those?! Then for a few years I had to take my typewritten letter to a print shop. Once copies were accessible to the public, I copied off my own. Now with the laptop & printer, I do it all at home. I usually mail ~100 cards, plus give some to folks at church in the mailboxes in our foyer.

            It's hard to believe it's already Dec. 1!


              Re: WOW December 1st has arrived

              I wrote out cards for the first time in several years. Dropped them in the mail yesterday. Not making anything thing this year sewing-wise except smocked jumper for youngest GD. I did wrap the giving tree gifts so they are ready to return to church Sunday. While my immediate family exchanges gifts, the extended family does a "homemade" Christmas with everything from candy to wine. We get together mostly for food and fellowship.
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              ― Albert Pine