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It's Friday, it's Friday

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    It's Friday, it's Friday

    Good morning friends. Yes, it's Friday, the end of a busy week.

    I was at my docs yesterday and he agreed with my diagnosis of sciatic nerve problems. He is sending me for a CT scan and gave me muscle relaxers to take at night so I could get a better sleep. It works, I took one last night and slept in this morning.

    I also spent a little time with my friend before I had to go volunteer at the church. They served about 400 or so people last night. My job was clearing dirty dishes off the table and resetting for the next person. I usually stay afterwards and help wash dishes. I was home by 9:30 which isn't all the bad. I did come home with leftovers, turkey casserole, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and a pumpkin pie. Can you guess what we are eating today?

    Today I would like to get some sewing done if I can.

    Y'all have a great weekend friends. Stay safe too.
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    Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

    Morning Monique - everyone must be busy getting ready for Thanksgiving!!
    We've been busy around here too - school is almost finished for my DD, just one more month to go. Then she just needs to take one CLEP test for history and she'll have her Associates in Business/Paralegal - yayyyy!! She also has scheduled her driving test very soon... double yayyyy!!! Life is moving forward at the speed of..., well, life
    I hope everyone has a great weekend...
    hugs and prayers for all of you wonderful forum people.


      Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

      Morning all,
      Feeling under the weather the past few days, on antibiotics for a flare up of a condition. Hoping it clears well Dr. Suggested yesterday I may want to see a surgeon which caused some anxiety for me.
      On a lighter note I'm working on the last fabric basket for Christmas will give a sigh of relief when it's done. I got a new embroidery CD called Merry and Bright, makes advent pockets or can be used for gift cards. The bonus was with the purchase you got the designs for another CD downloaded for free (the free designs were a $69.00 CD). It was a promotional thing between the company and the quilt shop. Can't wait to play with some of the designs.
      Haven't decided about hosting Thanksgiving dinner yet. I do Christmas and I'd prefer to do a quiet Thanksgiving but it's my daught-in-law birthday that day and I know she would prefer not to have to cook on her birthday. We'll see how I feel the next few days.
      Hugs to all that need a few extra today!
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        Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

        Good Morning! ~ Sunny, but cold here in Colorado. Our warm fall weather came to a screeching halt yesterday. After a high temp. of 84 on Wed., we woke up yest. to clouds & plunging temps. By noon is was in the 30's & snowing. It snowed most of the rest of the day. A very wet snow that clung to everything & made it look so pretty. This a.m. I measured 2.5" on the picnic table. Not really a lot by CO standards, but enough to give us some much needed moisture. It cleared during the night & was only 21 deg. this a.m. Brrr. Quite a shock after all our lovely weather. I'm glad I had the lawn service do that fall clean-up on Tues. to get up the leaves. Finally, the ski areas are getting some much needed snow. Many have opened late due to lack of snow, or still aren't open. The winter driving conditions in the mts. caught a lot of drivers off guard, so there were many accidents on I-70 W. of Denver, with the fwy. being closed for a while. Here are pics of my back yard this a.m.First Snow - Orange Peel - Nov. 2016 001.jpg This is the view out my kitchen window. I guess the geraniums (in the pots) will now be kaput for the season. The purple fountain grass stays pretty even after it turns brown.First Snow - Orange Peel - Nov. 2016 002.jpg


          Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

          Well, my schedule went out the window. I'll start another load of laundry and then make an unplanned run to the school. Grrr. We need more parents to help with things around there. I love the kids, and that is what I must keep in the forefront.

          Then home to speed through the rest of preparations for a quick trip to the beach. Must have everything prepped for the farm sitter too. Ugh. Thank goodness hubby decided we could grab pizza for dinner on our way down tonight and just treat ourselves to a dinner out tomorrow. That just means breakfast and some sandwich stuff, and the food is done! Praises be for small blessings.

          Monique, it sounds as if you have a lovely spread for tonight's meal. What a lovely thing for you to do with the meals at church. I hope the muscle relaxers continue to help.
          Songbird, congrats to you and your daughter! It is kind of bittersweet to see them strike out on their own.
          Cathy, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Have everyone bring a dish to the meal, or a couple if the family is smaller. Then no one person is responsible for the whole thing. We do that, and it keeps the menu varied and the workload (and budget) managble for everyone.
          Snow! Yikes JCY! I has been getting colder here, but no snow yet. It is pretty to look at though. Stay warm!

          I'll catch up with you all later then, I have to get a move on if I'm going to be ready to leave by 4!
          Share a smile with someone, they probably need it!
          Hugs, Cathy
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            Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

            Yup, it's Friday! It's been a busy, busy week both at home and at work. I've got a couple of craft fairs coming up that I'm getting ready for and since it's Thanksgiving next week, it's been pretty hectic at work getting everything all done this week. Payroll is due and a lot of people will be off most if not all of next week, so there was a lot of reminding and gathering of timesheets that needed to be signed by today. I did very well with most of them and Monday will be my only day at work and all should be completed and submitted by lunchtime Monday. After that, focus will be on getting ready for Thanksgiving and family. Plus we have our grandson Henry's 3rd birthday party tomorrow afternoon. So much stuff to fit into so few hours. LOL

            Monique, glad you got some sleep last night. Songbird, congrats on your daughter's accomplishments. I wish her luck on her upcoming tests. Cathy F., sorry you are not feeling well. Hope the antibiotics help. Those embroidery cd's sound great. I had my first lesson on my new machine last Saturday. It was just the basics of operating the machine, the special stitches, etc. Next lesson, I get to embroider something. Unfortunately that won't be until Dec. 10 because of my schedule and the instructors.
            Cathy (toggpine), my brother lives in Littleton and he sent me some pictures of the snow. Beautiful!

            Well, I think I'll head to bed early tonight because I've got shopping for the rest of the Thanksgiving meal to do as well as cleaning, laundry and a 3-year olds' birthday party in the middle of it all. Sleep well everyone.
            Ginny B
            Levittown, NY