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It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

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    It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve.


    Good morning friends. I am sure this will be a busy day for you all in preparation for Thanksgiving. Let me just say that I am thankful for all of you here. You have become family to me across the miles.

    I did not do much of anything really yesterday. I had to go find my winter boots which I did, then I emptied a big bag full of stuff out of my sewing room. Then I was looking at a whole bunch of sewing feet I have and I don't even know what half of them are for so I was searching online. I did get out last night as I had to get a haircut, stopped at the pharmacy to get insulin for Les and a few things at the grocery store. The roads were brutal at one point, drifting snow and VERY icy. I took a different road home.

    I am not sure what today will bring. I am supposed to go help at Bingo tonight at the home, but I may have to borrow a vehicle as Les had to work.

    Have a great holiday everyone and please be safe if you are travelling.

    Thank you for being my friends.
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    Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

    Good Morning,

    I have an early morning haircut followed by a quick stop at the post office and then home. Since I need to bake so many pies (6) and our meal will be early tomorrow (noon) I need to do my baking today. Jocelyn, I made one of your pumpkin pies with the addition of ricotta and it was fabulous. I ate a small piece for breakfast this morning. The four pumpkin pies I bake for tomorrow will all have the ricotta, the other two pies will be pecan.

    So far we haven't had any ice or snow but we have had cold temperatures and a couple freezes. It's going to be rainy and windy today...a perfect day for baking.

    Wishing everyone a good pre-Thanksgiving day.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

      Good morning. Happy Thanksgiving Eve. Such a busy day yesterday and today will be also. My two sons and granddog arrived yesterday. It's wonderful having them here. I'll put them to work later snapping the ends off of the green beans.

      Have a wonderful day everyone. Safe travels to all who are going hither and yon.
      Ginny B
      Levittown, NY


        Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

        Good Morning all. Off work today and tomorrow. Today is Pie day. I just took 2 pumpkin out of the oven and they look delicious! Have an Apple and an Apple Betty to make yet. Stuffing is made waiting to go in the turkey tomorrow. Also got the coleslaw done. Tomorrow will be easy. Have a load of laundry on the line and lasagna ready for tonights dinner.
        We had a dusting of snow monday that closed schools, but its all gone now. It never ceases to amaze me how the first snow everyone gets crazy and forgets how to drive. Had the bad luck of getting behind one said person driving up our mountain. Yes the grass and trees were covered in snow but the roads were clear and dry. I think 20 mph with your 4 ways on is a bit excessive. They did pull over as I got nearer and let me go then continued on their way.
        Hoping all have a great day .
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          Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

          I will be baking a couple of pies and maybe a bundt cake. DDIL is doing the dinner, so we'll be off to Knoxville tomorrow. It's only 40 minutes to their house. Meanwhile I need to try to finish my elephant wall hanging for my other DDIL. She has waited almost 2 years for this! I had it partly quilted last week, but didn't like the way it looked. Ripped it out and changed the batting. It looks better now. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, and don't eat too much!

          Pray for our families in Chattanooga after the horrible school bus accident. And pray for rain for our area. The smoke from wild fires is so bad my eyes are burning, and I haven't been outside. Our beautiful mountains are burning at a time when they are usually green and damp.
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            Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

            Good Morning, All: This is the 1st Thanksgiving I think ever - that I don't have to cook or bake anything. Since moving back in May, trying to get new house settled, painted, etc, and traveling back to old state several times since then, I'm tired. Just got back from visiting new grandbaby 1 1/2 weeks ago and am NOT going back again. So, a friend from work who retired 6 months before me also moved to TN. She same situation - not getting in a car to drive another 800+ miles. SO, we are meeting and having dinner at Cracker Barrel. SO looking forward to friendship and not having to do anything for this holiday. Christmas will be another story - family coming and non-stop cooking.

            Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy your day and your family, friends, etc.


              Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

              Everyone is preparing for Turkey Day, those pies smell delicious. No home baked pies this year as DDIL is getting the pies this year and she does't bake, sure hope she picked a good bakery. DGD is making a big turkey and I'm making a turkey breast so there will be lots of white meat for everyone.



                Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

                Happy day before Thanksgiving to all our American friends. Please be safe in your travels.

                All this talk of pumpkin pie is making me hungry. Pumpkin pie is my absolute fave!

                Yesterday turned into an interesting day. First, I went off to the Brother Scan N Cut demo and brought home a machine. I honestly had no intentions of doing so, but they are currently on sale and the dealer offered me a machine that was used as a demo machine at our local Creativ Festival a few weeks ago. She threw in a new mat and blade too. Looking forward to learning and using it. DH was almost doing a happy dance when he found out that he could cut wood veneer with it.

                Also, yesterday myself and DH's family got a long winded email from our S-I-L who lives with his mom. She is currently battling bladder cancer which is her third cancer. At any rate, she is now wanting to downsize her possessions. One of those possessions is her Viking sewing machine from either the late 70s or early 80s. She has had it as long as I have known her son and that was 1983. I was hoping to get that machine at some point, but it's sad that she's willing to give it up now.

                Wishing everyone a safe and joyous Thanksgiving, and a wonderful day to the rest of us not in the U.S.


                  Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

                  Good morning.

                  I made two pans of enchiladas yesterday and a pot of creamy chicken soup. These are for the end of the week. Hubby's mom will come home with us to visit a few days after we meet at his sisters for Thanksgiving. So I won't need to cook while she is here. I also made 4 cheese balls last night.......all are spoken for already. Today I will make a quadruple recipe of peanut butter puffs for tomorrow. Also need to make spaghetti with cheese & white gravy side dish. Yummy!

                  I make need to wear the baggy pants tomorrow!

                  I would rather sit down and sew but need to get the house cleaned up for the weekend. I might bring my hand sewing project to work on in the car tomorrow.

                  Almost forgot.......I'm also making "blueberries in the snow"......a dessert my MIL always ask for at family gatherings.

                  Hope everyone's holiday preparation goes smoothly today.

                  Happy Thanksgiving!
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                    Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

                    Morning all,
                    Everyone's pies sound delish!
                    Not much new here just wanted to hop in and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and if you're on the road safe travels.
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                      Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

                      Good Morning All on this Thanksgiving Eve,
                      My house smells awesome. 20# turkey for KOC has been in the oven since 6am. Haven't roasted one this big in a very long time. Will roast a smaller one tomorrow for DH,GS#1,his GF, and myself.
                      My cats are unfazed by the aroma of turkey cooking . In years passed when we went to my moms for Thanksgiving, her cat parked up against the bottom of the oven while the turkey roasted. Couldn't open the oven door to baste the turkey for the cat being in the way.
                      After we deliver the turkey, DH said he'd take me to J's. So I can see if there's anything I have to have. Will go back Sat or so,to shop.Not going anywhere on BF. Will put up the tree though. I usually do it by myself, lets me remember times past.
                      Every one have a Happy Thanksgiving. Safe traveling for those who are traveling. Kathy
                      All quilts cat tested and approved.


                        Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

                        No cooking here. In the a.m. I'll mix together the 5 C. Salad (some call it Ambrosia) to take to the Thanksgiving potluck dinner at our church at 10. DH will be eating his usual foods at the usual times. He's too weak to go anywhere. I'll go to the church alone for a couple hrs.

                        I'm at a standstill with the Broken Orange Peel project until I buy the sashing material, so I switched back to making more Prairie Flower blocks. I also did some practice FMQ on my Tiara--still trying to adjust the tension to where I'm satisfied with how the stiches look. I tried out some gold Glide thread, but I had problems with breakage, so that was a no-go. Maybe I can use that on my DSM with the walking foot. I've read where many of the professional LAers use So-Fine thread, which is polyester. I may have to try some of that. I've been using 100% cotton. I'm still contemplating which rulers to purchase for the FMQ ruler work.

                        We had light rain yest. a.m., then it cleared up & the sun came out. Clear this a.m. with a heavy frost; everything is white! It was 26 deg. The flicker was chipping away at the ice in the bird water dish. I took some hot water out & removed the ice & freshened the water. We have a creek <1/2 a block away, but they like the safety of our fenced yard & use our water dish frequently. We no longer feed the birds--too messy. Two of our neighbors have feeders up, so there's plenty of food available for them.

                        I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. Count your blessings!


                          Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

                          I wound up at Jo-Ann's just after they opened at 6 a.m. for a bag of Insulbrite for my table topper. turns out it comes on a bolt, so I was standing in line at the cutting counter for 45 minutes! Had a fun chat with a couple of ladies in line at least. Some ladies ahead of us had two carts full of bolts that were piled so high they were teetering towers. Eek! Another lady at the checkout line was buying five full bolts of black and white flannel among other fabrics. I asked her what she made with so much flannel and she said, "Tee shirt quilts!"

                          I really didn't intend to wake up and go at 6 but I just happened to have nocturnal sleep hours for once instead of being up all night. Yay!

                          I've got some of my grandma's recipe for pumpkin pie filling cooling at the moment...I just make it without the crust. Her recipe has a little molasses in it.

                          Good luck to everyone cooking and travelling!


                            Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

                            Happy Thanksgiving all!

                            We're having a small Thanksgiving; my dh, mother-in-law and a neighbor and that's it. My daughter and ex h are headed south to visit his family. It is good for my daughter to stay in touch, but oh how we will miss her.



                              Re: It's Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve for you all in the US

                              Pie day here too! Making pumpkin, pecan and sugar milk pie today.
                              I am making green bean bundles wrapped in bacon, green bean casserole & corn pudding for tomorrow.

                              Then I get to make the turkey, dressing & mashed potatoes for our Friday feast at home. You see, tomorrow is at my SIL's house who insisted on having it and who is making what. She will use box potatoes and stove top stuffing and a citrus turkey, so my DH is forlorn. Thanksgiving dinner is all time favorite meal, so after he asked me about 13 times I finally agreed to do a second one for him on Friday. LOL!

                              Hoping to see a little too! Will see.....
                              Happy Quilting!