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TWO new spams this morning

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    TWO new spams this morning

    Machine X is a five


    Government Negotiators Say the Peace
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    Re: TWO new spams this morning

    Good Morning....Spam is a reality in all arenas, sad to say, even on the forum.

    I got up early and my embroidery machine is humming along. Jeff and the Girls are still in bed. I took the Girls out really early but they wanted to go back to bed. Jeff put in his order for a big country breakfast last night.

    I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far. I will check back later after a few more are awake.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: TWO new spams this morning

      Under General Discussion a new one popped up. Thread titled When She

      No one click the link.


        Re: TWO new spams this morning

        Morning all, I woke up early as hubby takes off to the beach early Sunday mornings where the guys show their cars. Took advantage of the time and also have my embroidery machine ticking away have two more angels to make. Should get most of it done before he gets back with the paper and bagels.
        Starting to feel like myself again and finally off the medicine I had to take. Hopefully it will be uneventful health wise for the rest of the year.
        Guess I'll put the Thanksgiving items away today and start to pull out the Christmas quilted items. Will probably do more during the week( trees) I love to decorate for the season but as I get older it takes longer!
        Wishing everyone a good Sunday.
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          Re: TWO new spams this morning

          Good morning . Didn't get moving as early as I wanted to on my list of things I want to do today but I did relax with a cup of tea and looked through a new book I just got with baby "stuff". So much I want to make for my expected grandson. He'll be here in a few weeks! Unfortunately since he will be making his grand entrance in California and I am in New York, it will be a few more weeks later until I get to snuggle him.

          But now it's time to get the sauce made for dinner and the turkey soup made too. I made the broth on Friday so I just need to put all the rest of the ingredients in and let it simmer.

          Have a wonderful day all.
          Ginny B
          Levittown, NY


            Re: TWO new spams this morning

            Good Sunday Morning,
            Ah the spammers. be nice if they'd get tired and go away. We put our tree up on Friday. Looks nice and my cat has assumed her spot under the tree from now until it comes down. She sleeps under there every year. DH finished the outside lights yesterday. Looks nice. I just have to find the Advent Wreath and the table runner now.
            Makings for turkey soup simmering on the stove. Have lots of leftovers for this week.
            Have been making microwave bowls. 20+ , but I'm almost done. Everyone who has helped me somehow this year gets a few bowls and some cookies. Not going to do much baking this year,but still need to remember folks.
            Going to go check on the soup makings. Then look for a quiche recipe that uses egg beaters. Have a good day Kathy
            All quilts cat tested and approved.


              Re: TWO new spams this morning

              Guess Karen took care of the spam this morning!

              Today is my last full day in Atlanta visiting my daughter. We've been "makers" this week with a bit of shopping, visiting the historical society and eating good foods! She repurposes old furniture and comes up with some amazing things to sell. I've occupied my time when not doing stuff with her by sewing. I have one fold and stitch wreath made, another done partially, a quilt top put together, another one cut and blocks ready to be constructed. We got in to the JoAnns Black Friday sale on Wednesday, when the store was very well stocked with Christmas fabric and flannel, most between $3-$4 a yard. They'll need to bring some of my purchases in their truck when they come for Christmas, or else, my clothes won't be coming home with me!

              Met Cindy and Lynne yesterday ( Seaturtle and LynneLeavel) for lunch that was so fun! Vicky (RiverMomm) just told me she is coming to GA this week, but I will miss her by 2 days! Darn! Our October get together was messed up by my daughter's plumbing disaster! That's. Why I love this forum! So many good friends all over the world!

              Have a great day!