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It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

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    It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

    Good morning dear friends. Cyber Monday!! You know I haven't really found any wonderful deals this weekend UNTIL I was told by Jodi what Maizyn wanted for Christmas. A 2016 Shopkins Shoppies Gemma Stone doll on sale at Walmart for $20. The only problem with that was it was only in the US, not available here in Canada yet. So I had the bright idea to ask any of my American friends if they would be able to get one for me. Well the response I got was overwhelming. It ended up being Ruby who ordered one and is having it delivered to her local Walmart. For those who don't know Ruby, she is Handsoffitsmine but she hasn't posted here in quite a while. She runs a program on Facebook, Cyber Elves. She is going to make a certain little girl so happy this Christmas. I do have the most wonderful friends from this forum.

    I also ordered a book that Greg wants, no big sale there and I also ordered a pair of glasses for Les from They have really good prices on regular glasses, sunglasses and contacts. I also had a 30% off coupon that Canada Post employees received last week. So that was an excellent deal. I think I may order myself a new pair as well. The ones I was looking at are $50 - 30% = $35, not a bad deal at all. You need to have your prescription though. If anyone here needs glasses I can give you my coupon code, let me know.

    Today is a SEW day!! Les works days today so it is a good day to sew. No interruptions. Maizyn told her father that I was making her a bathrobe so I have that all cut out and ready to sew plus another table runner. I also got the quilt sandwiched for my MIL. I haven't decided how to quilt it yet. Seeing as it will be washed often I figured I would machine quilt it. I haven't got time to hand quilt it before Christmas. I may just use a fancy stitch over the seams.

    Anyone watch the 2016 104th Grey Cup last night? (football) The Ottawa Redblacks won (they weren't the favorites) over the Calgary Stampeders. Way to go Ottawa.

    So have a great day friends.
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    Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

    Good Morning....It's pouring rain along with high winds. This is a great day to stay indoors and sew.

    Jeff is back to work today and the house seems empty. I've been doing some machine embroidery but I'm ready to close things down until January. IF I get the Gift Quilts back from Reggie I will bind the one for my DD and that's the only sewing I will do. I have a small knitting project I may work on a little through the holidays. I sure wish I could knit socks but my knitting skills are barely beyond K and P.

    Monique, that's great news about the doll for your Divine Miss M.

    I hope everyone has a great Monday.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

      Good morning, Monique! Congratulations on having a SEW day!

      Today's plan for me includes decorating the tree. It is up and the lights are on and working, but it needs ornaments. Once I get that accomplished, then I'll be free to do some sewing. So it should be a nice day today. Hope you all have a great day!



        Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

        Morning ladies. Today I will try to put up Christmas tree. Hopefully son will walk over from next door and I'll get him to help put it up. If I have to get on the floor I don't know if I'll be able to get back up without help. Husband has a virus. Hoping he is better by Thursday for his surgery. If not it will be proposed again. We are expecting 80% rain. Good day for staying inside. Monique glad you were able to get the doll. Hope everyone has a great Monday.. . . . . Ceana


          Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

          Good morning. We woke up to a skiff of white stuff on the ground this morning. It's just a little, but looks pretty as the sky begins to lighten. Cooold! Got out tree decorated yesterday and a lot of the decorations put up. Have to put all of the garlands up. Fred wants to put lights up outside and I have some solar Christmas lights I want to put in the three pine trees up front on the property, but think we'll wait until it warms up a bit, maybe later this week. Garlands to put up around the front door, (after we clean the messy porch). Today I am going to work in my sewing room. Have some things to do on the embroidery machine, and I'd like to maybe start on some zippered pouches as Christmas gifts. Need to start some small charity quilts, but not sure I will be able to get at them yet. Hope you all have a beautiful day and sew if you can.
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            Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

            Now that Thanksgiving is over and all the leftovers eaten everyone is beginning to decorate for Christmas. We'll get our outside wreaths down from the garage overhang. Leaving all the Big Boxes with trees and decorations up there as DH and I aren't up to too much decorating this year. Will set up the 4 ft tree in the living room later this week, the live little decorated tree a friend sent is already on display in our 'office". Bought some Fisher Price trucks for the our 6 great grandsons and have begun thinking and making a list for the rest of the family.

            DS#3 & DIL stopped by yesterday as they had gone to nearby cemetery to put an evergreen blanket on DIL's parent's grave. While we were having tea I asked if they had also picked up their Christmas tree and she said she's skipping Christmas this year. I guess we're not going to their house this year. We actually haven't gone there in about 6-7 years as her DD has been hosting Christmas dinner and this year she and her DH made Thanksgiving dinner also. I used to do Christmas Eve or Day for about 30 years until it got too much for me.

            Hmm, Maybe I'll skip DIL's name on my gift list and only give a gift to DS#3. She seemed to want someone to argue with her about her decision but I kept my mouth shut. She reminds me of my MIL who always seemed to dampen Christmas for the family, how about inviting us over for Christmas dinner and then deciding to go to her SIL's instead and only letting us know that when I called on Christmas Eve. If I hadn't called her we would have arrived and no one would have answered the door - we would have been like Ralphie's family having Christmas dinner at the local Chinese restaurant.
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              Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

              Good morning friends! On my way home back to Missouri in a few hours after 6 fun days with my DD and DSIL, my SIL can cook up a storm, he did the Thanksgiving meal and a fabulous steak dinner last night. We ate at their local "Cheers" type gathering place several nights. For bar food, it was really quite good!

              I got a chance to sew when we weren't busy, got two quilt tops mostly finished. Now I have some quilting to do because these are seasonal quilts, and not for Easter!

              Hope you all have a fine day, and Bubby, hope that rain and wind goes away before I hit Missouri!


                Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

                Happy Monday! I took advantage of the DD today, and picked up a layer cake for a gift I'm making for my Daughter. I can't say no to FREE. They lured me in and I took the bait! I love M*!!

                We need to finish putting up outside lights today, settle the real tree/fake tree argument (if that's even possible) and get the guest room cleared out for DD and DGD who are coming to stay for a few months. This will be a busy week, and I'm really hoping to eek out some sewing time for ME! Working on a Christmas zig zag table runner. (Anyone made on lately?)

                The sun is shining and we had our first frost this morning! It's been really warm this year. Lots of rain. I can live without the snow. The elevation in our new place is lower so I'm hoping it'll be a little easier to get around....we'll see.

                Have a wonderful day! Hugs/Prayers for all in need.....

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                  Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

                  I skipped today's DD because it's not free if you have to pay $5.00 shipping for it.

                  Cloudy here & blustery winds. It's our garbage pick-up day. The toters have blown over several times already. Stuff was blowing around in the street (nothing I recognized from my trash); I picked up several items. I hope the truck comes by soon.

                  Didn't get much sewing done over the week end. I cut fabric for sashing & pressed the FQs & yardage I bought on Sat.

                  DH had a dr. appt. this a.m. His blood sodium level dropped more (Hyponatremia), so that means he has to limit his free water intake to only a quart a day. He's not a happy camper. His TSH level had gone up, so his thyroid med. needs to be adjusted.

                  I discovered this a.m. our HWH is leaking. Fortunately, it's a slow leak & unless it suddenly gives way, it should be okay till Thurs. when the plumber can come. Keeping my fingers crossed. The price of HWHs & labor have markedly gone up from 12 yrs. ago. I think we're looking at $1,200-1,300. at least. It's always something, isn't it.

                  I may do some browsing for Cyber Mon. My search has narrowed, but I'm still looking for just the right quilting rulers.


                    Re: It's Monday, cyber Monday, and last Monday of November

                    I had my annual check up today and my blood pressure was the lowest it's ever been which is great! Am sure it's because of all the time I have spent sewing recently - I find it a great escape!!
                    Finished off a couple of table runners I promised to a work colleague who will sell them for the dementia charity we have at work. Also made a Christmas cushion cover for my DGS to match the bunting I made for his bedroom so I am now the 'coolest Nana EVER', happy days!!