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I can not wait for winter break!

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    Re: I can not wait for winter break!

    Oh my goodness that was some road trip. You sure had lots of adventures and I know Alex (and you) will remember that for the rest of your life. We had 5 kids in my family and I never went on a road trip with my Mom or Dad alone, just two of us. That would have been a real treat for me. Now you are back to the real world and yes xmas break will be here before you know it!!

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    started a topic I can not wait for winter break!

    I can not wait for winter break!

    I so can not wait for winter break. Well, sort I can but all the same. I just realized the other day of how fast this fall semester has flown by and believe it or not the holiday's are actually here. Yep, Christmas trees were out just after they rolled up the back to school supplies. "Come on Wal-Mart! Really? It's not even Halloween yet!"

    Speaking of Halloween my daughter Alex had the best custom and it didn't break the bank all that much either. She and I both watch Gotham and this year her friends had gotten the idea to dress as superheros. As each friend rapidly grasped at a superhero Alex was feeling a little discouraged. What was left in the pickings was all the super sexy female characters. We are not super conservative or up tight but I am not allowing my child to walk out the door giving off the wrong impression. Somehow out of nowhere the young Selina Kyle from Gotham came to our minds. Perrrrfect. Excuse my pun. For those of you who are not up on DC Comics, Selina Kyle is Catwoman. Except for in the show she is not wearing the infamous cat suit, she is dressed like most teenage girls these days. Matter of fact Alex didn't have to go very far to look for clothes out of her very own closet to pull this costume off. The only thing I had to buy was a pair of steampunk goggles off of Amazon.

    Her costume looked amazing and she looked like she could play the part. However, wherever she went whether it was the Halloween parade or just Trick or Treating, everyone mistaked her for a steampunk kid. There were many sighs and face palmings until she finally gave in..."Yep, you're right I am steampunk," Alex would say to the unknowing. I know some one will be questioning isn't your kid a teenager? Yes, but believe it or not the beauty and curse of living in a small community is the fact that everyone knows your name. They know your kids, etc. So to send a few teenages out to Trick or Treat who I know will not be disrespectful or disruptive to our community isn't a crime to let them out to have some fun. Yep, they got a lot of looks of: Airn't you a little old to be Trick or Treating? Truthfully the holidays are for everyone. On the flipside my kids will turn around and look at the parent(s) with the infant dressed in a stroller with a bucket of candy and with no older sibling(s) and say, "Really?"

    Before my divorce I lived in another small town where they celebrated the off holidays like Labor Day, and Halloween to draw a small bit of tourism to the community. Everyone dressed up and everyone Trick or Treated. My rule of thumb is that no matter at what age if ya made an effort to dress up you got your candy.

    Football season. Thank the good Lord it is over! This year the kids lucked out with good weather which made for great photography on my part. Okay not every friday night was perfect but close enough. As much as I love to see football season come I love to see it go. This was also a discussion I talk about with the director's wife. She feels the same exact way and the way they cap off a season is to take their family out to a good steak dinner in praise of making it through another season. So do we feel this way? Because of all the drama behind the scenes. There is honestly no need for it. But what are you going to do when some people that is all they know how to be is dramatic. Some of us are smiling big though because those who are the drama queens are leaving (we seriously have crossed our fingers and hope) due to their kids graduating. Oh, thank the Lord on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The way Alex and I celebrated the end of the season was via a college visit to Xavier in Cincinnati. I told Alex to set up a visit to the school after the regular football season and if they happen to go into the playoffs... well, I think your band director will understand why you are not there. We lucked out with no playoffs this year. I had the hotel booked and we took off after Alex had all of her major classes done for the day. Along the way and Alex dreads this to some extent we did some shop hopping. But it's an endless battle that she has given up on because she knows mom is going to stop anyway. The two shops I stopped at was the Mason Jar in Enon, Ohio and of course The Fabric Shack in Waynesville, Ohio. I am sorry but you can not just pass up the opportunity of going to The Fabric Shack while going or even leaving Cincinnati. That's just like passing by Hamilton with out stopping in at MSQC! Anyway. While being at the place that was the MSQC before MSQC even existed (I told Alex about that) I found so many things! But I only walked out with a pattern and two yards of fabric. I still had things in Cincinnati to do so I kept my spending limited. Besides The Fabric Shack has a massive online shop too. But it is nice to see and get items while you are there.

    Once we left Waynesville we headed onto our hotel. Less than an hour later we checked in, and relaxed a bit to get that four hour dive behind us. Then when we got our bearings again we were off to Ikea. It sounds silly, I know but we do not have one close to us at all, so I took advantage of the opportunity to experience one while I had the chance. The Ikea experience was fun, the food was good and on the other side of it all I really didn't see what the big fuss was all about. Yes, I do have a few items on my wishlist that I want to buy from there but not much more. I did buy two much needed comforters for this winter. I love my quilts but they just don't match up to the poor insulation of the current place we are living.

    Our next adventure after Ikea took us to Kentucky. With the reassurance from our hotel desk clerk she was positive that Newport, Kentucky was a safe place to take night photos of Cincinnati from across the Ohio River. Yes, I brought my camera along on this trip too. Unbenounced to our desk clerk, Alex and I found Newport not as safe as we had hoped. When we finally found a place that didn't charge for parking it was in a shady area, and the people were a bit shady as well. Oh yeah, it was by a Hooters too! I am told that they have good Now I've been around some shady folks before but never felt like I had to fear for my life like I did in Newport. I know those of you who are from Newport and are reading this are probably laughing your butts off. Let me tell ya, I have been to big cities like Los Angeles, and not just through the pretty sections either. I hate driving the I5, 405 and the 101. Ah nightmares! Anywho. While taking photos a random guy walked up to us and started telling his sob story and in the same process asked for money for bus fair. I really did not want to give this guy money but he was not leaving. As in no matter how much we tried to shake him off he still stayed and kept telling us his sob story over and over again. Finally in fear of what possibility of what he could do and I really had that feeling because I could see it happening, I offered him $5.00 and was firm with my mama bear persona, that was the only money I had on hand. Once the man left Alex looked at me and asked to leave. I agreed.

    The next morning we got up and got a start on our day. Somehow we ended up being late for a couple of reasons. One was roads were closed off due to a charity race that morning. I really wish our hotel would have told us that. The other is because breakfast took too long. I know its Saturday but people still have to be at places! Even if they did get up to be on time! Once we got through the drama of the morning beat we found ourselves on the beautiful Xavier campus. Once we had gotten through the video presentation we were then let loose with our tour guide to see the sites. This kid was adorable. I mean he was the kind you want your daughter to bring home someday after graduation when they have all their duckies in order. Except with his Louisville accent, you know as a parent where they would go. Don't get me wrong I loved hearing that accent but that means there is more of a drive! Ah. Nonetheless, my kiddo is there for an education, not husband hunting and I have to say that I know deep down in my heart this is the school for Alex. It really fits her like a glove except the $47,000 a year tuition price. Her dad's family is heavily pushing for Ohio State University, and it is just not Alex. The reason being is because they are all alumni, and its cheaper. Which means that $22,000 a year tuition will disappear with a very little balance remaining. That includes Alex's probability of getting scholarships and grants. She is an honors student who is taking college courses in high school. Sorry to brag but I am so proud of her! My baby has worked her butt off do all of this on her own. However, it still does not hide the cost factor, so that is where we stand on this subject. Xavier again was beautiful and Alex is very much interested, and yes, she will apply.

    Before we left Cincinnati all together Alex asked if we could drive around the neighborhoods to see the city. Under the grit, and orange cone city flowers is a pretty neat city to get to know. It definitely holds it's own uniqueness compared to the other two "C" of Ohio. And within that jaunt around the city Alex fell in love with Cincinnati the way I fell for Columbus at her age.

    Now that things are starting to settle down, and yes, we did make it back to Northern Ohio safely I am looking forward to winter break to be with the family to some extent, to spend more time with Alex, and to get some sewing in. I have one project in mind that has been waiting my attention for a long while now and I believe some teenage girl will love it! I just hope to have it done before she graduates high school.