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    Give Thanks!

    With Thanksgiving Day just a few days away, I got to thinking "What am I thankful for in regards to this forum?" In just the past few days, I realized I'm thankful for (in no particular order):

    1. The members who are willing to research, and often successfully provide a link, when someone asks for help to identify a fabric or pattern.

    2. All the talented members who share their beautiful quilts that inspire so many to try new things.

    3. The forum moderators who keep this forum clean, organized, and rid us of the spam.

    4. The so many folks who share their knowledge and experiences with newer quilters, so that the newbies don't get discouraged and can learn and grow.

    5. Those that give their time and materials to benefit others via charitable works.

    6. The opportunity to meet new people in my area who share the passion for quilting, and to have the opportunity to foster new friendships.

    7. Those that offer prayer and comforting words (whether they type the words or offer silent prayers) to others who are facing challenges in their life.

    8. And for Jenny & her crew for making this forum and tutorials available to us all.

    Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Re: Give Thanks!

    You said it pretty much. We are indeed a fortunate group of people to have found each other. There are many forums and blogs but most are aiming at a commercial angle. It is refreshing that M* allows us to congregate here and share other competing websites with each other. When I think of this, it only reinforces my loyalty to buying from M* even though I might save a few cents or dollars. I am thankful that Jenny's family found a way to share here creative skills in her tutorials. They inspire and have stepped up my level of sewing. ]
    I am also thankful that I found you all as a group and learned of the wonderful generousity that exists within our community. The way you all rallied around me during the Shriner quilt raffle was outstanding and gave me the encouragement to sew and sew some more. That pat on the back that you all gave me allowed our group to meet goals that would not have been possible without that quilt raffle.
    I am grateful for the friends that have reached out to me with positive advice and hoorahs that have kept me optimistic and out of a blue mood that sometimes encapsuls us all.
    Thank you forum members. Keep on sewing
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    Terry of NC


      Re: Give Thanks!

      Yes I completely agree with everything you said. Thank you everyone who has helped me this year I post lots of questions and you always have answers, you always make me feel like yes I can do this! And I will never forget opening that COC quilt you made for my husband. It is a daily reminder of all the true goodness of you people on the Forum. I may never meet any of you in person but I feel you really are all my friends. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


        Re: Give Thanks!

        I couldn't say it better Caroline :-) I love this forum, it's one of the best I've ever joined and over the years I've joined a lot. I don't know what I would have done in the beginning without it.

        In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here.:-)
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          Re: Give Thanks!

          I agree with all the comments. This Forum is the only "social media" I participate in. We learn so much from each other, & uphold each other with love & prayers. So many folks are going through difficult circumstances & serious health challenges. I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Safe travels to anyone who will be traveling this holiday. God bless us every one, esp. M*!


            Re: Give Thanks!

            This is the only forum I belong to. I also echo what you have all said. We have already had our Canadian Thanksgiving.

            Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a safe and happy one.
            Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


              Re: Give Thanks!

              I agree with all you've said. I look forward to this forum each day. I find the people on here are very encouraging, talented, funny, and sincerely caring/compassionate. I feel blessed and thankful!
              I am Sew Blessed!


                Re: Give Thanks!

                Caroline.......I think you've covered everything.

                I'm thankful for all the things you've mentioned. I'm thankful for the friends I've made......thankful for the laughs on the forum that have brightened my day.....and thankful for the extra care and support we have for each other during difficult times.

                Thanks M* for providing the forum for all of us.
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                  Re: Give Thanks!

                  I'm thankful for all of you... Hope you all have much to be grateful for, this and every year.
                  ~ Sally \0/


                    Re: Give Thanks!

                    Even though I don't post a lot, I do read sections of the forum regularly and count on the motivation I get here. I'm thankful for the addition to the quality of my daily activities. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving


                      Re: Give Thanks!

                      I could not have said it better and agree with everything Caroline said. This is the only forum I belong now. I had belonged to another, but do to some a nasty person there I am no longer a member. I will not stray again this is the best. I love the people who search endlessly and those that give endlessly. The moderators who keep it wonderful.
                      Happy Thanksgiving to all my forum friends!
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