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Tuesday hellos!

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    Tuesday hellos!

    Good morning. I have been watching the weather as it was supposed to freeze rain all night but so far we haven't gotten anything. I really need to go into town today. We will see a little later on what the weather has in store.

    I made Maizyn a bathrobe yesterday. Turned out not too bad. I really think she will like it. I will get pictures later. SO, I brought a suggestion up to Phil and Jodi yesterday. Christmas will now be at their house this year. Greg's wedding is Dec 18 and they won't be coming for Christmas this year. So I thought maybe it might be easier for Les and I to travel than it is for Phil and Jodi to do so. Jodi was quite happy having Christmas at home. We will arrive either the Thursday or Friday and I will be cooking Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and we will stay until sometime after lunch on Christmas Day. Les has to work on Boxing Day. So it is a win win situation for us all.

    TWICE I have had fabric in my cart at Hancock's of Paducah because the fabric was only $3/yard. A REALLY good sale if you ask me. BUT alas I put everything back TWICE!! What is wrong with me? It has really been difficult not to hit the pay button.

    I just saw the salt truck go by, not a good sign.

    Today I will be back in my workshop working on more gifts.

    Have a great day friends.
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    Re: Tuesday hellos!


    I attended my next to the last quilting guild meeting here in Fort Smith last night. Very emotional, I will miss the "quilting sisters" I have acquired over this past year. In fact, joining the guild has been the only highlight for me living in Arkansas the past 2.5 years. Everything else, I will not miss!
    I am very excited to move to the next adventure in Springfield,'s almost like going home.......

    "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


      Re: Tuesday hellos!

      Good morning. We are supposed to get some rain here today but not sure when. Luckily it's not too cold because our furnace needs servicing. DH will call when he gets home from work this afternoon. Not sure just what's happening with it. Sounds like it might be something equivalent to a starter or ignition in a car. Let's hope it's not something very complicated.

      I've been a busy bee getting ready for the Artisan show this weekend. DH and I were supposed to do a bit of Christmas shopping this Wednesday night after work but I convinced him that we could wait until Monday evening so that I can have that evening to use for any more projects I might need to finish. Set up is Friday evening and the show is both Saturday and Sunday.

      Have a good day everyone and if you are doing any Christmas shopping, I hope you find some great deals.
      Ginny B
      Levittown, NY


        Re: Tuesday hellos!

        Good Morning, Ginny and I usually have the same weather but I hope not today as rain will definity dampen today's plans.

        Found few Christmas gifts at the supermarket the other day, Fischer Price trucks in 2 sizes that are perfect for our great grandsons ages 10 months to 5 years old. Even included one for the dad of the 10 month old so he can play with his son, all the other great grands have brothers to play with.


          Re: Tuesday hellos!

          Good Morning everyone
          The freezing rain warning has forced the cancellation of all the school buses in the area, but there doesn't seem to be any issues here, at least at this moment.
          Today, before I head out to bowling, I must finish up more of the projects for the Craft Sale on Saturday morning. I have sometimes felt like one of Santa's elves as I have spent and extraordinary amount of time in the sewing room for the past 2 weeks. The pile of inventory for sale has increased substantially, but my stash is slowing being depleted. I may have to go shopping I have to admit I have been having fun mass producing wallets, clutches, runners, fold and stitch wreaths, etc. Now, I just hope to be able to sell some of them.
          Monique, I can relate to your not hitting the "pay" button. I have had items in my M* cart several times and still have not bought anything. Part of my hesitation stems from fear of paying duty, but the other part of me wants to touch the fabric before I buy it. Its that tactile sense that is not being satisfied! I HAVE to touch. One of these days, I will get over it, but for now, my cart will stay empty while my "wish list" fills up!
          Ginny, I hope your furnace is repaired before the cold weather sets in.
          Shermur, good luck on your move.
          Have a wonderful day everyone. I must get back into the sewing room and get those projects completed.
          "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


            Re: Tuesday hellos!

            Morning all! We should be getting rain today starting out light and increasing to downpour. It is 42 degrees atm. Better rain then snow. Still have not heard a reply back from connecting threads as to what happened to the design wall I ordered and why it was taken from my cart when the order shipped. The cat quilt is almost done just have to sew the binding down on the front side and then in the wash! So happy this one is done. Have a few things on my list to work on, An NCW for a co worker and 2 purses. Have a great day all.
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              Re: Tuesday hellos!

              I'm still watching local news this morning. Gatlinburg and the National Park are on fire. The latest is14000 evacuated from Gatlinburg and at least 30 buildings on fire. Over 100 homes have burned. Winds last night were 70 MPH in that area. We had some rain last night and expecting more this afternoon. It is so dry that we need 5 or 10 inches to do much good. No deaths and only 4 injuries so far.


                Re: Tuesday hellos!

                Good Morning! I'm up early, my sciatic woke me! Ugh! I find it's best just to get up and move around than lay there and try to get comfortable. I've got my coffee and the quiet is awwwwmazing!

                In our previous home we heated with wood. Exclusively. It's very messy, a lot of work, gets tiring and takes time to get going. In our new home we have a brand new heating system. It's all computerized and automatic. Set it and forget it! It's running now and warms the house so nicely, so quickly and efficiently. This new fangled furnace thingy makes me HAPPY! It's frosty this morning, I would NOT want to be going to the woodshed!

                I'll be finishing up a Christmas table runner today and then quiet possibly getting to finishing up a couple UFOs!! It's SO nice to be back in the sewing room playing with fabric again. I've missed this.....

                I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Stay warm, safe and dry. Hugs/Prayers to all who want/need....

                Quilters make great comforters.

                Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.


                  Re: Tuesday hellos!

                  Very sad about the fires in Tenn. I have a SIL & niece who live in Kodak & freq. are in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg. I've visited Smokey Mountain National Park; such beauty in that area. I heard there is concern about Dollywood. I pray the winds die down & they get some rain.

                  Yest. I was concerned about a leaking HWH. In the afternoon DH discovered it wasn't the tank! The drain tubing on the humidifier which is on that side of the furnace, somehow got kinked, so the water was backing up & it overflowed. Kink fixed; tubing repositioned in the floor drain; problem fixed. Yeah! Hopeful the HWH will last another year or two.

                  My LQS dealer/repairman is coming by this a.m. on his way to work to pick up my Baby Lock Tiara II for routine cleaning & service. I've had it a little over a year. I have plenty of piecing I can do while I wait to get it back. I had my Viking Opal 670 in last week for cleaning & service. I have some quilting rulers on order. I'll be good to go soon.

                  I'm still searching for the right batik for the sashing & border for the Broken Orange Peel quilt top. I'm not satisfied with what I bought Sat. Once I laid down several sashing strips, I just didn't care for the lighter blue, which had no lavender in it. It didn't blend as well. I browsed all 45 pages of M*'s batiks last eve. I came up with a couple possibilities. I may make a run up to Lyons Quilting to see if any of her batiks will match.

                  Time to get my breakfast. Have a good day.
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                    Re: Tuesday hellos!

                    Well most of my day is fine. Was off to work by 7.15 this morning - it was very cold and back by 5.20. just had our evening meal - usually watch the TV at the same time (yes I know it's not healthy) to catch up on the news but it's not working!!!! Will have to get my DGS to take a look - too many leads out the back for me to mess with!!!